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Hall Of Fame Candidates for 2014 with profiles!

Dawson                      WON LOST  PCT   GB  MAGIC#   ACTWON ACTLOST ACTPCT
2015 River Meadow RMD        43  41  .512 ----    79        100      62   .617
2015 Montreal MCD            43  41  .512 ----               93      69   .574
2015 Belfast BBD             38  46  .452  5.0               69      93   .426
2015 Longue Pointe LLD       31  53  .369 12.0               69      93   .426
Rogers                      WON LOST  PCT   GB  MAGIC#   ACTWON ACTLOST ACTPCT
2015 Towaco TWR              54  30  .643 ----    73        103      59   .636
2015 Pompton PPR             48  36  .571  6.0               89      74   .546
2015 Essex EER               47  37  .560  7.0               71      91   .438
2015 New Jersey NBR          34  50  .405 20.0               89      73   .549
Carter                      WON LOST  PCT   GB  MAGIC#   ACTWON ACTLOST ACTPCT
2015 San Diego SSC           52  32  .619 ----    71        102      60   .630
2015 Joliet JJC              44  40  .524  8.0               75      87   .463
2015 Temple KBP              38  46  .452 14.0               64      98   .395
2015 Atlanta LWD             32  52  .381 20.0               54     108   .333
Schmidt                     WON LOST  PCT   GB  MAGIC#   ACTWON ACTLOST ACTPCT
2015 Ottawa OOS              60  24  .714 ----    70         97      65   .599
2015 Philly PPS              51  33  .607  9.0               63      99   .389
2015 Stirling SRS            36  48  .429 24.0               85      77   .525
2015 New Hampshire NWS       27  57  .321 33.0               49     113   .302
Monday                      WON LOST  PCT   GB  MAGIC#   ACTWON ACTLOST ACTPCT
2015 Ohio OOM                45  39  .536 ----    74         98      64   .605
2015 High Bridge HHM         40  44  .476  5.0               97      65   .599
2015 Indiana IRM             39  45  .464  6.0               75      87   .463
2015 Skokie SWM              30  54  .357 15.0               87      75   .537
Parker                      WON LOST  PCT   GB  MAGIC#   ACTWON ACTLOST ACTPCT
2015 Newton NBP              51  33  .607 ----    76         83      79   .512
2015 Brooklyn BSP            48  36  .571  3.0               86      76   .531
2015 Cooperstown CIP         40  44  .476 11.0              107      55   .660
2015 Carolina CCP            37  47  .440 14.0               84      78   .519
SC Wild Card Standings      WON LOST  PCT   GB  MAGIC#
2015 Pompton PPR             48  36  .571 ----    75 
2015 Essex EER               47  37  .560 ----    76 
2015 Joliet JJC              44  40  .524  3.0       
2015 River Meadow RMD        43  41  .512  4.0       
2015 Montreal MCD            43  41  .512  4.0       
2015 Temple KBP              38  46  .452  9.0       
2015 Belfast BBD             38  46  .452  9.0       
CC Wild Card Standings      WON LOST  PCT   GB  MAGIC#
2015 Philly PPS              51  33  .607 ----    68 
2015 Brooklyn BSP            48  36  .571 ----    71 
2015 High Bridge HHM         40  44  .476  8.0       
2015 Cooperstown CIP         40  44  .476  8.0       
2015 Indiana IRM             39  45  .464  9.0       
2015 Carolina CCP            37  47  .440 11.0     

High Bridge is off to an underwhelming start at 40-44. Management is
going to hold steady as the Heaters are still in 2nd pace in a division
that has been very competitive. We are confident that our offense will
raise its batting average and on base percentage to match the numbers
our players have produced in the past. We still have a good shot at the
division title as long as the power keeps coming. When we get all of our
main rotation starters rested, we'll be ready to go on a winning streak.

We are not ready or able to acquire much more than we have so will place
our confidence in our current roster to get the job done.

Our offensive allstar is J.D. Martinez with a .340 ba and 12 homers. On
the mound, the star is Ryu with an 8-3 record and 2.52 era.

Congratulations to Glenn Kenan and his Ohio Outlawz...2014 CBA Champions...

In the Wildcard:
High Bridge over Stilrling .in 7 Jon Miller advanced
Maine over New Jersey in 5  Cory Light advanced....
In Round 1 the Conference playoffs
Cooperstown over High Bridge in 7 Jon Stamets advances
Ohio Outlawz over Ottawa Otters in 7 Glen Kenan advances
San Diego Surf over River Meadow Monarchs
Towaco Wolfpack over Maine Express in 5 Kevin Gibson advances
Conference finals
CLEMENTE: Ohio Outlaws over Cooperstown Iron Horses in 5
STAUB: Towaco Wolfpack over San Diego Surf in 4
World Series: Ohio defeats Towaco to win crown


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Ohio Outlawz win the CBA World Series.CB
A wishes to congratulate Glen Kenan on his conquest of CBA as our newly crowned 18th CBA World Champion.  He defeated the worthy Kevin Gibson's Towaco Wolfpack after barnstorming through the Clemente Conference playoffs with a 12-5 record.  It marks Clemente's return as CBA champion. CBA is most gracious that our champion Mr Kenan is a most worthy representative and ambassador for our league.  He not only has proven himself as the best GM in CBA for 2014, but he exemplifies the true spirit of what CBA is all about.  A true sportsman and gentlemen, Glen is reliable and punctual.  Has been since he came to our league 9 years ago. He is well regarded by his peers, and is considered a terrific opponent to match up against by those who have had the pleasure to play him.  Glen has taken the Outlawz from two consecutive sub .500 seasons of 79-83, and built this now three time playoff team into a World Champion.  CBA's reputation for outstanding GM's and fierce competition now include a fine GM and person, Glen Kenan.  

  The Outlawz won their final 17 of 21 games to rush past the front running High Bridge Heaters by 1 game at season close.  High Bridge had been out front since the season start.  Monday had been considered fairly weak since the days of Indiana and Bob Fidler's title reign in the late 00's.  
A trophy will be sent personally by myself to Glen, engraved with his achievement which is our custom.  Glen please email me a mailing address privately.  On behalf of CBA, we wish to honor Glen Kenan as our 18th World Champion!

Marc Wasserman
Commissioner CBA
The series started with this announcement:

The long awaited match-up between the Towaco Wolfpack and the Ohio Outlawz is tentatively scheduled for Saturday, November 8th at 5:00 pm (EST)
. Bring your favorite beverage and popcorn and enjoy the show. The Wolfpack are coming off a very convincing 8-1 play-off record in which they showed their f
angs and once they got a hold, never let loose! They had 5 players to hit over .300 for the play-offs so far, and have been led by Pedro Alvarez and his
3 HR's and 9 RBI's. The team batting average is .280 for the play-offs. The pitching staff kept pace with the hitters and have a 2.22 team ERA in the 
9 play-off games, led by Travis Wood and his blistering 1.84 ERA and 4-0 record. Their opponents, the Ohio Outlawz, had a tougher time and have a 
8-4 record to make it to the BIG SHOW. They were led by Jose Altuve and his .400 average and 5 other players to hit over .300 for the play-offs. 
The big arm for the Outlawz has been Clay Buchholz and his stellar 1.33 ERA and 3-0 record with 3 CG's. This should be a very exciting series as both 
teams have had many past years of struggles and finally have the opportunity to light that victory CIGAR!  Kevin Gibson, Owner/GM of the Wolfpack has 
really turned things around in Towaco with some excellent drafting and structuring a team for long term success, and has the long suffering fans of Towaco in a frenzy! 
His counterpart, Glenn Kenan, has had his ups and downs with the Outlawz, but the team now has a nice blend of veterans and younger players. 
This will be a tough pick for the odds-makers, as each team has its strengths and weakness, but one thing for sure is that the CBA will have a new CHAMPION !! 
That is what makes the CBA a great league, the competitiveness and great minds behind the teams and strong leadership across the board.  SEE YA SATURDAY  !!!

Ohio captures the 2014 CBA World Series title.

Game 1       Wolfpack         2   10   0            Medlen    (L)                                     HR     Quentin    
                   Outlawz          4     8   0            Nolasco   (W)       Johnson  (SV)        HR     Posey 
The Outlawz got things rolling in the 2nd inning on a 3 run HR by Buster Posey, who also had an RBI double in the 5th inning to drive in all of the Outlawz 4 runs.  
The score was 4-2 in favor of the Outlawz going into the 9th and the Wolfpack tried to make a comeback. With the Outlawz closer, Jim Johnson on the mound, Towaco put 2 runners on with 1 out, and facing the ever dangerous Allen Craig. Johnson got Craig to chase a breaking ball in the dirt with a 3 and 2 count for a K. He then retired Eric Sogard on a flyout to preserve the win in some tense moments.

Game 2       Wolfpack         0    2    0            Cobb        (L)
                   Outlawz          3    8    0            Buchholz  (W)

This was a win that Towaco desperately wanted so they could return home with the series tied at 1-1. But, unfortunately they were facing one of the hottest post-season pitchers in Clay Buchholz.  The Outlawz got on the board first with RBI singles by Jose Altuve and Freddie Freeman for a 2-0 lead. These would be all the runs the Outlawz would need for Buchholz. Buster Posey added an insurance run in the 5th with an RBI single for his 5th RBI of the series. The Wolfpack could only manage 2 hits off of Buchholz, although he walked 6 batters. The Wolfpack had 2 runners on base in the 2nd and 4th innings, but couldn't come up with the clutch hits. Alex Cobb pitched a good game for Towaco but had no run support. Jose Altuve led the Outlawz with 3 hits to continue his outstanding post season performance. Ohio leads the series 2-0 and headed to Towaco. 

Game 3        Outlawz          3    7    0            Leake    (W)
                   Wolfpack         0    3    2            Wood     (L)

The Wolfpack with their backs to the wall needed a big game to get back into the series, and they had there best pitcher during the post season, Travis Wood, on the mound who has been brilliant with a 4-0 record. The Outlawz got the scoring started first with with an RBI single by Denard Span to take an 1-0 lead. The score remained the same until the top of the 9th when the Outlawz put 4 base runners on and put up 2 more runs to take a  3-0 lead. Manager, Kenan, decided to go with his closer, Jim Johnson with the heart of the Wolfpack order coming up in the bottom of the 9th. Johnson didn't disappoint with a 1-2-3 inning for his 2nd save of the Series. Travis Wood again pitched a strong game, but with the Wolfpack bats were quiet again in being shutout consecutive games.The Wolfpack did have a big opportunity in the 5th inning as they had the bases loaded with 2 outs, but Leake escaped unharmed. The Series is now 3-0 for Ohio.

Game 4        Outlawz          2    8    0            Johnson     (L)                                         (12 Innings)
                   Wolfpack         3   10   0            Henderson  (W)            HR    Martin

It's now or never for the Wolfpack, in a must win. In the best game of the series so far, Towaco hung tough and pulled out a squeaker in a 12 inning marathon, for a 3-2 win. This game had all the drama with cat and mouse moves by both managers (Tony La Russa would of been proud). Neither starter, Nolasco or Medlen went beyond 5 innings as the Outlawz used 5 relievers and Towaco went to the bullpen 6 times. The Wolfpack scored first with a huge 2 run HR by Russell Martin in the 2nd inning. That score remained until the Outlawz scored a single run in the 6th and 7th inning to tie it at 2-2. Both teams wasted scoring opportunities in each of the next 4 innings. The Wolfpack finally got their big clutch hit in the bottom of the 12th. With the Outlawz closer, Jim Johnson on the mound, who had been great so far in the series, and the benches depleted, relief pitcher Jim Henderson batted and stroked a double in left center field with 1 out. And the hero of the day was Everth Cabrera who lined a single for the game winning run for Towaco. The Series is now 3-1 Ohio. 

Game 5        Outlawz          2    7    2             Johnson   (W)     
                   Wolfpack         1    4    1             Estrada    (L)

The Wolfpack now with new life and optimism are looking to make it 2 in a row, before having to return to Ohio. With Eric Stults for Ohio and Marco Estrada on the mound for Towaco, it was anybody's guess what kind of game it would be. The Outlawz started things off quickly, as they have been during the series, with solo runs in the 1st and 2nd innings, to take a 2-0 lead that held up until the 8th inning. Both pitchers had pitched great games, although Stults had to leave after 4 innings with some elbow tightness. The Wolfpack got on the scoreboard in the 8th as they loaded the bases with 1 out, and Allen Craig delivered a run scoring single. After a walk to Paul Goldschmidt, that brought in Jim Johnson for his 4th appearance of the series. He then induced Everth Cabrera into a force play and Russell Martin grounded out for the final out for a 2-1 Ohio lead. Things got interesting in the bottom of the 9th, with the Outlawz persevering a  2-1 lead. Christian Yelich reached base on a rare error by the Outlawz (Johnson fielding error). Eric Sogard attempted to bunt Yelich over but Eric Chavez nails him at 2nd. Johnson then proceeded to strike out David Lough for the 2nd out. And, then it got interesting with Carlos Quentin at the plate with legitimate power, and Johnson with his tantalizing curve ball induced a ground out to preserve the win and give the the Outlawz a 4-1 Series win. 
Final thoughts:   This was a very hard fought series with many suspenseful moments. Both teams were fairly evenly matched, although I felt Towaco had better overall hitting and a deeper bullpen. As we know, in a short series anything came happen ( "e.g." SF Giants). The Outlawz had a tough road to the World Series and I'm so proud of my team, for I felt they were over-matched on paper in every series, but had some key performances. The Wolfpack had a few tough breaks and things could of turned out differently if they had some key hits. But, pitching totally dominated, as there were only a total of 20 runs scored the entire series, and only 3 HR's!! The hitting star for the Outlawz was Buster Posey who hit .400 with 5 RBI's, HR and single handed won game 1. Jim Johnson was a pitching hero with 4 appearances in 5 games, 2 saves, 1 win and  1 tough loss. Clay Buchholz continued his dominance in post-season play with another win and CG. Also, the Oulawz only committed 1 error in the series ! The Wolfpack had a stellar hitting performance by Russell Martin who hit .416 and a HR. On the mound, all the Wolfpack starters pitched very well, especially, Travis Wood who pitched 7+ innings, 1 ER, and took a tough loss.The Wolfpack bullpen was outstanding only allowing 3 ER in over 12 innings. My counterpart, Kevin, was masterful in his managing abilities, but unfortunately the Wolfpack weren't hitting and the Outlawz just got enough to pull out a Championship. Again, I wish to thank Kevin for a really enjoyable series, except for the constant netplay issues!  I'm going to enjoy this while it lasts, and proud to bring the World Series Championship back to the Clemente Conference!
2013 Results  In the Wildcard:Playoff Stats
Philly Phantastics vs Newton Bruce Bundy advanced...
San Diego vs Longue Pointe: Joe Wallace advanced....
In Round 1 the Conference playoffs
Newton Bombs: Bruce Bundy advanced over  Jack Jung: Ottawa Otters:
Skokie Wolfman Shapiro Advanced over Marc Wass: Brooklyn Superbas
Montreal Crows:  Doug Brunet Advanced over Kevin Gibson: Towaco Wolfpack
New Jersey Beatles Steve Adler defeats San Diego Surf: Joe Wallace in 7 games. 
Conference finals
CLEMENTE: Skokie Wolfmen over the Newton Bombs 4 games to 1
STAUB: New Jersey Beatles Over Montreal Crows 4 games to 1
World Series
New Jersey Beatles defeats Skokie Wolfmen 4 games to 2