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Hall Of Fame Candidates for 2014 with profiles!

Conference Playoffs underway...Cooperstown bests High Bridge in 7 games, Tulowitzsky MVP with 4 HR 9 RBI....High Bridge had eliminated Stirling in the wildcard game in 7 games....

In the Wildcard:
High Bridge over Stilrling .in 7 Jon Miller advanced
Maine over New Jersey in 5  Cory Light advanced....
In Round 1 the Conference playoffs
Cooperstown over High Bridge in 7 Jon Stamets advances
Ohio Outlawz over Ottawa Otters in 7 Glen Kenan advances
River Meadow Monarchs vs San Diego Surf
Towaco Wolfpack over Maine Express in 5 Kevin Gibson advances
Conference finals
CLEMENTE: Ohio Outlaws at Cooperstwon Iron Horses
STAUB: Towaco Wolfpack vs ?
World Series

Playoff Page 2014


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In the Wildcard:Playoff Stats
Philly Phantastics vs Newton Bruce Bundy advanced...
San Diego vs Longue Pointe: Joe Wallace advanced....
In Round 1 the Conference playoffs
Newton Bombs: Bruce Bundy advanced over  Jack Jung: Ottawa Otters:
Skokie Wolfman Shapiro Advanced over Marc Wass: Brooklyn Superbas
Montreal Crows:  Doug Brunet Advanced over Kevin Gibson: Towaco Wolfpack
New Jersey Beatles Steve Adler defeats San Diego Surf: Joe Wallace in 7 games. 
Conference finals
CLEMENTE: Skokie Wolfmen over the Newton Bombs 4 games to 1
STAUB: New Jersey Beatles Over Montreal Crows 4 games to 1
World Series
New Jersey Beatles defeats Skokie Wolfmen 4 games to 2