New owner, Rosters cut, First trade of 2003 V1 #1
by Gerald Benoit (16/02/2003 at 18h10)

Hey everybody,

It's all goiing very well in the CBA league office. Marc Wasserman is doing
a terrific job interviewing prospective owner. He worked on the first phase
of getting the rosters ready for the 2003 season and I'm currently checking
them to be sure they are all correct. I have received my game last week and
there is nothing that prevent us to go forward with the season. We should
be able to begin the draft march 3rd with most of the new owner in place.

Speaking of that :

Please give a warm welcome to Japser Cattin (
who is taking over the St-Louis Franchise (ex: Washington Feds). He will be
assisted by Marc Wasserman for his first year in the CBA. All info about
Jasper will be posted soon on the owner page of the web site.

We have a deadline coming very fast.

Rosters Cut (due Thursday february 20th 8PM EST) / Trading suspended

Something to remember:

You have to cut to 20 players.
You will have to send me two list (in the same message).

One for the position player IN ALPHABETICAL ORDER the players you keep and
the players you cut.
And one for the pitchers IN ALPHABETICAL ORDER the players you keep and the
players you cut.

It will greatly help me of you do that. Thank's alot.

The trades will also be suspended for a few days so I can process all that

I will also take a 3 days short leave from friday the 21st. I'll be back in
front of the computer somewhere saunday february 23th. I'll be heading the
Eric Leger beautiful country (Saguenay) to visit some friend.

CBA Back on Track
by Gerald Benoit (02/2003 at 17h04)

Friday I took a bit personnaly the fact that all my proposition we're
beaten. I posted my message about my resignation out of anger and
sadeness. I knew right then that CBA was probably finished. Claude
message, that folowed mine, only confirmed my feelings.

This week-end I had a hard time letting CBA go, I was franticly
watching my email or my ICQ to get some reaction.

I could'nt understand what I had done wrong as commissionner….

When I took the job of commish my primary goal was to finish the 2002
season. I did acomplish that. The secondary goal was to put CBA back
on track for 2003…. I fail miserably. This week-end I was wondering
why and yesterday through a conversation I got the answer….

I failed because I decided to play on the `safe side' like others
before me. And contrary to some of my predecessor I did'nt had enough
courage to take action. I was affraid that I would loose some owners
that others would be angry about me, etc…

So I consulted….. And instead of having some GM against me and loose
some of them, I now have the feeling that every owner blamed me for
all that is happening. In that context it was easy for me friday
night, to say screw you all and do what you think need to be done….

But letting go of CBA is very hard…. I said it many times and I'll
say it again it's my child…

So after a long and enlightning talk yesterday night I decided that I
will give it another try.

What I porpose here is not debatable.

This is what will go on for the next season. Wether there is 5 or 6
owners after reading this that want to join me or that you all
decided to join, what you'll read in the next line is what will goes
for the 2003 season in the CBA. Period ! ! !

1) The vote of last friday is nullified. It never happened.
I'll make some change to the constitution that will simplify some of
my task. Once I'll consult with my futur co-comissioner I'll
communicate those change to you. Those change will apply for the 2003

2) All game will be played on a central computer.
No one will play games beside me or the person I'll appoint to the

3) No more committee. I run the show alone and you accept my ruling
as I made them.
No more wide vote on the league list. I'll choose two co-commissioner
to help him with various task. And the three of us will be the
decision power of the CBA.
New position will be created to help me check on over usage, roster
movement and to create encyclopedia and record book and also to
create content for the web site.

This may sound like an ego trip to you....... and it maybe one....
but short of that CBA will go nowhere.....

4) From now on only CM setting submitted via an exported files will
be allowed. So you'll have to own the game or have access to it to
send them to me. If an owner want to take upon himself and enter cm
settings by hand for owner who don't have the game I will alow that.
But the league office will not take responsibility for this.

5) We stay at 24 teams

6) Every new owner that is recruited must own a copy of SOMBB (for cm
Plus they will be assigned someone (one of the co-comissioner for
this season) to help them and keep an eye on them during the course
of the season. All their trade, draft pick will have to pass though
this guys.

7) Once we find replacement for all unownwed teams (seven for the
moment but I expect the number to get higher after this message) we
will cut our rosters to 20 players (back to 25 next season)

We will then do a 15 draft round this year that will not take 2
months to complete. (lists are to be expected!!!) (That means we will
have 35 players on rosters from now on instead of 33)

8) All unowned franchise will be return to a major league city and
renamed accordingly.
From this moment renaming your franchise is prohibited (unless you
want to change to a major league city and name). In the future when a
franchise is vacated it will revert back to a MLB city and it's name.
(This is to simplify the off season proceeding and keep a sense of
continuity in this league and it's also much easier for the commish)

9) One middle term (3-5 years) goal of the CBA will be to implement a
salary and contract system.

10) No more yearly vote on rules changes. You have a change to
propose you send to me. If I like it I inquired other owner, if I
don't like it you're screwed!

11) I expect more interactivity, more action, more spark to this
league. The list, the web site, the forum are there for that. Your
contribution will be expected. We, owner, have all the
responsabilities of making this league fun again.

This is basically what I will do to get CBA back on his feet.

Time is for action.... this is action. Short of that I don't know
what can be done to save the CBA.

I will not discuss any of this. Take it or leave it….. I'm sorry
there was enough talk, idea and debate. I know that some of you will
not be happy, sorry I learn over the last days that I can make
everybody happy. I'll hope you undesrtand what I try to do here….

If you're with me please send an email to me or to the list

If you're not with me and choose to quit CBA, again I'm sorry. I'm
doing what I strongly fell is is best for the league. I hope you
understand. Please send me an email so that I know why you're

You have until Thursday the 30th to get back to me if you don't I,ll
consider that you gave up your franchise....


2002 Review

CBA IN Focus....."An outstanding performance!"
by Wass (10/02/2003 at 21h27)

This weeks focus....

Turbulent...Thats how to best describe the CBA last season. What started off as a promising season had its moments of highs and lows. But look how it finished. For years, Philly GM Rob Hite has been painstakingly taking time and scrutinizing the numbers and gaming aspects of the entire season set. Known in CBA as "Trader Rob", Hite has built a once weak franchise to the level of competitiveness not often seen in leagues. The Philly Phanatic's have reached the upper elite of the StratAlliances teams, perhaps in the nation.
Each year the best leagues teams meet to play for the "Unofficial" Strat-o-matic Leagues World Cup. Considerable attention within the Strat-o-matic community is given to the finalists in the tourney. It has been run by Steve Beren for several years. Rob Hite's CBA team may represent CBA in that tournament. As CBA's Association Champion, Hite has earned the right to represent CBA as its premier team. No small accomplishment as he has stepped the Philly team up to the level reached by only a few in CBA. Previous CBA champions include dynasties like Longue Point a perrenial powerhouse, and other champs like Limoilou, Ottawa, Quebec.
Going back to 1998, it seemed Rob's vision was to create not just a winning team, but one with players who would consisitantly produce high run production in the lineup year after year. Rob's preparation has enabled him to acquire good Strat talent. Cards that produce in the areas where an astute GM's know they must excel to be competitive in Strat-o-matic baseball. Its no wonder his lineup has several players with extraordinarily high 'runs/27' percentages. The Phanatics boasted 7 players with 8.00 or better percentages! If we go back through the years, we can see the the past 3 seasons the Phanatics were at or near the top in several offensive catagories...
*On Base % .387 as a team!!!
*Runs created per 27 outs
*Run Production
*Run Support for his pitchers
*Total average.

The 2002 Phanatics boasted an astounding .949 Total average! This was .85 better than CBA's 2nd place team! League mean average in CBA was about .729 a differential of .220 percentage points higher than league average. That kind of hitter card production is surely good enough to outdistance most competion in any league.

2002's Phanatics were dominating team. Offensive production such as described may have required only mediocre to poor pitching to get through to the playoffs... Well as if that wasn't enough for CBA, the Philly Phan's pitching staff yielded a paultry .237 batting average to the rest of the league! Talk about the total package. Trader Rob indeed. This is one GM who knows what it takes to put a winner on the field. Theres no reason to think he wont repeat this success for years to come. He clearly is this writers choice for GM of the year 2002.

Another new owner, Friendship Cups
by Gerald Benoit (17/02/2003 at 23h23)

Hi everyone,

Just another message from your keyboard-happy commissioner. I just have a
few topics for you discussing several thing pertaining to the CBA and the
various deadline or event ahead of us.

For the second row in a night (Damn, Wasserman is good! ;-) ) I have some
good news for you.

Jim Correl ( will be taking the ownership of the
Baltimore franchise. PLease give him a warm welcome.

Trade Report
To Philly (PPS): Orlando Hernandez
To Kansas City (KAC): Kevin Appier and Chuck Finley

Rosters Cuts
Remember rosters cuts are due this thursday february 20th at 8pm EST. You
have to cut to 20 players and you send me your list (batters and players
seperated) in alphabetical order. This will help me immensely and I thank
you in advance for this.

Free Agent List
Attached to this are a preliminary free agent list (free.txt) of players
that will be available for the draft. I want to point out to new owners
that there is a minimum rules for players eligibility and the players who
do no met the minimum rules are called POPNOMER (Pick Of Player NOt MEeting
Requirement) and you can have a maximum of three of those on your
rosters.... Ah I'm not doing to well explaining this, you should go and
read the constitution about those point.

Revised Constitution
I send an imporant message a while ago (february 3rd) about the revision of
the constitution. In that message I specifically asked that you write back
to me to let me know that you had read and understood the rules.

Two of you didn't do it. Under the new constitution this is something that
can be penalized. I will not apply any penalty for this time but If you
haven't read the constitution I suggest you do so before the season begins.

Owner page on the web site
I still miss information about some of you. Please go to the web page
choose owner in the menu and if information are issed for you send them to
me. Thank you.

ESSOM Friendship Cup
The CBA has been selected to be in the ESSOM Friendship cup this year. That
mean that the winner of the CBA world series will be competing representing
us in the tournaments. More detail can be find here:

I think that I've cover everything for tonight.... Thank you and goodnight.

2003 CBA draft. Picking a winner.
by Beavis Ueberroth (18/02/2003 at 03h27)


  Aside from the big hitters cards in this CBA draft Hinske, Kearns, Bellhorn who figure to go high there are not many hitters in this draft past those names.  Some cards that can help you win can be found, and may even slip a few rounds for an added bonus.

Matt Franco is one.   Not likely to go high, his card gives about 200 AB's of terrific run production.  Lots of OBA and extra basehits, those 205 Ab's vs Righty can be used effectively as a lefty platooner.  He is capable of starting vs tough teams.  Plays OF/1B.

Another interesting pick up could be john Mabry.  Decent 3 e15 at 1B in some OF play in 214 Ab's, Mabry has good power and adequate OBA  to work in a platoon system.  Combined with franco and you have 1 solid 1B!

SS Chris Woodward shows up nicely with a serviceable card.  Decent power for a SS with BP Hr, and some extra basehits in the 2 column, the 3 e28 isnt that bad considering  how many more hits the 4 rating can give the opposition when stuck at short.  Scott Dobson's theory can be found on StratAlliance express link.  Otherwise Chris Gomez couldve had much more value.  His 4 rating tears apart a decent hitting card for a SS.  Merced's card may help as a PH or 4th OF, but his slug is kinda low.  OBA is nice. 

  Craig Wilson.  Lefty killa.  Plays catcher (5 +3) is Hundleyesque vs righties, but not awful.  Some pop.  Terrific PH for Lefty pitchers.  He is loaded in the two and three columns with extra basehits and HR.  Best yet and can fill the back up C role. 

   Mark Ellis can help you now at 2B.  Rumour has it he will take 2B job in Oakland.  His 2 e18 is pretty solid and should help turn alot of DP's witha gnd ball staff.  can hit a bit too.  Decent OBA, not much slug.  Ramon Vasquez also got a 2 at 2B, and has a fairly decent hitters card.  Some oBA low slug, but at a position where 6 chances for X rating appear, his glove is too valuable to ignore.  The hitting is just a bonus.

   Despite the low average Jared Sandberg isnt too awful of a choice at 3B.  3B is a weak position this year.  Despite low hit totals, his walks help the card out a bit.  Great defense a 2 at 3b is hard to come by.  He will hit the occassional HR.  In a small ball park could have terrific value and knock out 25+ Hr's. 

   Adam Hyzdu crushes the lefties.  He has Gorman Thomas type card with great power ion decent OBA.  Vs R a bit weaker.  Makes a nice future pick as he blossomed a bit at the end of last season.  Could be a sleeper, finally living up to those gaudy minor league numbers he posted not long ago.

Coming Next, Pitchers...

CBA NewsLetter V1 #2
by Marc Wass (20/02/2003 at 03h52)


To our new GM's......Welcome to the CBA!
So glad to have you with us....

We've set out to bring to CBA a few of the best Strat-o-matic gamers in the Strat-o-matic community. New owners in CBA must be gamers with a proven track record, who were responsible, and knowledgeable. CBA StratPlayers who have been around the game for many years, and are in for the long haul building strong franchises. CBA GM's expect the best considering they all worked hard showing patience, caring, effort for each franchise under the CBA banner.
I think we have succeded. I am very happy to see the our CBA team expand with not just any GM's, but a group of dilligent and effective new GM's that are of high quality and respect in our Strat-o-matic community. All come to us with excellent credentials.

Joe D'Amore. Joe started playing his Strat back in 1969 making him one of the games true patriarchs. Active in tournament play, Joe has won two Chicago tournaments hosted by "Wolfman" Shapiro among his long list of Strat Achievements. Joe D currently is GM of a perrenial powerhouse team in GMBL, another fine active strat league. Joe also plays in the excellent GABL, where he led the Texas Outlaws to the 2002 GABL title. Representing that league in the Friendship Cup. He has demonstrated year after year a strong knowledge of Strat and knows well how to place a winner on the field, all the time. Joe takes the CBA Chicago Cubs.

Joel Ferich: Joel has been playing Strat-o-matic since 1973, He is an avid long time gamer who also has had success in several leagues.
Currently a member of the INetBL, and the excellent FCHL. Joel won the Baltimore S.T.A.R. strat tourney in 1993. In 2000 won the CGL league championship. Joel is looking forward to his CBA tenure. Joel is an American Legion level basketball coach from Lancaster Pennsylvania. Joel also won 3 straight league championships in now defunct EPBL FtF league during the Mid 80's.
Joel will GM the Pittsburgh Pirates.

Chris Thomas : Chris comes to CBA with a wealth of experience in FtF and League play. Playing Strat almost 20 years, Chris currently is playing some Retro Ball with the 1954 season (remember those Indians?) Chris enjoys playing those oldie teams especially the old Twins teams from the 80's. Chris pilots the CBA Chicago White Sox.

Jim Correll : Jim comes to us with super credentials. Currently in the well established Mason-Dixon League (MDBL) Jim is a long time gamer playing since 1986. He has a strong reputation as a GM. and a knowledge of winning StratBall. He is off to a flying start already as owner of the CBA Balt Orioles.

Michael Rescigno: He comes to CBA from the SOMWorld league and the Pastime League with strong credentials. Mike is married with children and is 39 years old. He has been playing in a Long Island NY based Face to face league for 8 years. Spent 2 seasons in the BRASS league with success. Mike has been a StratFanatic since 1974. Mike should feel right at home with the veterans here in CBA.

Jasper Cattin comes to CBA from the SIWL, with a good reputation as a Strat gamer. He is anxious take to take a CBA to the top. He takes the CBA St Louis Cardinals.

Don't forget to use the search function to fina particular player and see what team he may be on. It will save lots of time and help you home in on who you want to deal for...

Here are some interesting Strat Notes.

In addition to LaManna, and the ratings disk, here is another guide published for you to get that winning edge. I touted this guy on StratAlliance a few years back and Im glad to see he is doing well with his balanced-unbalanced theory of Strat... Check him..
Dell's Strato Guide

For MLB replay guys, here is an interesting resource....
Rob Ratliff -

Heres a recommended Strat Site you may want to browse and check on the drafts to see whose going, and whose remaining : ) Steve Beren is one of Strat's good guys....
Steve Beren's Strat-O-Matic Baseball Links

Just checking some leagues drafts with the CBA draft coming very soon, Here is how a few leagues wound up drafting in the 1st rd...
16 teams League


1. Prior
2. Kearns
3. Hendrickson (Tor)
4. Hinske
5. Condrey (SD)
Perhaps some of that other talent was gone in this league....

Here is the 1st round of the OTBA
Wisconsin - Mark Prior
Long Island - Josh Beckett
Williamsport - Eric Hinske
New York - Austin Kearns
Pittsburgh - Josh Phelps
Seattle -- Damian Moss
Pittsburgh --Rodrigo Lopez
Outlaw - Jake Peavy
Williamsport - Mike Cuddyer
Long Island - Hank Blalock
Twin City - John Lackey
Long Island - Sean Burroughs
Long Island - Brett Myers
Wisconsin - Francisco Rodriguez
Dysart - Rafael Soriano
Dysart - Carl Crawford

24 team league reports
3.Kearns...same team for 2&3
In this league Myers went 13th and Beckett was already on a roster.

24 team league; all carded players eligible, but no computer-only players

B.Myers went 15th.

1. Austin Kearns
2. Junior Spivey
3. Eric Hinske
4. Brendan Donnely
5. Jacques Jones
6. Mark Prior
7. Vincente Padilla
8. Orlando Hernandez
9. Paul Byrd
10. Bellhorn

4 team all star league... due to many trades, one team (me) had 2, 4, 6, 10; another had 3, 5, and 9.

1. prior
2. gagne
3. weaver
4. hinske
5. kearns
6. clement
7. witasick(!)
8. colon
9. groom
Beckett went 20th and myers 40th (same team). i would have taken myers after beckett, but i had protected 3.5 starters who are not starting (buehrle gets some starts; also mussina, mays, and benson), and drafted john patterson and paul byrd with 2 of my last 3 picks.
bellhorn went 22nd - had i not taken him, he would have gone 23rd, and if not, then 24th heh heh... it's great to see 2 of my competitors throw looks of disgust at me for taking "their guy"!!

20 team keeper league (CASBL). First round:

Carbondale Kearns
Waffletown Prior
Sunville Beckett
Waffletown Hinske
Connecticut Wells
Sunville Blalock
Waffletown R. Lopez
Connecticut Burroughs
La Jolla Choi
Albequerque Moss
New England Myers
Connecticut Peavy
Sunville Phelps
Kennewick Crawford
Basin St. J Santana
Chicago Bellhorn
Holland Byrd
Iran Lackey
Connecticut Cuddyer

1 Mark Prior
2 Austin Kearns
3 Josh Beckett
4 Kip Wells
5 Damian Moss

In our 8 team All-Star FTF league, yesterday's draft went something like this:

Odalis Perez
Eric Hinske
Vincente Padilla
Bobby Kielty
Mark Bellhorn
Kip Wells
Johan Santana
Victor Martinez

Here's another good Strat page for you to check out...
Ted's Strat-O-Matic Information Page

CBA champ will be recognized as CBA entry in the 2003 Friendship cup .
ESSOM LDK Friendship Cup Tournament – Past Champions 
1998 champions: Randy Flowers, St. Louis Cardinals, Franchise Computer Baseball League (FCBL) 

1999 champions: Rick Bowman, Racine Travelers, Midwest Draft League
2000 champions: Dave Marks, Cleveland Spiders, ESSOM Fall League (EFL) 

2001 champions: Derrick Beckner, Minnesota Twins, Franchise Computer Baseball League (FCBL) 

2002 champions: Dave Marks, Cleveland Spiders, ESSOM Fall League (EFL) 

2002 ESSOM LDK Friendship Cup Tournament Rules

Marc Wass

Season 2003 can begin!
by Gerald Benoit (27/02/2003 at 12h27)

Hi everybody,

This is a very long message but it contains important information about the spring draft.

First, one thing that I forget to mention in my last message, and this is a cause to celebrate, is that we now have a full

complements of owner. Every franchise is filled with good and dedicated owner. We may actually end-up with a waiting list a

luxury that CBA has'nt enjoy since the first few years.

Who could have say that back in january ?!?!

I said it many times but you never say those thing enough, Marc 'The Wass' Wasserman did (and his still doing!) an incredible

job as the 'recruiter in chief' ! ;-)

On other front I have finish all the cuts and prepared the league files in SOM V8.0. This morning I have uploaded a file to

the cba yahoo groups which you can download at

PLEASE NOTE that this files does'nt contain the games schedule yet. We are presently working on that. It will be included in

the next 'official' release of the leagues files after the draft.

I have also uploaded a text files named 'free agent.txt' this is all the free agent that is available in the upcoming draft.

The file can be downloaded at this adress:
I'll make an Excel spread sheets that will be available later tonight with those free agents for you convenience.

Also I have updated all the rosters on the web sites and added some stats to make you're browsing easier. There is also a new

menu item at the top 'free agent' that also contains all the free agent available for the draft.

The search engine have a litle difficulty with the free agent for the moment. It can find free agent players but you'll get

an error if you try to display his stats. I know why it's doing this so fixing it is just a matter of finding the time... It

should be fix either very late tonight or tomorrow night.

The draft will officialy begin next monday march 3rd 9h00pm EST.

The draft order is already on the web page but over the week-end you'll see a whole new section added to the web page called

the 'draft center'. It will be a place where you'll get all the information to follow the draft.

Monday from 9h00pm EST until 11h30pm EST we will go as far as possible via an AOL chat. We will do AT LEAST the first round

and go as far as we can with list and time constraints.

I'll create a chat room and invite everybody that his on-line via Instant Messenger the result will be posted on the chat

room but they will be also posted to the list and on the web site almost instantenously. If you cannot be on-line (on the

chat room, on the web site or looking your email every 5 minutes) you'll have to provide me a list to cover at least your

first round pick.

Again I want to reiterate monday night WE WILL DO THE FIRST ROUND NO MATTER WHAT. If I don't have a list or any sign from you

your turn will be skipped and as provided by the constitution you'll be serve a warning. You'll be alble to pick up once

you'll be back on-line.

Here is how the thing will work on the chat room.

1) I'll annouce witch team has to pick
2) The owner will be given 5 minutes to make his pick
3) Once the pick is annouced there will be a litle time (1 or 2 minutes) in order for me to update the web site and post to

the list

And the process will be repeated until we reached the begin of the second round. At that point we will try to continue as

much as we can if it's not too late and if we have enough lists from absent owner.

Unfortunately It will be impossible for me to do a live draft each night like I plan to do. Mostly because my boss at work

decided that I did'nt work enough and schedule some overtime for tuesday, thursday and friday night of next week.

Damn real life !!!!! ;-)

So AFTER THE LIVE DRAFT WILL END MONDAY NIGHT we will go under E-MAIL DRAFT MODE. Each owner will have 8 hours to annouce his

pick to the list.

So for example if owner A annouce his pick at 1pm, owner B will have until 9pm to annouce his pick, if owner B annouce his

pick at 3pm, owner C will have until 11pm to annouce his pick. If owner C does'nt show up before 11pm than owner D has until

7am the following morning to annouce his pick. Owner C can pick the next time he log on

Again if you know you're pick his comming it's a good idea to send a short list to me so when your pick come up the league

don't have to wait 8 hours before realising that you're not on-line. Same thing if you have to skip town or know you'll be

unable to log-on for more than 8 hours.

Anyway I think you all understand, good sense will prevails and I don't think this will be a major issue.

Since I still plan to start the season on the week-end of april 5th the draft have to end around march 21th. So at some point

I may change the email draft to a schedule email draft wich I will discuss if it has to happen at that moment.

If you have question please don't hesitate....

Trade are re-open. I have one to annouce but since I'm at work (Damn real life again!) I don't have it at hand. I'll annouce

it later tonight or tomorrow night.

Well this post is'nt getting any shorter so I'll end it up right here.


Draft Report: Sleepers and Disappointments...
by Stymie Boil (05/04/2003 at 23h30)

Well the 2003 CBA draft has finally been completed. It went fairly smoothly as CBA drafts go. With this draft there was lots of good talent all the way through. Top to bottom, CBA hasn't had such a rich draft since its 1997 inception. Lets take a quick look at how things proceeded. This is only a reporters opinion and not necessarily that of CBA league.

Round 1 started off predictably with the phenoms Mark Prior and Austin Kearns going 1 and 2 respectively. Both excellent choices, both will ahve impact right from the start. But then things got a little...unpredictable. Victor Martinez and then Ron Freakin Gant went next....Heads turned everywhere for these two choices. Martinez a good prospect may yet pan out, but Gant? Gant? HAL proved to be a complete idiot when he chose this ill fated pick. Kinda strange since there were quite a few other cards which seemed more productive around. Blalock, Hinske went next. Both promising 3B. Both could be great producers. Hinske going after Blalock was a bit of a surprise there as his 2002 MLB season was so productive. His card quite good for 2003. Blalock still unproven as yet. This move puzzled me.

The draft proceeded well with the next few choices no surprise as the GM's grabbed the blue chip talent. A few sleeper choices in the first round seemed to be Burroughs dropping so far, Ashby going so high and Hammond going so high to LWD. Hammonds card is quite good, but it was surprising to see areliever go so high. I guess the pennant seems in reach. Sandberg going late in the first may not have been the most expected choice as he is now in the MLB minors and has quite a horrible card for 2003. better luck next time. Seop choy, and Joe Borchard at the end of the round could be real sleeper picks there...

The second round usually produces alot of good strat cards in the pen, and future. With Prior, Ashby, Ishii, Holmes, Hammond gone, the second round was a run on the pitchers. Peavy, Simontacchi, RunElvis (what a name), Maroth, Cordero all went in this pitching thin draft. Slim pickens there. Travis Hafner is off to a good start. He could be quite a sleeper at #25. Chris Snelling the once promising prospect caused quite a stir going in rd #2. He is healthy now, and Stirling is hoping for the best. Kevin Mench dropped to #39. Many drafts had him going higher. He seems like a good bet to be a productive ML player for a few years. Philly raised some eyebrows with their final selecttion in rd 2 of Jon Rauch.

The 3rd round saw a few names go who were overlooked or forgotten. Ben Grieve dropped into the mid 3rd. recently a prime #1 choice Grieve could turn out yet to be the steal of the draft. Some really good prospects and cards went in the 3rd. Ty Wiggington the Mets opening day 3B, Kirk Saarloos the highly rated Astros hurler were taken. A few good reliever cards went too. Durocher, Nunez, Borowski and Eischen who have two fantastic reliever cards dropped into this round. At the end of rd 3 Danny Bautista was had by Cleveland. Bautista is quite a hitter and could produce not just now but for years to come.

Round 4 hot choices included Jeromy Burnitz (Off to a torrid MLB start), The underrated Morgan Ensberg (great spring), Justin Speier, Felix Rodriguez, and Ben Petrick...

Other seemingly good picks included Rd 5 Sele, Weathers, Crudale and Munson.
Round 6 saw Glanville, Endy Chavez go among others and in the 7th perhaps the steal of the entire draft Jeff Cirillo forgotten and finally going at choice # 148. It was quite a draft. A good time had by all.


CBA Newsletter #3 Draft is finally over!
by League Office (05/04/2004 at 00h19)

All teams have reached their 35 man roster limits. This concludes the 2004 draft.This years draft was successful and ran quite smoothly due to excellent participation by you the CBA GM's. You all did a great job despite the legnth and timing this year. It promises to be quite a competitive and good year in CBA. Thanks to all for a terrific job. I especially want to thank Gerald for his fantastic job on the website and in co running the draft. Jim Correll and Cory Light who also provide additional support and time to ensure this CBA draft was a successful one.

Cory Light is an original CBA member who is now part of the CBA office committee. We are lucky to have him aboard as we are the rest of you the GM's here in 2004 CBA. With several new GM's last season and some new GM's for 2004, CBA has turned the corner with added enthusiasm and quality people who will no doubt lead us into the new era of Strat-o-matic 9.0

We are glad to bring on board in 04 great new GM's such as Nick Flory, JD Adams, Anthony Cusumano, Dennis Concepcion. Each has brought an added dimension to CBA that has us excited for this coming season. As you know the league champion will represent CBA in the ESSOM Friendship tournament next winter. Last years new GM's have certainly stepped it up and we are also thrilled to have them aboard as well. Its great to see how they too inherited some poorer franchises and have retooled and improved them into contenders and teams with much potential.

CBA has just managed to acquire (thanx Claude) the original files from the inaugural 1997 season. They are quite facinating to scan and bring back lots of memories especially for some of us old timers. I am currently compiling the CBA encyclopedia using all the past seasons files for your enjoyment. After several seasons of stats it will be great to see the all time CBA leaders by team and individual players.

Trading will reopen soon after the files have been checked rechecked again and confirmed. I will expect that once the files are released, GM's will be able to set and program their initial CM's for 2004. I will ask that the starter schedule be used and completed for the entire season in advance. It may of course be modified as we go along as you wish, and adjusted at anytime after the initial block of games is played.
Remember, starters may throw on 4 games rest unless they have an asterisk rating which will allow 3 games rest for those starters. Usage is your responsibilty so be dilligent and remember the 100% IP/plate appearance rule. CBA now has a utility to regulary check usage as the season goes.

We expect opening day will take place about a week after the files release. Late CM's may constitue an infraction so please be timely when returning the CM's.


CBA Week 3 at a Glance...
by Marc Wass (21/04/2003 at 03h28)

CBA at a glance:

Taking a look around the league....

Big drop in the offense for the Pahnatics this year. 2002 season Philly registered an amazing .570+ slugging pct. In 2003 slow start Philly has a team .491 slug. Not too shabby but a far cry from last years spectacular numbers. The story this year isn't the offense, but rather the bullpen. Runners have scored on 60% of the appearances by the pen! The Phanatic defense has been porous with a .691 X %. not strong enough to win games. It may be too early to tell but... Speaking of defense the ever popular Wendigo (Named after the legendary Canadian 'Creature') lead CBA with an .809 team X %.
Its that kind of defense that wins games. A .092 difference. A 9% better chance per roll to get a big out per batter than the average CBA team. That helps the Wendigo pitchers limit opposing hitters to a .222 batting average against them, good for 2nd best in the CBA behind Mike Johnson's Kansas City team with .221 OPP BA....
Kansas City off to a nice start in great part due to the pitching. KC team ERA is 3.20 3rd in CBA rank.....
Leading the CBA in pitching ERA and not surprisingly in wins is Mike Rescigno's NY Bombers. With a 2.92 ERA and a near 8 K/9inn rate as a team, the Bombers are flying atop the tough Schmidt division. Together with a team .287 BA, the Bombers have a solid team and are ahead of veteran teams like McGee's Stirling, Jung's Ottawa, and Malachi's Alamo teams.....
Joel Ferich's Pittsburgh team is off to a good start. Not much offense but some good fundamentals and variables help Joel out there. Pittsburgh's 75% SB, 60% H&R, 75% sac, 4-22 BP HR allowed, and excellent defense help there....
As was expected, Barry Bonds is off to a terrific start. Before this is over the likely MVP award candidate may post some record setting numbers. His 441 MVP points dwarf Stirling's Shawn Green's 331 by 106 pts.....Speaking of CBA surprises, can you believe Quebec's Brian Schneider is out performin Mike Piazza in CBA All star votes? Top performers by position this month...
c Schneider
1b Thome
2b Durham
3b Rolen
ss ARod
cf Beltran
rf Green
lf Bonds
Lowe, Martinez, and Millwood vying for pitchers honors

Here are the top CBA catchers by percentage of 'Caught stealing' against them...
SB CS Pct %
M.Barret SFS 6 7 .46
D.Miller MMS 6 6 .50
P.Bako HAC 7 7 .50
T.Lampkin NWC 6 5 .55
I.Rod BSP 4 3 .57
B.Inge KBP 4 3 .57
G.Bennett TDS 7 5 .58
A.P'rznskiJJS 7 5 .58

Till next time.......

CBA hardcore stats
by Marc Wass (21/04/2003 at 04h43)

For your information....

Relief Pitcher with most innings pitched thus far...
Octavio Dotel Houston 57
Best Hitters with the bases loaded (RBI:BasesLoaded)
Jeff Conine 10 Mont
Larry Walker 7 KC
Mike Piazza 7 Wendigo
Relaford 6 Minn
Fullmer 5 Minn
Ibanez 5 Neah
Johnson 5 Neah

Triple Plays
Brooklyn Bell, Helton, Bellhorn, Ordonez
KC Truby, Vidro.

Leading Pinch Hitters
Grace 5
Mientkiewicz 4
Nixon 4
few tied with 3..

Best Triples % per time at bats
R Santiago Hou 4.8%
A Sanchez Hou 4.8%
J Hairston Hrtfd 4.5%

Most Clutch hits
Vidro Kilgore 4

Most UnClutch
S Sosa Brooklyn 3
M Bradley NYBombers 3
R Greer Portland 3

Most save opportunities
A.Levine Ottawa 9
J.Smoltz Neah 7
R.Nen SD 6
E.Gagne Que 6

R.Arrojo Alamo 5

J.Romero Neah 5

Pitcher pickoffs
Jake Peavy 2 SD

Odalis Perez 2
Randy Johnson 2

Quality Starts
Kip Wells Tennessee 5
Derek Lowe NY Bombers 5
Roy Halliday Brooklyn 5
Paul Byrd Tennessee 5

Which Pitcher gives up the most sac flies : )
CC Sabathia 4

Which P gives most ballpark single chances
Roger Clemens 13
Dotel, Sheets, Acencio, 12

Pitcher with most fielding assists
Ben Sheets Detroit 11
LaTroy Hawkins 8
Curt Schilling Limoilou 8
Jamie Moyer Longue Tongue 8

PH Homers
Tony Batista Acadie 2
Trotsky Nixon Pitt 2

Most pitches to a batter (most pitches seen)
D Jeter Philly 429
B Giles Neah 428
E Renteria NY Bombers 427
Gary Matthews Jr. Joliet 422

Derrek Lee Joliet 421

Juan Encarnacion San Diego 419

Luis Castillo New York 418

Junior Spivey Tennessee 415

Barry Bonds New York 410

Bobby Abreu Kansas City 410

Craig Biggio Longue Pointe 408

Mark Bellhorn Brooklyn 408

Didnt know Strat kept these stats? The game records it all.... Here's more.....

Most RF Assists
Ichiro Mont 3
Ochoa Portland 3

Most CF Assists
Michael Tucker 7
Mark Kotsay Pittsburgh 6

Carlos Beltran Montreal 5

Andruw Jones Stirling 4

Gene Kingsale Portland 4

Most LF Assists
Russell Branyan Ottawa 3

Moises Alou Traded 3

Jacque Jones Acadie 3

Most successful advancing runners
Alex Ochoa Portland 6

Pokey Reese San Diego 6

David Eckstein Joliet 5

Ryan Klesko Acadie 5

Todd Walker Kansas City 5

Brian Giles Neah Bay


CBA At A Glance: Week 4
by Darley Dootin (26/04/2003 at 02h46)

CBA At A Glance....

Dogfights emerging for all the divisions. Parity has arrived with most divisions all bunched up at the start. It's anybodies race to the CBA 6th World Champioship Series. Atop the Dawson is the surprising Pittsburgh Pirates led by a well balanced offense and defense.
The Carter has John Skillings Neah Bay Whalers in front again. John's Neah team is always strong. This year at County stadium, Giles Lowell and company are driving in runs for the tough Whalers pitching staff.
The Schmidt's NY "Barry" Bombers maintain a sizeable 7 game lead over Nellum's Alamo City team. The Bombers team has been a juggernaut with a 22-6 record. Their team ba is .301 with an amazing 2.76 team ERA!
In the race for the Parker crown, Quebec and Brooklyn are starting to pull ahead with Brooklyn holding a narrow 1 1/2 game lead. The Parker teams have notoriously been embroiled in pennant races throughout CBA's existance. Quebec has been 9-4 on the road, while Brooklyn has owned the House of pain with a 7-2 record. The Capitales Alex rodriguez is off to an MVP type season with 11 Hr 25 Rbi and a lofty .357ba. Brooklyn has been led by great pitching and Jay Payton's .402 bat. Brooklyn welcomes back former Superba Raul Mondesi (also adding the infamous Chris Snelling). Expect both teams to fight till the end.
CBA Fact: Did you know that both perrenial contenders the Brooklyn Superbas, and Quebec Capitales (both original charter memeber) were at one time in the competitive Dawson division?...
Detroits Cliff Floyd, and Brad Wilkerson have given that team a little boost. Both over .300 and keeping them within range. Arthur Rhodes has been lights out for opposing hitters. giving up only 6 hits in 15 innings... Tennessee's Troy Glaus is on a tear with a .368 ba and 6 Hr, 19 rbi. I dont expect the high ba to continue because Glaus has only 12 hit units vs R. While Tejeda has been hitting a dismal .245 go figure. Tennessee is at 500 and challenging for the top spot in the Parker...Kilgore Basher' have been off to a slow start but no fault of Jose Vidro. Vidro is hitting .372 4hr 19rbi with 8 2b. Kilgore's bullpen has been overworked as the starting pitching is not getting deep enough into games....Houston rounds out the parker with two bright spots. Chris Reitsema has accounted for 3 of their 8 wins in 4 starts. Albert Pujols .318ba and 19 rbi the lone offensive bright spot for the rebuilding Aero's....
In the Dawson, Limoilou, Joliet and SanDiego are all jockeying for position. Joliet is just 2 games behind front runner Pittsburgh. Playing better at home than the road the Jackhammers have been getting offensive support averaging 5.5 runs per game. They also turn the DP well getting key defensive gems thus far. Losing 6 games to the 14-11 Wendigo in a home/away series has't helped put them over...
Limoilou has been riding MVP candidate Jim Thome's back. .368 11 Hr 24 rbi, Thome paces the Wendigo's attack. Jeff Kent has helped out there with 7 Hr 23 Rbi...
Surprise of the start of the CBA season? Got to be San Diego's Juan Encarnacion. 11 Hr 24bi, Encarcion has been a wrecking crew for the Surfers. Woody Williams has shown flashes of brillance but is in limited duty dues to arm woes...
The bst race of all is in the Carter. All the teams are bunched up, and dog fighting for the lead. This divison will change leaders often it seems. No one team stands out yet, but remember that trading may alter that race in a hurry, as GM's vie for the playoffs...
Both Neah's and Acadie's bullpens have done the job. Acadie's allowing opposing baserunners only a 16% chance of scoring when they enter the game...
Montreal also in the thick of the race has been improving bit by bit with a couple of trades. Montreal's OFers have assisted on 10 plays thus far leading CBA...Mike Johnson's KC team has been pitching lights out with a team 3.36 ERA. Johnson's A's offense has been well balanced too with nearly 6 players in double digits for Rbi's...
Texas has been in there too with great pitching from Mike Stanton, and Paul Shuey. Shuey's 0.86 era is tops among pitchers with 20+ innings...

CBA 2003 by the numbers
by Jim Correll (02/05/2003 at 12h15)

*Sammy Sosa crossed the 500 Runs Scored mark last week, bringing his career total to 501.

*Sosa also crossed the 200 HR mark earlier in the year. His CBA leading total stands at 208 now.

*During the first week of April, Derek Jeter surpass 700 total hits. His career total now stands at 726.

*Pedro Martinez recently crossed the 1000 strikeout plateau. Standing second all-time behind Randy Johnson, his career total is 1007.

*Though he only has one win so far this season, Randy Johnson is only 24 wins short of reaching 100 wins since 2000.

*Keith Foulke and Mariano, career leaders in saves, are in a tight race to see who can reach the 100 save mark first. They have 93 and 87 saves respectively.


CBA News #8
by League office (09/05/2004 at 23h27)

CM's due as soon as possible....
Trading is open. Any trades made now will be in effect for wk 5.
Please report all deals to cba office for approval....

NEWSPAPER STYLE RECAP FOR 2004 C.B.A. Date: 4/17/2004

2004 LWD 11 7 J.Pierre AFS .440 J.Lopez BBD 10 B.Boone NWC 27
2004 BBD 10 8 G.Anderso DDP .413 V.Wells BSP 9 J.Lopez BBD 26
2004 JJD 8 10 B.Boone NWC .403 G.Anderso DDP 9 V.Wells BSP 23
2004 LLD 7 11 C.Delgado NBS .394 OTHERS TIED W 8 G.Anderso DDP 22
2004 SSD 3 12 V.Wells BSP .387 C.Delgado NBS 21

2004 KAC 10 8 B.Colon KAC 4 L.Carter KBP 6 B.Kim PPS 1.38
2004 NWC 9 9 OTHERS TIED W 3 J.Julio SRS 6 S.Linebri KBP 1.59
2004 MOC 9 9 M.Rivera KAC 5 D.Lowe NBS 1.71
2004 ASC 7 8 E.Gagne JJD 5 C.Schilli LWD 1.80
D.Riske HAP 5 B.Colon KAC 1.86
2004 SRS 12 6
2004 PPS 9 9 I.Suzuki LLD 18 J.Pierre AFS 14 M.Prior PSC 39
2004 PSC 9 9 T.Helton BSP 13 S.Podsedn JJD 10 M.Clement MOC 31
2004 AFS 7 11 J.Payton BSP 12 A.Soriano JJD 6 J.Vazquez NBS 31
R.Sanders BBD 12 J.Davanon ASC 6 K.Wood SRS 30
2004 BSP 12 6 J.Conine MOC 10 E.Renteri NBS 6 C.Schilli LWD 29
2004 DDP 9 9
2004 OOP 8 10
2004 KBP 8 10
2004 HAP 6 12

BSP 13 at AFS 4 SRS-Zito(2-1, 3.72) at KBP-Hentgen(1-1, 9.45)
MOC 10 at KAC 12 DDP-Morris(2-1, 5.57) at BSP-Nomo(2-0, 5.09)
HAP 3 at OOP 2 AFS-Trachse(1-0, 1.56) at HAP-Redding(0-3, 7.56)
LLD 1 at WWC 3 MOC-Millwoo(0-2, 3.55) at WWC-Affeldt(0-1, 5.79)
NBS 10 at LWD 7 LLD-Escobar(1-1, 5.71) at LWD-Perez(2-0, 2.79)
PPS 4 at KBP 5 OOP-Stephen(0-2,11.17) at NBS-Glavine(1-0, 7.36)
NWC 1 at BBD 7 ASC-Ohka(0-1,10.34) at BBD-Tomko(2-0, 7.27)
ASC 8 at JJD 2
PSC 3 at SRS 4
SSD 2 at DDP 13

J.Thome LWD NBS 7 3 3 6 0 2 3 0
G.Anderson DDP SSD 5 3 3 6 0 0 2 0
J.Lopez BBD NWC 4 2 3 4 0 0 2 0
R.Alomar DDP SSD 3 3 2 2 2 0 1 0
T.Helton BSP AFS 6 3 4 3 0 0 1 0

W.Alvarez ASC JJD 6.0 1 0 0 1 2 0 W
R.Oswalt HAP OOP 8.0 4 2 2 1 6 0 W
D.Baez SRS PSC 2.0 0 0 0 0 2 0 W
E.Guardado NBS LWD 2.0 0 0 0 0 2 0 W
M.Rivera KAC MOC 1.0 0 0 0 0 2 0 W
AWARDS VOTING FOR 2004 C.B.A. Date: 4/17/2004

G.Anderson(DDP) 380 K.Wood(SRS) 113
V.Wells(BSP) 362 M.Clement(MOC) 94
J.Lopez(BBD) 216 R.Clemens(PPS) 51
B.Boone(NWC) 139 M.Prior(PSC) 20
C.Delgado(NBS) 100 B.Colon(KAC) 10

C J.Lopez(BBD) 418,565 J.Posada(PPS) 142,360
1B C.Delgado(NBS) 342,866 K.Millar(AFS) 266,351
2B B.Boone(NWC) 390,768 R.Durham(MOC) 245,814
3B B.Mueller(AFS) 186,266 T.Glaus(LWD) 176,623
SS J.Lugo(BBD) 183,253 A.Berroa(KAC) 160,722
LF G.Anderson(DDP) 500,091 R.Sanders(BBD) 276,010
CF V.Wells(BSP) 405,489 P.Wilson(PSC) 293,388
RF G.Sheffield(KAC) 280,199 S.Sosa(BSP) 262,028
Pi K.Wood(SRS) 480,088 M.Clement(MOC) 435,392
R.Clemens(PPS) 416,680 M.Prior(PSC) 406,917
B.Colon(KAC) 398,717 S.Sullivan(LWD) 340,551
B.Webb(OOP) 314,263 E.Gagne(JJD) 298,008
J.Julio(SRS) 286,504 M.Batista(BBD) 279,358
A.Pettitte(LLD) 263,516 B.Kim(PPS) 256,791

P L.Hernandez(BSP) J.Fogg(JJD)
C R.Hernandez(LWD) J.Posada(PPS)
1B S.Hatteberg(DDP) K.Millar(AFS)
2B P.Polanco(PPS) B.Boone(NWC)
3B S.Rolen(KAC) C.Koskie(BBD)
SS M.Tejada(PSC) R.Furcal(NWC)
OF A.Jones(SRS) V.Wells(BSP)
OF J.Edmonds(LWD) C.Patterson(OOP)
OF M.Cameron(NWC) A.Pujols(HAP)

C J.Lopez(BBD) J.Posada(PPS)
1B C.Delgado(NBS) K.Millar(AFS)
2B B.Boone(NWC) R.Durham(MOC)
3B B.Mueller(AFS) T.Glaus(LWD)
SS J.Lugo(BBD) A.Berroa(KAC)
LF G.Anderson(DDP) L.Berkman(PPS)
CF V.Wells(BSP) P.Wilson(PSC)
RF G.Sheffield(KAC) S.Sosa(BSP)

L.Carter(KBP) 18
J.Julio(SRS) 18
E.Gagne(JJD) 15
D.Riske(HAP) 15
M.Rivera(KAC) 11

2003 Portland Sea Dogs Preview
by Tweek Trammell (10/05/2003 at 22h06)

Camden Yards
(capacity: 56,292)

2002 Record
50-112 (6th in Schmidt Division)
This organization has undergone a series of dramatic changes in
the past few years. In their fourth city in the last five years, it appears a welcome home has finally been found.
With the transition to new owner Jim Correll’s front office group finally complete, GM Dave Winfield looks to begin a
rebuilding process that will give Portland a team to be proud of for years to come. Already, there is hope for the
future as Winfield signed several talented young players to go along with the core of veterans retained from last
year’s disappointing club. New field manager Bochy will try to put a team competitive enough on the field to avoid a
third 100 loss season in the last four years. Unfortunately, Portland fans, I’m here to tell you that it won’t happen.
Have faith though, while the product on the field will again be hard to watch at times, there will also be several
bright spots as we follow the progress of the young Sea Dogs.

Front Office
Backed by the deep pockets of Correll and a brand new five year contract, GM Dave Winfield inherits a club that
has been less than spectacular over the years. A yearly doormat for the rest of the league, he has vowed to give the
Portland fan base a team that is young and exciting, as well as competitive for years to come. His first test came
quickly with the 2003 Draft, and while it’s still too early to tell for sure, the results look promising. Winfield
first targeted a group of young players he could quickly build around. This netted such talented rookies as Mark Prior,
Travis Hafner, Bobby Hill, Jason Lane, Endy Chavez, Zach Day, and Franklyn German. Throw in the additions of Matt
Clement, Carlos Lee, and Mike MacDougal in his first few trades, and the future looks brighter for this club than it
has in years. Having said that, it will take time to see if the positive aura surrounding the team isn’t just another
failed rebuilding process in a long series of them in the team’s recent history. Grade: B+

It’s fitting that that Portland will field so many young players
this year, as Manager Bruce is a rookie himself. He’ll be forced to gain much of his field experience on the job
after managing in the minors for only a year before given this opportunity by Correll and Winfield. Highly regarded
by his peers, he’s a former catcher in the major leagues, credited with a reputation for solid defense and intelligent
game calling. It remains to be seen if that intelligence as a player translates to on-field success. Grade: Incomplete

Matt Clement--and then what? Acquired in an offseason trade with
Carlos Lee and Wilson Betemit, the veteran starter will be relied upon heavily to help the team avoid morale-crushing
losing streaks. Dan Wright, Paul Wilson, and Darrell May will be inserted into the middle of the rotation. While
they’ve all had little success so far in the CBA, each of them have quality arms and are eager for the chance for more
responsibility. Bochy will likely try out several younger pitchers in the fifth spot, the most promising being Mark
Prior, the #1 overall draft pick this year. Johan Santana, Zach Day, Jake Westbrook, and the veteran John Halama will
also vie for starts. Grade: C-

If this team has a strength, it lies in the bullpen. With Latroy
Hawkins and Scott Strickland pitching the eighth and ninth innings, leads should be relatively safe. Assuming, of
course, there are leads to protect. Veteran Todd Van Poppel and rookies Franklyn German and Mike MacDougal will likely
fill out the rest of the bullpen along with the losers in the fifth starter competition. Grade: C

Wiki Gonzalez will be asked to fill the starting role this year at catcher. Though he’s been unable to hold
down the starting spot in the past, due to his inability to hit right handers very hard, there are signs that he may
have finally turned the corner. If not, Bochy will turn to a barely adequate platoon of Gonzalez and Mark Johnson,
with Vance Wilson serving as the third catcher. Grade: C-

After looking over the infield roster, the old comedy routing
‘Who’s on First?’ comes to mind. Though Hafner will be given every opportunity to play every day, it is unlikely that
he’ll be able to do so on a regular basis. So instead, Rusty Greer and Geoff Blum will be relied on heavily to play a
position they are unfamiliar with. Jose Ortiz is the opening day second baseman, though Damian Jackson will inevitably
see plenty of playing time. Rookie Bobby Hill will also be looked at in spring training. Jose Valentin is back for
another season at shortstop. Though he doesn’t have the range and speed he once had, his bat still has plenty of pop.
He’ll need it, batting in the middle of this lineup. When he isn’t playing elsewhere, third base will be manned by
Geoff Blum, with Pedro Feliz spelling him on occasion. Grade: D

Carlos Lee is the only outfielder expected to play every day among
this mix of not-quite-ready youngsters and veteran roleplayers. Though Eugene will start in centerfield on opening day,
he’s expected to face fierce competition from rookies Jason Lane and Endy Chavez, giving Bochy reason for hope during
the long season. Alex Ochoa will get most of the starts in rightfield, with Geoff Jenkins, Troy O’Leary, Armando Rios,
and Mark Quinn all vying for at bats behind him. Grade: D

Projected division finish: 6

This week in CBA (Week 9)
by Gérald Benoit (30/05/2003 at 20h39)

Another week has come and gone in the CBA and this is your weekly report recaping what has been going on in your league....

In the Dawson division Two teams had a winning record of 5 wins and 2 defeat. Limoilou settle in the confortable first place and Longue-Pointe continue to rise up and passed the falling Surfers who lost 6 games. The Hitmen are on a roll lately and they can now on pace to upset Joliet and
Pittsburgh. Those two lost 4 games out of 7 and really need to shake things up and fast. Hartford had a loosing week but winning thre game out of seven for them can only be seen as a good thing. With the acquisition of Lily, Fossum and Tatis thing can only improve.

The dominating force of the Carter division for the last 8 block, the Neah Bay Whalers, posted a loosing week. Nothing to be scared a 3 and 4 weeks is'nt so bad once in a while but they can repeat this too often cause others are lurking for the opportunity. Acadie had 4 win and that was just enough to stay in front of Montreal who won five games. With the acquisition of Carlos Lee and Matt Clement among others the Royaux had gone to battle. The As's on their part lost 4 games. But they are to good not to rebound from that and join the party for the top spot. Texas did 4 and 3 and improved their wining percentage. Keeping that momentum will be important for them. The Muskies dis better this week altough they still had a loosing week 3-4 is'nnt so bad.

Hell may have freeze over! Big Surprise in the Schmidt, New york lost five games! First time they had a loosing week.... 2 wins 5 lost. Their lead was so big that it ain't so bad for them. Alamo City and Philly posted and identical 4 wins and 3 defeat and both gained short ground. The last third team of the division had loosing record. Ottawa is heading straight down since the last two weeks and their six lost this block won't help. Stirling who made some acquisition hoped for better than 3 wins out of 7. Portland who was also very active on the trading market had a 3 and 4 weeks. Again not so bad for such a team.

Movement is a concept that does'nt exist in the Parker division. To this reporter it seems that those six teams has held their rank since week one. Brooklyn had an incredible week of 6 wins and only one lost. Quebec held thier ground and kept their rival in sight. Brooklyn made some transaction this week let's see if Quebec will be tempted to move. Tenessee also had a 6 wins 1 lost week but are still ten games behid the leaders. Kilgore and Detroit had a bad weeks 2 wins 5 lost it ain't good news for either teams. Houston won't win anything this year but they enjoyed three win over the weeks and it something thay can look on.

Edmonds Leads Way With Wendigo in First Place
by Tweek Trammell (08/06/2003 at 18h34)

Hitter of the Month - May
This month, Jim Edmonds was voted as Hitter of the Month by managers of the CBA. In a set of odd circumstances, Magglio Ordonez was named first on more ballots than Edmonds, but was inexplicably left completely off others. Edmonds finished the month with averages of .442/.500/.837.

Name / Points
Jim Edmonds 42(3)
Magglio Ordonez 33(6)
Aubrey Huff 22(2)
Jim Thome 14(2)
Nomar Garciappara 8(1)
Brian Jordan 4
Alfonso Soriano 3

Pitcher of the Month - May
Three pitchers who aren’t strangers to headlines in their careers topped the voting for May’s Pitcher. In a close vote, Randy Johnson edged out Pedro Martinez and Curt Schilling. Big Unit won three games against one loss to go with a microscopic 0.51 ERA and 0.74 WHIP.

Name / Points
Randy Johnson 37(6)
Pedro Martinez 33(3)
Curt Schilling 25(2)
Jamie Moyer 17(3)
Vincente Padilla 9
Rolando Arroyo 3
Jeff Weaver 2

Rookie of the Month - May
Eric Hinske led all rookies in run production en route to winning the Rookie of the Month award for May. In a vote where eight different players was named first by CBA managers, Hinske beat out pitcher Rodrigo Lopez and second baseman Orlando Hudson. Hinske batted .284 in May with 17 runs scored and 14 RBIs to go with 10 extra base hits.

Name / Points
Eric Hinske 25(2)
Rodrigo Lopez 21(4)
Orlando Hudson 18(1)
Brendan Donnelly 16(1)
Corey Patterson 13(2)
Mark Bellhorn 10(2)
Tim Spooneybarger 10
Ramon Vazquez 7(1)
Carlos Zambrano 5(1)
Junior Spivey 1

First place votes in parentheses

This week in CBA (Week 11)
by Gerald Benoit (17/06/2003 at 07h50)

Week eleven in the CBA we're approching very fast from the half way point and there is still battle to be done.

In the Dawson division Limoilou who took out the first spot a couple of week is now firmly in place with a 5 win 2 lost week they have nothing to worry about. Pittsburgh is another matter they only play 4 games and manage to split it in half. But this indecision is costing them cause Joliet had 5-2 week and both team are now tied at the second spot. After two promising week Longue-Pointe posted a 2-5 week it's difficult to predict what this
team will do next. Hartford has done it! They have pulled themselves out of the cellar. They are now tied in 4th place with San Diego who seems to be in and endless spirale at the moment.

Neah Bay has been one of the most stable franchise in the league and the top spot of the Carter division is owned by them. Acadie and Montreal are still battling for the second spot. Acadie had the better this week they posted a strong 5-2 week while Montreal only won 4 games. Kansas City only had 4 games this week and they won three of them, with a litle effort they could rejoin the battle at the second spot. Texas won 3 games out of 7 and continue a very strange seaon for the, still trying to find the right mix. Minnesota last week won all their games, this week is another story they almost lost them all but one.

In the Schmidt division there is really nothing exciting happening. New York posted a winning week (4-3) their winning percentage has dropped .016 points but at .730 who can complain? Philly are red hot at the moment and
won 6 games lossing only one. Maybe this division can catch fire if Philly continue to charge like that. Alamo City won 1 games and lost 3. They better get their act together because Philly are not waiting for them at
all. Striling continue to struggle and only won 3 games. Ottawa is also in difficulty with only 2 wins out of 7. In the meantime Portland had 4 wins and continue to show goof thing for next years.

Brooklyn now owne the Parker division 4 wins over the week only confirm that fact. Quebec is trying but they will have to do better then 3-4 to challenge the superbas. Detroit and Tenesse has inverted their position. Detroit wond 5 games and Tenesse won only three. Kilgore had a winning week of 4 games and 3 lost but stay at 21 games front the forst place. Houston had difficulty this week and only won 2 games.

Hardcore CBA Stats
by Marc Wass (07/07/2003 at 04h52)

Once again its time to dig into the CBA stats and see who is really doing what in CBA....
Clemente Leaders.....
leadoff hitter OB+Slg 200+ AB
CameronQCD .915
Rivas DEA .752
Roberts AFS .751
Jeter PPS .722
CastilloSFS .719
Cabrera SRS .712

Clutch HR
Barrett SFS 5
Bonds SFS 5
Jones SRS 5
Burrell QCD 5
OrdonezQCD 5
Floyd DEA 4
Giambi PPS 4
Posada PPS 4
RodriguezQCD 4
BranyanOOS 4

Left On Base
Burrell QCD 99
Sosa BSP 91
Perry KBP 89
Wells BSP 88
SchneiderQCD 86
OrdonezQCD 83
Floyd DEA 78
Posada PPS 33
SchneiderQCD 33
SantiagoOOS 30
Barrett SFS 29
HernandezDEA 28
Lo DucaTTP 28

Staub Leaders.....
Left on base leaders....
Piazza LW 111
GuzmanLW 98
Beltran MOS 97
Jordan LHD 95
Lowell NWC 92
Batista ASC 89
GarciaparraLH 87
Boone MMS 85

Best Leadoff Hitters 200+ Ab OB+Slg
Wilson HWS 2.667
Guillen ASC 1.070
Soriano JJS 1.011
Chavez TDS 1.000
Giles NW .963
Durham MOS .886

catcher assists
Piazza LWD 43
Alomar Jr.SSD 40
LieberthalASC 37
Kendall LHD 33
Marrero PIN 29

Steals of third
Soriano JJS 11
Lee JJS 5
Beltran MOS 4

Total Bases
Kent LWD 268
Thome LWD 243
Soriano JJS 236
GarciaparrLHD 223
Edmonds LWD 218

% of triples per AB 200+ Ab
Stewart LWD .026
Perez MMS .024
Hairston Jr. HWS .022
Matthews Jr.JJS .022

Clutch PH
Ward SSD 3
Gant JJS 3
GraffaninoTDS 2
Norton LHD 2
Mabry TDS 2

Hitting streaks
Kent LWD 20
Stewart LWD 15
Lowell NWC 14
Cruz SSD 12
VazquezLWD 11

CBA Leaders
Grand Slams
Barrett SFS 2
Cabrera SRS 2
JohnsonNWC 2
Ibanez NWC 2
BellhornBSP 2
GonzalezPPS 2
Durazo PPS 2

Game winning RBI's
Sosa BSP 13
Kent LWD 13
Thome LWD 12
RamirezSFS 12
Floyd DEA 11
OrdonezQCD 11

Squeeze bunts
CastilloSFS 4
Alicea BSP 3
Rivas DEA 2
Jones ASC 2
AbernathyMMS 2
HernandezDEA 2
RenteriaSFS 2
SantiagoHAC 2
Ordonez BSP 2

Clutch K's
Wilkrsn DEA 18
Burrell QCD 17
Lee JJS 16
Dunn HWS 15
Vaughn ASS 15
Kennedy OOS 15
Delgado SFS 13
Pena HWS 13
Sexson DEA 13
Sosa BSP 12
Sanders PIN 12
Thome LWD 12
Wells BSP 12

SS assists
Gonzalez Alamo City Flames (AFS) 310
Vizquel Ottawa Otters (OOS) 308
Furcal Neah Bay Whalers (NWC) 298
Rodriguez Quebec Capitale (QCD) 291
Garciaparra Longue Pointe Hitmen (LHD) 286
Tejada Tennessee Tazmanians (TTP) 284
Ordonez Brooklyn Superbas (BSP) 268
Jeter Philly Phantastics (PPS) 259
Wilson Hartford Whalers (HWS) 258
Cabrera Stirling Redsox (SRS) 250
Guzman Limoilou Wendigo (LWD) 249
Womack Minnesota Muskies (MMS) 244
Lugo Pittsburgh Pirates (PIN) 227
Eckstein Joliet Jackhammers (JJS) 209

1b Assists
Palmeiro Assoc Scrap Speve (ASS) 90
Hatteberg Texas Desperados (TDS) 89
Olerud Kansas City A's (KAC) 85
Lee J Joliet Jackhammers (JJS) 82
Bagwell Kilgore Bashers (KBP) 78
Helton Brooklyn Superbas (BSP) 73
McGriff San Diego Surf (SSD) 72

2B Assists
CastilloNew York Bombers (SFS)316
Kennedy Ottawa Otters (OOS) 295
Young Stirling Redsox (SRS) 294
Boone Neah Bay Whalers (NWC) 289
Durham Montreal Royals (MOS) 287
Kent Limoilou Wendigo (LWD) 286
Biggio Longue Pointe Hitmen 278
Spivey Tennessee Tazmanians 276
Vidro Kilgore Bashers (KBP)m 266
Vina Alamo City Flames (AFS)263
Walker Kansas City A's (KAC) 253
Soriano Joliet Jackhammers 252
Bellhorn Brooklyn Superbas 235

3B Assists
Koskie Quebec Capitale (QCD) 160
Rolen Kansas City A's (KAC 150
Lowell Neah Bay Whalers (NWC) 135
Boone Minnesota Muskies (MMS) 131
Hinske Hartford Whalers (HWS) 125
Ventura Brooklyn Superbas (BSP) 120
Chavez Texas Desperados (TDS) 118
Counsell 110
Alfonzo Philly Phantastics (PPS)107
Bell *** 105

Bases Loaded hits
Gonzalez Philly Phantastics (PPS)7
Schneider Quebec Capitale (QCD)6
Beltre New York Bombers (SFS) 6
Hammonds Acadie Stars (ASC 6
Valentin Los Rediculo Foolos 6
Burrell Quebec Capitale (QCD) 6

Best Advancing runners.., Adv Run success
Stewart Limoilou Wendigo (LWD) 21
Suzuki *** 20
Eckstein Joliet Jackhammers (JJS)18
Durham Montreal Royals (MOS) 17
Walker New York Bombers (SFS) 16
Jones Joliet Jackhammers (JJS) 16
Klesko Acadie Stars (ASC) 15
Kotsay Pittsburgh Pirates (PIN) 15
Wells Brooklyn Superbas (BSP) 15
Jeter Philly Phantastics (PPS) 15
Vizquel Ottawa Otters (OOS) 15
Lee Joliet Jackhammers (JJS) 15
Garciaparra Longue Pointe Hitmen (LHD)15

Most K's with bases loaded
Cameron Quebec Capitale (QCD) 6
Delgado New York Bombers (SFS) 6
Berkman Philly Phantastics (PPS) 5
Schneider Quebec Capitale (QCD) 5
Guzman Limoilou Wendigo (LWD) 5
Jordan Longue Pointe Hitmen (LHD) 5
Burrell Quebec Capitale (QCD) 5

PH Grand Slams...
Ledee Neah Bay Whalers (NWC) 1
Greene Limoilou Wendigo (LWD) 1

Who reached on catchers Interferences
Green Stirling Redsox (SRS) 1
Rollins New York Bombers (SFS) 1
Offerman Ottawa Otters (OOS) 1
Kent Limoilou Wendigo (LWD) 1
Fullmer *** 1
Vaughn *** 1
Vazquez Limoilou Wendigo (LWD) 1
Sosa Brooklyn Superbas (BSP) 1

Wild Pitches
Jason Schmidt Limoilou Wendigo (LWD) 13
Johan Santana Portland Sea Dogs (PSC) 12
Tony Armas Jr. New York Bombers (SFS) 12
Orlando Hernandez Philly Phantastics (PPS)10
Miguel Asencio San Diego Surf (SSD) 10

Quality Starts
Derek Lowe New York Bombers (SFS) 16
Kevin Millwood Tennessee Tazmanians (TTP) 16
Jamie Moyer Longue Pointe Hitmen (LHD) 16
Russ Ortiz Montreal Royals (MOS) 15
Javier Vazquez New York Bombers (SFS) 15
Mark Mulder Alamo City Flames (AFS) 14
Vicente Padilla Texas Desperados (TDS) 14
Curt Schilling Limoilou Wendigo (LWD) 13
Randy Johnson Philly Phantastics (PPS) 13
Roy Halladay Brooklyn Superbas (BSP) 13
Greg Maddux Stirling Redsox (SRS) 13
Pedro Martinez Neah Bay Whalers (NW 13
Paul Byrd Kansas City A's (KAC) 13
Al Leiter *** 12
Brian Lawrence Pittsburgh Pirates (PIN) 12
Wade Miller Stirling Redsox (SRS) 12
Tim Hudson Neah Bay Whalers (NWC) 12
Roy Oswalt Joliet Jackhammers (JJS) 12
Rodrigo Lopez Pittsburgh Pirates (PIN) 12

Newsletter #15
by League Office (21/07/2004 at 01h34)

To be precise in the simulation, It is important that procedure be correct. All files and exports are backed up procedurally. While proving the stats at block end, I noticed where a certain teams record did not coincide with the standings. Therefore games had to be replayed causing the delay in results posting. In the replay, indeed a certain teams CM did not import correctly causing a difference in his teams performance and strategy. To be fair to my GM I have elected to replay his two series upon his humble request.
It is not something I generally want done in this league, nor wish to do again. But more important is the integrity of the CBA file, and fair gamesmanship. Please use the attached files for your next CM.

KC A's Doug Mirabelli usage has expired and gone over limit. The player will be demoted for season's remainder. Mike Johnson announced his retirement effective immediately from CBA due to time constraints. We really enjoyed having Mike with us for the past few years. He is a class gentleman, and was an astute Gm in past seasons with the KC franchise. We welcome Rich Schneider
(Mr to CBA who will take upon the reigns of the KC A's franchise.
Rich comes to us with experience, success, and enthusiasm and loves to trade and build franchises to contender status. I am very pleased to bring him into our league.
Until he is added to the list please attach his e mail address on any league correspondence.

Pennant race report
by Marc Wasserman (20/08/2003 at 02h37)

The divisions races seem to be settling down after some early action. The leaders are starting to pull away leaving a hotly contested wild card race. All season long the Mike Rescigno led NY Bombers (formerly StFoy) maintained their overwhelming lead in the overall W-L standings. Over the last month their lead has been appraoched by the fast charging Brooklyn Superbas, Neah Bay, and streaking Limoilou teams. Brooklyn has made the most gains this past month after a few minor roster adjustments. Brooklyn has gotten All-Star (What happened there Rob?) performances from Jay Payton, Slammy, Todd Helton, IRod, and Cy Young candidates Halliday (16-6), David Wells (15-3) to pace their drive for top honors. Payton snubbed in the AllStar voting leads CBA with a .385 BA, 24 HR 75 RBI. Sosa hitting .301 has 44 HR and 120 RBI. Both Robin Ventura and Todd Helton are hovering around the .300 mark with 30 Hrs. Bellhorn, Daubach, and Ivan Rod are at or beyond 20HRs. Brooklyn is only 3 games off New Yorks pace.

Speaking of the Bombers, Mike's team boasts the best record for a reason. Lets look at the numbers here. The Bombers are hitting .292 with 187 Hr's thus far. They've allowed only a .239 BA against them. Mighty impressive, but the real secret to success here lies in the some other statistical areas. Barry Bonds, Larry Walker, Manny Ramirez, and Carlos Delgado each have well over 1.050 Bonds TA alone is an astounding 1.536! He is set to smash some CBA records. A more important indicator for Strat success in the runs created per 27 outs. 3 players have over 10.0, with Bonds 14.98 runs. What unbelievable overall offensive production. Considering league average is somewhere around 4.7 per player, this means wins. Lots of 'em.
The pitching with less hits than innings, and a good bullpen that allows less than 30% (29.2) of inherited runners to score, the Bombers are dangerous holding leads too.

Neah Bay is a perfect example of how a well balanced team with great pitching can win big in CBA. With only 137 HR, and a team .260 BA, Neahs stellar pitching staff has compiled a 3.46 ERA. A look inside sees terrific planning by GM Skillings. Pedro Martinez has been downright destructive to the opposition. Hall of fame? CBA will be making room in their archives for the perfection of Pedro. The master of miss has amassed a 19-1 record with a CBA 2.28 ERA. He is 1 win away from 20 and the now inactive (Usage limit) Kevin Millwood. With a few more starts possible, Martinez may break 20 and could conceivably get 23-24 before its over. He is a good bet to win CBA's Triple Crown award. Wins, ERA, Win Pct. Randy Johnson and Curt Schilling are fighting it out the strikeout title. Both are looking towards 300 K seasons again. John's opponents have managed a measley .235 BA vs Neah, who leads CBA in Team ERA by .14 pts over Mike Johnson's Kansas City team. Neah leads or is near the top of CBA in some other key catagories. Fielding %, Throwing out runners, and stealers, Moving runners, and Bullpen. Oh that bullpen. Best in CBA. Romero, Walker, Koch, Hasegawa, Biddle, Guthrie are the best set up and middle reliever going. They mix and match most lineups, and are well managed. All have ERA's under 3.30. Romero and Walker have been lights out, and Smoltz closes. Tough to beat a team like that in the playoffs where its Face to Face!

Limoilou, Limoilou where and what is a Wendingo? Similar to the fabled monster which scares the bejesus out of the Quebec citizens stuck in the woods, CBA's Wendingo has scared its division rivals with a powerful lineup. Edmonds, Kent, Piazza, and Thome have been deadly. Its something that these guys are nowhere near the top of the Intentioanlly walked list.
Ibanez Neah Bay Whalers (NWC) 11
Abreu Kansas City A's (KAC) 10
Sheffield Kansas City A's (KAC) 10
Salmon Texas Desperados (TDS) 10
Perez Minnesota Muskies (MMS) 10
Crawford Hartford Whalers (HWS) 9
Mohr Joliet Jackhammers (JJS)8
Beltran Montreal Royals (MOS) 8
Mientkiewicz Minnesota Muskies (MMS)8
Jordan Longue Pointe Hitmen (LHD)8

Limoilou has an .850 total team batting avg, with an .860 runs produced avg. Super performance.

Looking at the other playoff contenders performances, Quebec was on the verge of some fireworks as well. However managements descision to overuse certain players will certainly cost them now that they are in the playoff hunt. Quebec has 5 of the top 10 CBA HR leaders! ARod, Giambi, Mike Cameron, Pat 'the bat' Burrell, and Mags Ordonez have all slugged over 37 HR's. Burrell, Ordonez, and ARod are in the top 5 of RBI's as well. The Quebecer's have hit 238 HR's so far. Eric Gagne has 33 saves which kept the Capitale's in the thick of things. Its a good bet they will lose ground in the weeks to come to Wayne's Stirling team , Tennessee, and Detroit.

Look out for the Kansas City team. Mike Johnson's team has been doing well. Todd Walker, arguably teams MVP with a .321 BA, Abreu, Scheffield and company have helped KC's excellent pitching staff to 70 wins. The KC bullpen is as good as any with Bradford, Pote, Condrey, and Jiminez showing further how great middle relief is vital for winning. Teams bat .247 against them. With small run support about 4.39 per game, the bullpen has put KC in more games than could be expected. An interesting stat here has Steve Finley with a 1.000 Fielding % 59/59 but 1 err. Musta been on the toss.

The Joliet Jackhammers, Jack Frost's team. Is it any wonder what happens when a veteran like "The Ice Man" Jack Frost takes the helm? The team rises to respectability and beyond. Wins follow and thats what the Jacks are doing; Winning. Consider the sources, Soriano. 33 HR 89 RBI and 57, yes 57 SB! He will get overlooked the the Strat MVP, but lord he is amazing! Excellent platooning and management have put this nicely balanced team into the mix. The Oswalt and Moss duo have anchored the staff with All Star type numbers. Sasaki has been lights out in the pen as well with 76 K's in 59 inn and a 1.68 ERA.

Longue Pointe has been mediocre this year. Not much doing here, but Claude LaMarre is usually tough in the playoffs, if he gets there again. Claude's team has been a bit of a disappointment this year as Claude's team has seemingly faded from CBA's view. Burnetts 4 shutouts, and Nomar have paced their attack.

What a year for Jacque Jones. Acadie's likely team MVP, has been hitting .317 30 HR 90 RBI's. Acadie has bolstered their pitching acquiring Travis Driskill, and Jason Simontacchi to help their cause. A well managed team, Eric Leger has squeezed 68 wins from his team.

D'troit has won 66. Floyd's 28 HR 104 RBI's follwed by Torii Hunters 28 HR and stellar D have made some impact. Rhodes has been brilliant helping put the D men in the over 500 department. Usage concerns limits their entry into the pennant race.



CBA Trivia Test
by (21/08/2003 at 03h27)

1. Who was the 1998 first pick of the draft?
Who was the second and third picks of the first rd?

2. Who are the only originally named teams still extant in CBA?

3. What two brothers were original charter members of CBA?
Hint:One wrote for the original Strat-o-matic Digest

4. What CBA player has the most career HR's?

5. Who did Ottawa play in the 2001 Championship?

6. Who was the 1997 Clemente Division MVP?
Was it a)Barry Bonds b) Ken Caminiti or c) Mike Piazza?
*Who won the Cy Young?

7. What player has the record for most triples in a season by CBA player?

8. Who led the CBA in HR, and RBI's and missed winning the triple crown by .18 pts in his batting average back in 1997?

Inaugural Draft in CBA by franchise..
by Marc Wasserman (29/08/2003 at 04h26)

*Denotes Original franchise still extant. **Original Owner still in CBA

Conference Rusty Staub
Division Andre Dawson
Longue-Pointe Hitmen* Stephane Bouchard/Claude Lamarre **
#1 5. 61 Kevin Brown SP - Fla
#2 1. 1497 Eric Young 2B - Col
#3 1. 1176 Mark Grudzielanek SS - Mtl

Limoilou Wendigo* Jeff Boutet**
#1 4. 1254 Barry Larkin SS - Cin
#2 5. 1124 Jim Edmonds OF - Cal
#3 1. 1121 Ray Durham 2B - CHA

Quebec Capitales* Christian Boutin **
#1 5. 1163 Juan Gonzalez RF - Tex
#2 2. 1012 Brady Anderson CF - Bal
#3 1. 1158 Bernard Gilkey OF - NYM

Brooklyn Superbas* Marc Wasserman **
#1 4. 1032 Albert Belle LF - Cle
#2 2. 1426 Terry Steinbach C - Oak
#3 4. 1465 Robin Ventura 3B - CHA

Division Gary Carter
Phlorida Gaters Justin Gates (currently Minnesota Muskies)
#1 12. 1386 Ivan Rodriguez C - Tex
#2 1. 1229 Chipper Jones 3B - Atl
#3 1. 298 Troy Percival RP - Cal

Canadian River Valley Ball Yard Rats Dave Covert (Currently Neah Bay)
#1 1. 234 Pedro J Martinez SP - Mon
#2 1. 394 Ismael Valdes SP - LA
#3 1. 1389 Tim Salmon OF - Cal

Cooperstown Iron Horses Scott Owens (Currently Texas Desperados)
#1 9. 1463 Mo Vaughn 1B - Bos
#2 2. 1373 Manny Ramirez RF - Cle
#3 1. 134 Tom Glavine SP - Atl

Villanova Wildcats Joey Santangelo (Currently Acadie Stars)
#1 2. 228 Greg Maddux SP - Atl
#2 1. 1418 Sammy Sosa CF - ChN
#3 2. 1347 Rafael Palmeiro 1B - Bal

Division Steve Rogers
Hamilton Harbors Don Jensen (Currently San Diego Surf)
#1 1. 1383 Alex Rodriguez SS - Sea
#2 3. 81 Roger Clemens SP - NYY
#3 4. 196 Randy Johnson SP - Sea

Montecito Habaneros Ray Cappocchi (Currently Pittsburgh Pirates)
#1 3. 253 John Smoltz SP - Atl
#2 3. 324 Shane Reynolds SP - Hou
#3 2. 1230 Brian Jordan OF - StL

Hooterville Cannonball Eric Bloss (Currently KC A's)
#1 3. 1222 Derek Jeter, SS, NYY
#2 3. 1136 Steve Finley CF - SD
#3 2. 1346 Tom Pagnozzi C - StL

Bodega Bay Mad Birds Gerald Benoit** (Now Montreal Royals)
#1 2. 1173 Ken Griffey Jr. CF - Sea
#2 1. 171 Pat Hentgen SP - Tor
#3 2. 304 Andy Petitte SP - NYY

Conference Roberto Clemente
Mike Schmidt Division

Stirling Red Sox* Wayne D. McGee**
#1 1. 1443 Frank Thomas 1B/DH - CHA
#2 3. 1271 Javy Lopez C - Atl
#3 3. 1287 Edgar Martinez 3B - Sea

Louisville Mob Squad Dan Noonan (Currently Portland SeaDogs)
#1 2. 1047 Barry Bonds LF - SF
#2 1. 332 Mariano Rivera RP - NYY
#3 1. 1064 Jay Buhner RF - Sea

Ottawa Otters* Jack Jung**
#1 CC 1297 Mark McGwire 1B - Oak
#2 2. 1470 Omar Vizquel SS - Cle
#3 1. 116 Jeff Fassero SP - Mtl

Philly Phantastics* Rob Hite**
#1 10. 1269 Kenny Lofton CF - Cle
#2 2. 1070 Ken Caminiti 3B - SD
#3 1. 350 Curt Schilling SP - Phi

Dave Parker Division

Alexandria Assault Jon Calder (Currently Joliet Jackhammers)
#1 1. 1066 Ellis Burks OF - Col
#2 5. 1148 Andres Galarraga 1B - Col
#3 1. 1041 Dante Bichette OF - Col

Sunville SunJewel Keith B Jones (Currently Houston Aeros)
#1 7. 1403 Gary Sheffield RF - Fla
#2 1. 1210 Todd Hundley C - NYM
#3 2. 150 Juan Guzman SP - Tor

Parma Flamingos Lou Bloss (Currently Detroit Tigers)
#1 2. 1007 Roberto Alomar 2B - Bal
#2 3. 1077 Vinny Castilla 3B - Col
#3 1. 1174 Marquis Grissom CF - Atl

Hicksville Ragin Rednecks Greg Mason (currently Hartford Whalers)
#1 4. 1042 Craig Biggio 2B - Hou
#2 1. 279 Hideo Nomo SP - LA
#3 1. 1494 Dan Wilson C - Sea

Rick Monday Division
Kilgore Bashers* Cory Light**
#1 2. 1246 Chuck Knoblauch 2b - Min
#2 PL 1090 Royce Clayton SS - StL
#3 PL 1183 Darryl Hamilton CF - Tex

Memphis Mafia Shaun Jones (Currently Tennessee Tazmanians)
#1 CC 1021 Jeff Bagwell 1B - Hou
#2 CC. 13 Kevin Appier SP - KC
#3 CC 1489 Bernie Williams OF - NYY

Southwest California Lizard Kings Eric Lindner (Currently Alamo City Flames)
#1 4.1365 Mike Piazza C - LA
#2 4. 1493 Matt Williams 3B - Cle
#3 1. 117 Alex Fernandez SP - CHA

Vancouver Storm Randall Flowers (currently New York Bombers)
#1 6. 1444 Jim Thome 3B - Cle
#2 2. 1657 Edgar Renteria SS - Flo
#3 1. 1592 Andrew Jones OF - Atl

AllTime CBA single season records:Pitching
by Marc Wasserman (19/09/2003 at 00h06)

Since the team codes have changed a bit over the years it may be hard to identify which players performed for which teams. Here are the tema codes over the years to help you identify your franchises players....

Team codes....Over the years

Longue-Pointe Hitmen* LHD
Quebec Capitales QCD
Limoilou Wendigo LWD
Brooklyn Superbas BSD,BSP
Minnesota Muskies PGC, BBC,MMS
Neah Bay Whalers CRC, KWC,NWC
Texas Desparados CIC, TDS
Acadie Stars VWC, OGC, MBC, ASC
San Diego Surf HHD, SSD
Pittsburgh Pirates MHD, KTD, PIN
Kansas City A's HCR, KAC
Montreal Royals BMR, BMC, VEC, MOS
Stirling RedSox SRS
Portland SeaDogs LMS, GRS, JLS, PSC
Ottawa Otters OOS
Philly Phanatics PPS
Joliet Jackhammers AAS, JJS
Houston Aeros SSP, GGP, BGP,HAC
Detroit Tigers PFP, FCP, WGP, DEA
Hartford Whales HWC, HRP, SSP
Kilgore Bashers KBP
Tennessee Tazmanians TTP,HKM,MMM
Alamo City Flames SLS, MRS, ACF
New York Bombers VSM, SFS


386 R.JOHNSON 2001~~ ~~~
338 C.SCHILLING 1999~~ ~~~
316 K.BROWN 1999CB MBC

23 K.ROGERS 2001~~ ~~~
21 C.NAGY 1999CB WBP
21 R.HELLING 2000~~ ~~~
21 R.WOLF 2001CL CIC
21 J.LIMA 2001CL KBP

85 J.MESA 2003CB AFS
84 R.MENDOZA 2000~~ ~~~
81 P.BYRD 2002CL KAC
76 S.LOWE 2001CL KBP
75 J.TAM 2001CL MBC


5 D.KILE 2002~~ ~~~

37 R.NEN 1999CB HHD
35 B.KOCH 2001CL KWC
35 J.MESA 2002CL AFS

69 J.LIMA 2001CL KBP
56 D.WELLS 2000~~ ~~~
54 H.NOMO 2002CL BSP
53 H.NOMO 2000CL BSP
51 J.LIMA 1999CB KBP
49 R.REED 2002CL BSP
49 K.JARVIS 2002~~ ~~~


 CBA Cyber Baseball Association...Strat-o-matic Baseball