by DcNrknduk (23/03/2004 at 19h48)

It is BIG news.
It is bigger news that the seizure of 20,000 kg. of illegal caribou and moose meat. It is bigger than the announcement that they are finally upgrading the sound system in Montreal's Metro. The hilarious part was, when the announcement was made that the Longue-Pointe Loggers had drafted as their 1st selections slugging 1st baseman Richie Sexon & sensational left fielder Hideki "Godzilla" Matsui over the Metro's beleaguered public address speakers, a minor panic ensued as uninformed citizens believed they were really being attacked by the giant reptile. But Logger fans knew better.

The joint announcement by Logger owner Bernard Titkowski and new Manager Dennis Concepcion at the Stadium was delayed a day after Sexon was accidentally booked to a hotel located in Longue-Pointe-de-Mignan. "It was that damn I wish they could read a French map better." said a slightly embarrassed Sexon. "I took a red-eye flight from the States as soon as I found out, but I arrived at the hotel too late for breakfast. I did get some sightseeing in however and visited Natashquan Village and the South Quarry at L'Archipel-de-Mignan," he said in a slightly flawed, but eager to learn attempt at French pronunciation. "I'll learn the language and customs just like Rusty Staub did, and I know that is quite a legend to live up to in these parts."

Matsui, through an interpreter said he will also learn French so he can communicate with Logger fans. In a move that echoed the recent unveiling of another Matsui in the States, Matsui donned his new Loggers hat and to a delighted gathering of reporters and fans, said in halting but determined French & English, "Bienvenue, mes nouvelles amis. I hope to bring great play and earn your respect."

The French syntax might have been flawed, but from both Sexton & Matsui, the message is loud and clear: that come October and end of the CBA World Series, it will be party time in Longue-Pointe.

The Gazette (Montreal)
(with Additional Original Research by Jayson Blair)

Longue-Pointe, Tuesday, March 23, 2004


by DcNrknduk (25/03/2004 at 21h35)


As it is everywhere in the 2004 CBA Spring Draft, new GM/Field Manager Dennis Concepcion is working the phones and collaring rival team execs looking for just the right mix to bring a contender to Longue-Pointe. He is not adverse to even dealing with his crosstown competitors, the Royals.

On the heels of drafting Richie Sexon , Hideki Matsui, & Kelvim Escobar, the Loggers exchanged 2 draft slots traded last season by Montreal for second baseman Craig Counsell.

There were rumors of more moves swirling about with names like outfielder Craig Biggio. When pressed for more details, Concepcion said, "There are feelers going out there... The team is looking for some quality set-up men and is willing to swing a deal with a good offer. Yes, the presence of Matsui makes Biggio available, but its obvious that with the wide range of quality among the free agents this draft, some shrewd dealings are expected."

When asked about his thoughts about his recent joining of CBA, Dennis said with smile and a raised eyebrow, "Well, I'll tell you something, its certainly not like MicroLeague, but I hope to be a quick study. I'm researching the CBA archives to get a better historical perspective. I understand that I'm entering with a team that might have some scores to settle from seasons past. Hey, anything for a good rivalry has got to be good for the CBA and the Loggers."

In a related story, it appears that the oft-maligned Metro PA system was once again a source of rush-hour confusion as commuters by the hundreds besieged lawyers'and psychiatrists' offices from Old City to Place Ville Marie to Frontenac and everywhere in between. It appears that the recently completed fan poll results stating that "Logger fans seek Counsell" was not surprisingly misinterpreted as a desperate public cry for help.

Apparently, hard-rock radio station CHOM-FM 97.7 morning DJ's Terry, Ted & Thumbs were giving away pairs of Logger tickets to anyone who went to their studio or called saying, "I am a Logger fan seeking Counsell."

About 1100 pairs of tickets were given away for a June night game against the Limoilou Wendigo before their morning drive-time shift ended at 10am. "We wanted to generate some excitement for a .234 hitter the way that David Letterman did for Buddy Biancalana back in the '80's," said Trevor the Intern. "It really was the idea of the Loggers' Promotions & Publicity Department."

Repeated calls to Logger publicity directors Bob & Doug McKenzie of McKenzie & McKenzie, Ltd. were not returned.

The Gazette (Montreal) Friday, March 26, 2004

(Please send reactions or replies to Stephanie Myles, Montreal Gazette at


Unbelievable... Amazing how the best laid plans get laid to waste by unexpected circumstance. The games were played and done on Friday, sent out and never delivered due to the webfitzz server problem. Quite frustrating. I resent the boxes and files twice, and even did so to the old Yahoo mail list in the attempt to get em out. No such luck. Not even a returned e mail prompt. So here finally are the boxes, and attached files for week 1. A great week which saw mark Prior nearly toss a no hittter, A triple play, Bill Mueller hit for the cycle, and several other surprises. New CM's for week 2 are due by Wednesday night. Get em ready and send em to the list. Lock em if you wish. Make sure you have a 25 man roster as two teams didnt properly set their eligibles...

Week 1
by Marc Wass (27/04/2004 at 00h09)

A great opening weekend and a few surprises. Lets take a look around CBA week 1.
Ottawa and Philly series saw the Otters get clutch hitting and a great performance from Brandon Webb to take Philly 2g's to 1 in their series...Portland gets great pitching as well leading the SeaDogs to a 2-1 series win. Zach Day and Mark Prior come up big with Prior tossing a 1 hit hitter...
How bout the Wantagh Woodsman? Manager Anthony Cusumano and Assistant GM AJ Jr lead CBA with a 5-1 record after wk 1. Great platoon performances by Kielty and Munson and some solid pitching help Wantagh get it done. 3 game SD sweep was just what the doctor ordered for last years troubled Minnesota franchise...Jo;iet takes Montreal 2g's to 1 in their series. The Jackhammers offense provides the spark getting good PH in a game 3 thrilling win...The defending champs the mighty Wendigo sweep the Surf in SD with great offense and pitching. They look hard to beat this season once again. Odalis Perez looking sharp...Great series out in Jacobs as the Bombers and KC squared off. Rookie Berroa hit 2 HR's in g1 to help get the win, while KC rode Bartolo Colon's arm to a g2 win. The Bombers bats and Barry Bonds 2 HR in g3 helped NY get the series win...Kilgore is off to a good start with Lance Carter saving 3 games giving the Bashers the pitching they sorely needed to take an early division lead Bagwell's bat helping there. Durango picked up a shutout to salvage a win in their series loss to Kilgore...Houston and Brooklyn series saw brooklyn win series 2-1. G1 Brooklyn bats alive, but g2 it was all the Aero's with 12 runs off Brooklyn suspect staff. G3 saw Rey-O and Sammy Sosa provide enuff offense for the rubber game win...The Belfast Brawlers took 2 from Longue Pointe who beat Brooklyn 2-1 in their opening series. The Brawlers offense battered Escobar in g1, and a 12 run outburst won a wild one 12-10 in agame which Julio Lugo slammed 2 big HR's...Perhaps the best game of the season was played during the Alamo/Acadie matchup in g1. In extra innings the Stars scored 5 runs to take a seemingly insurmountable 5 runlead going into the bottom of the 12th inn. Alamo stormed back and just fell short scoring 4 in their loss. Hidalgo got the big hit witha long double to CF. g3 was another tremendous one as Acadie won it 15-13 and the series 2-1. Hidalgo's 2 HR's, and Klesko's 2 HR's were the highlites of that wild wooley game...Stirling took their series with Ottawa 2-1. The RedSox bats providing the difference in g3 with Shawn Green and Jason Varitek doing most of the damage...Belfast swept away the Whalers in their 3 game series winning all 3 behind terrific bullpen support. Belfast is looking good to start with a 5-1 record to open things. 14 HR's and a .281 team batting average helping as they go. Belfast could be a surprise here in CBA...How bout Durango getting a series win over Philly? Lots of offense lead the Dirtbags to a big series win. Durango could also do some damage here this season if this series is any indication. The bullpen looked brilliant so far...The Houston Aeros dropped 2 in Portland after taking the opener. Eric Young has 3 HR's already, but Houston got little else in offensive support this week. Dont expect them to be losing for long, this team is loaded and balanced. Portlands pitching has been outstanding thus far. With a little more offensive support, that 4-2 record & winning pct just may grow.


Standings/ Leaders after week 3
by CBA League office (09/05/2004 at 23h28)

CM's due as soon as possible....
Trading is open. Any trades made now will be in effect for wk 5.
Please report all deals to cba office for approval....

NEWSPAPER STYLE RECAP FOR 2004 C.B.A. Date: 4/17/2004

2004 LWD 11 7 J.Pierre AFS .440 J.Lopez BBD 10 B.Boone NWC 27
2004 BBD 10 8 G.Anderso DDP .413 V.Wells BSP 9 J.Lopez BBD 26
2004 JJD 8 10 B.Boone NWC .403 G.Anderso DDP 9 V.Wells BSP 23
2004 LLD 7 11 C.Delgado NBS .394 OTHERS TIED W 8 G.Anderso DDP 22
2004 SSD 3 12 V.Wells BSP .387 C.Delgado NBS 21

2004 KAC 10 8 B.Colon KAC 4 L.Carter KBP 6 B.Kim PPS 1.38
2004 NWC 9 9 OTHERS TIED W 3 J.Julio SRS 6 S.Linebri KBP 1.59
2004 MOC 9 9 M.Rivera KAC 5 D.Lowe NBS 1.71
2004 ASC 7 8 E.Gagne JJD 5 C.Schilli LWD 1.80
D.Riske HAP 5 B.Colon KAC 1.86
2004 SRS 12 6
2004 PPS 9 9 I.Suzuki LLD 18 J.Pierre AFS 14 M.Prior PSC 39
2004 PSC 9 9 T.Helton BSP 13 S.Podsedn JJD 10 M.Clement MOC 31
2004 AFS 7 11 J.Payton BSP 12 A.Soriano JJD 6 J.Vazquez NBS 31
R.Sanders BBD 12 J.Davanon ASC 6 K.Wood SRS 30
2004 BSP 12 6 J.Conine MOC 10 E.Renteri NBS 6 C.Schilli LWD 29
2004 DDP 9 9
2004 OOP 8 10
2004 KBP 8 10
2004 HAP 6 12

BSP 13 at AFS 4 SRS-Zito(2-1, 3.72) at KBP-Hentgen(1-1, 9.45)
MOC 10 at KAC 12 DDP-Morris(2-1, 5.57) at BSP-Nomo(2-0, 5.09)
HAP 3 at OOP 2 AFS-Trachse(1-0, 1.56) at HAP-Redding(0-3, 7.56)
LLD 1 at WWC 3 MOC-Millwoo(0-2, 3.55) at WWC-Affeldt(0-1, 5.79)
NBS 10 at LWD 7 LLD-Escobar(1-1, 5.71) at LWD-Perez(2-0, 2.79)
PPS 4 at KBP 5 OOP-Stephen(0-2,11.17) at NBS-Glavine(1-0, 7.36)
NWC 1 at BBD 7 ASC-Ohka(0-1,10.34) at BBD-Tomko(2-0, 7.27)
ASC 8 at JJD 2
PSC 3 at SRS 4
SSD 2 at DDP 13

J.Thome LWD NBS 7 3 3 6 0 2 3 0
G.Anderson DDP SSD 5 3 3 6 0 0 2 0
J.Lopez BBD NWC 4 2 3 4 0 0 2 0
R.Alomar DDP SSD 3 3 2 2 2 0 1 0
T.Helton BSP AFS 6 3 4 3 0 0 1 0

W.Alvarez ASC JJD 6.0 1 0 0 1 2 0 W
R.Oswalt HAP OOP 8.0 4 2 2 1 6 0 W
D.Baez SRS PSC 2.0 0 0 0 0 2 0 W
E.Guardado NBS LWD 2.0 0 0 0 0 2 0 W
M.Rivera KAC MOC 1.0 0 0 0 0 2 0 W
AWARDS VOTING FOR 2004 C.B.A. Date: 4/17/2004

G.Anderson(DDP) 380 K.Wood(SRS) 113
V.Wells(BSP) 362 M.Clement(MOC) 94
J.Lopez(BBD) 216 R.Clemens(PPS) 51
B.Boone(NWC) 139 M.Prior(PSC) 20
C.Delgado(NBS) 100 B.Colon(KAC) 10

C J.Lopez(BBD) 418,565 J.Posada(PPS) 142,360
1B C.Delgado(NBS) 342,866 K.Millar(AFS) 266,351
2B B.Boone(NWC) 390,768 R.Durham(MOC) 245,814
3B B.Mueller(AFS) 186,266 T.Glaus(LWD) 176,623
SS J.Lugo(BBD) 183,253 A.Berroa(KAC) 160,722
LF G.Anderson(DDP) 500,091 R.Sanders(BBD) 276,010
CF V.Wells(BSP) 405,489 P.Wilson(PSC) 293,388
RF G.Sheffield(KAC) 280,199 S.Sosa(BSP) 262,028
Pi K.Wood(SRS) 480,088 M.Clement(MOC) 435,392
R.Clemens(PPS) 416,680 M.Prior(PSC) 406,917
B.Colon(KAC) 398,717 S.Sullivan(LWD) 340,551
B.Webb(OOP) 314,263 E.Gagne(JJD) 298,008
J.Julio(SRS) 286,504 M.Batista(BBD) 279,358
A.Pettitte(LLD) 263,516 B.Kim(PPS) 256,791

P L.Hernandez(BSP) J.Fogg(JJD)
C R.Hernandez(LWD) J.Posada(PPS)
1B S.Hatteberg(DDP) K.Millar(AFS)
2B P.Polanco(PPS) B.Boone(NWC)
3B S.Rolen(KAC) C.Koskie(BBD)
SS M.Tejada(PSC) R.Furcal(NWC)
OF A.Jones(SRS) V.Wells(BSP)
OF J.Edmonds(LWD) C.Patterson(OOP)
OF M.Cameron(NWC) A.Pujols(HAP)

C J.Lopez(BBD) J.Posada(PPS)
1B C.Delgado(NBS) K.Millar(AFS)
2B B.Boone(NWC) R.Durham(MOC)
3B B.Mueller(AFS) T.Glaus(LWD)
SS J.Lugo(BBD) A.Berroa(KAC)
LF G.Anderson(DDP) L.Berkman(PPS)
CF V.Wells(BSP) P.Wilson(PSC)
RF G.Sheffield(KAC) S.Sosa(BSP)

L.Carter(KBP) 18
J.Julio(SRS) 18
E.Gagne(JJD) 15
D.Riske(HAP) 15
M.Rivera(KAC) 11



CBA News #8 : Whats goin on around the CBA?
by Wass (15/05/2004 at 02h03)

After 1 month CBA is off to a solid start. Trades are open, and usage is a concern with the 100% only rule. Nonetheless, There are great pennant races and it seems parity among most teams. All the conference top spots seem up for grabs.
Lets take a look around CBA...

The Dawson is led by the Mighty Wendigo of Limoilou Quebec. Perrenial powerhouse, the Wendigo have a balnced attack. The Brawlers of Belfast led by John Adams have kept it real close trailing by only 2. Edmonds 9 HR pace the Wendigo, while Javy Lopez makes his MVP run for the Brawlers. Joliet played a very tough series vs Longue Pointe. LP finally got untracked taking 2 wins in exciting fashion against rival Joliet. SD brings up the rear of the conference.

The Surprising Wantagh Woodsmen take a 15-9 record into the next block. In first place the Woodsmen's clutch performances have been the key. They hold a game and half lead over the charging Neah team. KC is 2 1/2 out, and The Stars are 3 1/2, and very much in the hunt. This could be the most interesting race thus far. A few key moves could wind up being the difference in this race...

Over in Schmidt DH conference, check out the RedSox of Stirling Canada. Off to their best start ever, Trader Wayne McGee's team may finally reach their long awaited spot in the CBA playoffs if things keep going their way. A 4 game lead over the Bombers who took 2 of 3 from the Superbas this week, Stirling has terrific pitching led by Rolaids relief contender Julio, and alot of offense to to be the #1 team in CBA for overall record. Andruuw Jones is off to an all star strat for the Sox. Delgado, Bonds and ramirez are keeping NY Bombers in the mix as well. This is far from over, but others in the division should watch out for that Sox magic.

The Parker is seeing 5 games separate all 5 teams. it is all up for grabs. Last week Brooklyn was solid winning 5 but this week they lost 5 to go to 13-10. The Durango Dirtbags have been red hot taking over the top spot desrtoying Brooklyn, and Alamo on their roll. Garrett Anderson has been unstoppable with a 400+ avg 10 HR and a league leading 12 2 baggers. Vernon Wells has led Brooklyn with a 387 avg 11 HR and a league leading 32 RBI's following Vidro Rodriguez and Helton in the lineup.
Ottaw is within striking distance, and needs a good week this block to keep in line with the other two. Kilgore has slipped a bit dropping their last 2 blocks and falling 5 back. The Aeros and the Bashers are tied for the bottom but still right in the thick of things ina well balanced division. A good block puts both teams right into the mix....



Newsletter #9
by Office (31/05/2004 at 02h03)

Hello GM's. Block 6 is now over and the races are still very much up for grabs. Teams are all bunched up and within range except for the lowly Surf and underachieving Royals. Keep up the good work guys, everything has been running smoothly with files and imports of CM's.
Regretfully CBA has decided to relieve GM of San Diego franchise Joe Wallace of the Surf. Joe has been unable to fufil his commitment and timely responsibilty to CBA for long periods and it was determined to conduct interviews for a new manager. We are currently interviewing potential candidates while HAL runs the team. SD trades are on freeze for now. We expect a manager shortly.
The website is updated. If you see any discrepancies please report them to cba office address.
Surprisingly no trades to report this block, but the rumour mills are churning. Report trades to CBA office as well for approval. Files were sent for block 7. Get CM's in using only these files since league structure has changed with 2 trades made.
Have fun...

by League Office (02/06/2004 at 23h50)

League News:

3 trades to report this week.
Longue Pointe sends Craig Wilson to Brooklyn in exchange for Tino Martinez, Einar Diaz, and Craig Monroe.

Longue pointe then sends Urbina, Biggio, and Daubach to Wantagh for CC Sabathia, Tino Perez.

Philly sends Luis Gonzalez and Sidney Ponson to Wantagh for Johnny Estrada, carl Crawford, and Mike Maroth.

Report all trades to CBA office.

In GM news, an infraction has been given to San Diego franchise GM Joe Wallace due to untimely correspondence. This is a first infraction.

If there are any volunteers who wish to play a team in the 8th annual CBA Allstar game, or who would be willing to coordinate voting, please E mail the main list with your intentions. We'd like to see the alllstar game be played after game 84 or 87 in the schedule or about June 22nd-25th on the CBA schedule



Newsletter 10
by (13/06/2004 at 02h11)

CBA Newsletter #10

The season is starting to shape. Some teams are rising and some are fading away a bit. Surprisingly few trades so far with so little separating teams going for playoffs and Wildcards. Brooklyn has been on a red hot roll winning last 11. The Superbas have gotten some good pitching which is uncharacteristic for Coors filed based teams. The bats are there, but can the pitching hold up? Durango trails by a bit but starting to play some good ball. The battle between Stirling and NY is tremendous. Stirling has the advantage as we speak but NY is right there. There is drop back to Alamo and the surprising Portland team. Both can make a run for the wildcard...
In Dawson just look at the Belfast Brawlers. Taking the lead, they have a 1 game lead over the surging Loggers of Longue Pointe. LP has made a few moves to shore up their team for this year (and Next). The Limoilou Wendigo are slumping but expoect a rebound as their regulars are resting a bit for the usage restrictions. You can bet the team with the depth will be making a run....Neah and the Wantagh Woodsdmen are dueling as well. The Woodsmen added a big bat in Luis Gonzalez and a closer in Urbina who have both paid immediate dividends. Expect those two to battle all year. Neah looks quite strong this season, the Woodsmen better watch out...

In other news around the CBA...Juan Pierre has been torrid lately. He leads the CBA in average and has been stealing bases lately like wildfire. He is at .413 right now. Has anyone noticed that Barry Bonds (NY) and Javy Lopez (Belfast) are battling for the CBA triple Crown? Both men are absolutely tearing it up this year running away with MVP points. Both are in the top of BA, HR, RBI...No one has done the tifecta in CBA history though the immortal Albert "I punched your mama last nite" Belle finished #1 in HR RBI and 3rd in avg in '97.... AJ Pierzynski of Joliet is riding a 24 game hitting streak. The CBA record is 33 by Al Martin (Bklyn) in '00...
Kilgore has been slipping but Jeff Bagwells stock is rising. Bagwell has brought his HR total up to 18...Nomar Garciavega and Brian Jordan have led the Longue Pointe surge with great hitting...Nomar is quietly putting up MVP type numbers...Portland's Mark Prior has been awesome and is running for Cy Young award. He is most responsible for Portland's push towards 500...Can you believe that Mike Maroth recently traded to Philly, picked up a 10 inning win? Whats so unusual about that? He gave up 20 hits and 10 Er in the win...Stirling is off to its best start ever. Could Trader Wayne reach CBA playoffs for first time ever? Stirling's Julio has 13 saves as does Kilgore's Lance (rev lefty) Carter. He has figured in 65% of Kilgores victories... What has happened to Montreal? The team who many thought would contend for the pennant has slipped to bottom of CBA...
For some fun, Here are the power rankings thus far. These are just opinion not official. They are based on factors as standings, schedule, head to head competition, player card performance, and usage issues...
1. Brooklyn
2. Stirling (Head to head won by Bklyn)
3. NY
4. Neah Bay
5. Belfast
6. Wantagh
7. Limoilou
8 Longue Pointe
9. Durango
10 KC

Don't forget to adjust your CM's for interleague play. If you dont figure for DH, Hal will decide for you. You may change your rotations, recall players, and even send in two CM's, one for each series in block 9. Good Luck


Newsletter #11
by (03/07/2004 at 01h08)

Wantagh destroyed Stirling 15-5 to win their series. Kelly Wunsch set a CBA record with 12 walks in 3.2 innings. Stirling bounced back with a 2-1 series win vs hot Alamo. Alamo saslvaging g3 with an 11 run outburst against Eaton and Wunsch again. Wunsch was destroyed for stirling the whole block...
Longue Point's Timo Perez hit PH GSHR to win a game, and series vs Wantagh in extra innings. Wantagh has dropped to 7 games out losing a couple of heartbreakers on the way...Belfast picks up the pace keeping the Loggers and Wendigo at bay. Belfast JD Adams has managed to juggle his lineups and keep the Brawlers leading the pack...Brooklyn drops their series with Houston 2-1. Brooklyn's surprising p[itching starting to feel the effects the last two blocks. Brooklyn regains a series win over NY 2-1. Houston is now 7 games back and Durango 9. Bagwell hits a ton in the block proving a nice pick up for the Brooklyn Bad Boys....Kilgore beat the Surfers 2-1 in their series. Kilgore and SD have been struggling this year. With Bagwell gone Kilgore has to struggle for runs. Burnitz has slowed a bit after a hot start. SD, well theres always next year...Philly takes NY in their series with some decent play. NY struggles this block despite a 14-0 opening game win vs Philly...Durango hangs in with a sweep over the Otters. The Dirty Ones scored 4 times in the bottom of the 9th g3 to get series sweep...Neah made short work of struggling KC with a 3 game swep. Look for KC to move some players and start a small rebuild...

A few trades to note

Brooklyn added Jeff Bagwell and Chris Gomez to their roster. Kilgore gets upcoming Lyle Overbay and Roger Cedeno. Wantagh has added more bullpen help with reverse righty Brian Boehringer. Stirling made two big trades first with Durango. The Dirtbags get Mike Young, Cory Lidle, David Bell and a #4 draft choice, while the Sox get starter Matt Morris and 3B Eric Chavez. A big trade that helps both teams... Trader Wayne wasn't quite done yet. Longue Pointe strengthens their starting rotation by adding Stirling's Greg Maddux, and
CBA leading closer Jorge Julio. The RedSox get Mark Bellhorn, Guillermo Mota, and a #4(LLD) in 2005. Mota could be the big bullpen guy Stirling needs to keep them atop CBA.

Newsletter #12
by (03/07/2004 at 01h09)

Wantagh destroyed Stirling 15-5 to win their series. Kelly Wunsch set a CBA record with 12 walks in 3.2 innings. Stirling bounced back with a 2-1 series win vs hot Alamo. Alamo saslvaging g3 with an 11 run outburst against Eaton and Wunsch again. Wunsch was destroyed for stirling the whole block...
Longue Point's Timo Perez hit PH GSHR to win a game, and series vs Wantagh in extra innings. Wantagh has dropped to 7 games out losing a couple of heartbreakers on the way...Belfast picks up the pace keeping the Loggers and Wendigo at bay. Belfast JD Adams has managed to juggle his lineups and keep the Brawlers leading the pack...Brooklyn drops their series with Houston 2-1. Brooklyn's surprising p[itching starting to feel the effects the last two blocks. Nrooklyn regains a series win over NY 2-1. Houston is now 7 games back and Durango 9. Bagwell hits a ton in the block proving a nice pick up for the Brooklyn Bad Boys....Kilgore beat the Surfers 2-1 in their series. Kilgore and SD have been struggling this year. With Bagwell gone Kilgore has to struggle for runs. Burnitz has slowed a bit after a hot start. SD, well theres always next year...Philly takes NY in their series with some decent play. NY struggles this block despite a 14-0 opening game win vs Philly...Durango hangs in with a sweep over the Otters. The Dirty Ones scored 4 times in the bottom of the 9th g3 to get series sweep...Neah made short work of struggling KC with a 3 game swep. Look for KC to move some players and start a small rebuild...

A few trades to note

Brooklyn added Jeff Bagwell and Chris Gomez to their roster. Kilgore gets upcoming Lyle Overbay and Roger Cedeno. Wantagh has added more bullpen help with reverse righty Brian Boehringer. Stirling made two big trades first with Durango. The Dirtbags get Mike Young, Cory Lidle, David Bell and a #4 draft choice, while the Sox get starter Matt Morris and 3B Eric Chavez. A big trade that helps both teams... Trader Wayne wasn't quite done yet. Longue Pointe strengthens their starting rotation by adding Stirling's Greg Maddux, and
CBA leading closer Jorge Julio. The RedSox get Mark Bellhorn, Guillermo Mota, and a #4(LLD) in 2005. Mota could be the big bullpen guy Stirling needs to keep them atop CBA.



Brooklyn Luvs their Wacky Superbas....
by Joe Slats (29/06/2004 at 03h39)

In 1997 the city of Brooklyn was awarded a franchise by the fledgling Cyber Baseball Association. A league better known in the Strat-o-sphere as C.B.A.
Quickly a civic commision ("Baseball Back in Bklyn") was appointed by Borough President Mike DelPritito to oversee and build a new stadium known as "The House of Pain" to the same specifications as Colorado's Coors Field. It went up quickly in Brooklyn's midsection in a place called Prospect Park. Based on an old Olmstead and Vaux design, the area was beautiful yet not efficient for the increased traffic flow. As result the trains were packed, and traffic stopped.
The Superbas stopped too. They stopped pitching in their inaugural year. Though they did hit at the House of Pain, leading the league with a .284 BA. But the rest of the season, well...not s'good.... A former CBA member once said "Superbas" means 'great underwear' in French. The Superbas were as pathetic as a dried skidmark committing 143 errors and amasing a league worst 5.18 ERA. Those numbers were good enough to snatch defeat 97 times from the jaws of victory and a pathetic last place finish. Through the stench of the 97 season, "The House of Pain" rocked every night!..... and still it rocks on into 2004.....

This season, the city fixed its traffic mess around Grand Army Plaza and Prospect Park. At the same time fixing the subway snarl and logjams by finalizing and building a long awaited "Superba Hovercraft" and "KiteTrain" fan mover transport system. Able to move crowds from the outer fringes of Midwood, Bensonhurst, and New Lots to Flatbush has eased traffic and brought big business to the middle Brooklyn stadium area.

Brooklyn fans such as Broog Tylobow, Vito DelaChien, and Eric Lindner still love their fun and maniacal team. Years before They came out en masse to watch such former original Brooklyn Superbas such as Albert Belle, Lance Johnson, Jeff Frye, Butch Huskey, Felipe Lira, Paul Sorrento, and the legendary Peoples cherce Mel Rojas battle teams such as the SunJewels, Canadian River, Hootersville, The MobSquad, Parma Flamingoes, and the beloved Southwest Sun Lizards. Nowadays 'dem SuPoib's take on teams such as the Durango Dirtbags, Belfast Brawlers, Houston Aero's, NY Bombers and the Neah Bay Whalers. Fans now however are seeing a better brand of winning ball played by characters who remind oldtimers of the fabled GasHouse Gang clubs. Look at some of the 'colorful' players on the Brooklyn Bums team.

Todd "The Mod" Helton a surefire CBA HOFer, Todd has adopted a fake British Accent (like Johnny Depp). He flits around the clubhouse and enjoys entertaining repoters by portraying Bill Cosby acting as a British spy. It is quite bizzare say some reporters but teammates dont mind as long as he keeps hitting they report.

Ivan Rodriguez always keeps a dish of caviar and oil in his locker. Like a form of aroma therapy it helps this potential all star catcher achieve his best emotional state before games.

Roy Halliday often helps local police chase down local wiseguys on off days. He often has been said to chase an occassional fire engine or two.

Adam Everett Another strange case. Suffering from some form of paranoia, Everett is constantly comparing himself to Carl Everett much to his own consternation.

Rey Ordonez an original Superba (Ventura, Nomo, Sosa are others) Has embraced technology. Last years attempt to Implant a GPS tracking device in his body to help him find himself at the plate was supposed to work wonders. However it backfired and Rey-Oh-No was sent to the DL with a staph infection caused by the foreign device. Oh no Rey-Oh.

Robin Ventura Lost his 3B job vs Lefties to the slugging Juan "In-fidel" Castro. The slump and humilation grew worse with each series. So what did the do? He simply went up in a game against KC A's lefthander with his bat held upside down by the barrell. He actually lashed a single to left splintering the bat before a laughing Brooklyn dugout.

Jay Payton His spot in LF is known on the Brooklyn streets as "Payton's Place" Always refers to himself in the third person.

Generalismo Oscar Villareal The brutal dictator of the bullpen likens himself to dictators such as Somoza, Trujillo, Noriega, Evita Peron, Wally Cox, and Captain Kangaroo. He has a different pitch for each dictatorial mood swing he encounters on the mound. Quite an entertaining reliever to watch.

Jason Kirschner The teams musician often found by Bklyn's Sheepshead Bay listening to the rock bands. Rumoured to be looking to produce an hour long rock concert show on NBC Saturday night......

Jose Vidro quite a hit with the female fans at The House that Bournigal built. Many a young fan look up to him.

And perhaps the liveliest personality in dugout, the Wacky Hideo Nomo. Ever the source of fun and target of jokes, The Japanese pitcher is so popular in Brooklyn that they made a doll/action figure of him.
The doll retails for a buck 99 at Gas stations everywhere. It's dual purpose as a toy and lighter fluid cannister has caused quite a sensation in schoolyards around the city. Says Bklyn fan Lenny Leotardo "...The toy imitates life so well. Ain't it just like Nomo too? You can definitely put fuel on the fire with this toy just like my hero..."

Newsletter #15
by League Office (21/07/2004 at 01h33)

To be precise in the simulation, It is important that procedure be correct. All files and exports are backed up procedurally. While proving the stats at block end, I noticed where a certain teams record did not coincide with the standings. Therefore games had to be replayed causing the delay in results posting. In the replay, indeed a certain teams CM did not import correctly causing a difference in his teams performance and strategy. To be fair to my GM I have elected to replay his two series upon his humble request.
It is not something I generally want done in this league, nor wish to do again. But more important is the integrity of the CBA file, and fair gamesmanship. Please use the attached files for your next CM.

KC A's Doug Mirabelli usage has expired and gone over limit. The player will be demoted for season's remainder. Mike Johnson announced his retirement effective immediately from CBA due to time constraints. We really enjoyed having Mike with us for the past few years. He is a class gentleman, and was an astute Gm in past seasons with the KC franchise. We welcome Rich Schneider
(Mr to CBA who will take upon the reigns of the KC A's franchise.
Rich comes to us with experience, success, and enthusiasm and loves to trade and build franchises to contender status. I am very pleased to bring him into our league.
Until he is added to the list please attach his e mail address on any league correspondence.


Newsletter 16
by League Office (22/07/2004 at 17h02)

Lets welcome Jeff Goldberg to the CBA. He will assume responsibilties for the Durango Franchise. Mr Flory has asked to step aside due to personal time constraints. Jeff will take the Durango reigns right away, and is available for trade talks and discussions. Jeff Goldberg ( comes to us with enthusiasm and a solid commitment to run his franchise. We also welcome Rich Schneider ( who assumes the previously stagnant KC A's franchise. Rich is also available immediately for trade talks.

CBA also announces the formation of 3 new committee positions added to the league structure. Efffective immediately, Cory Light will assume responsibilities of the Clemente League Presidency. Jim Correll will assume leadership of the Staub Conference. As executive committee members, they will be responsible for issues regarding league management and game play. They will submit reports intermitently regarding usage and other issues. If you have questions regarding league play, and information they may also be able to assist you.

CBA also announces the appointment of committee consultant Dennis Concepcion to the committee structure. Dennis brings a wealth of Baseball experience and enthusiasm to CBA. He will assist the league office with clerical matters and will be organizing the 2004 All Star game.

As always the CBA has other GM's who though not officially committee members are of great assistance and value to the league management and structure. I'd like to take time to thank veteran GM's Wayne McGee, Jeff Boutin, Malachi Nellum for their insight and continued assistance.


Hardcore CBA Stats
by League Office (25/07/2004 at 05h34)

Worst Clutch Hitters (Clutch Outs)
Kenny Lofton DDP 6

Luis Matos LWD 5

Angel Berroa KAC 5

Best Clutch Hitters (Most Clutch hits)
Jack Wilson WWC 4

Preston Wilson PSC 3

Ivan Rodriguez BSP 3

Miguel Cabrera SRS 3

Squeeze Play attempts
Julio Lugo BBD 3 of 4

Cristian Guzman LWD 2

Mark GrudzielanekASC 2

Mark Loretta KAC 2

Carlos Guillen ASC 2

Paul Lo Duca AFS 2

Most runner advances
Juan Pierre AFS 22

Luis Castillo NBS 19

Alex Rodriguez HAP 15

Jose Cruz Jr KBP 15

Chipper Jones JJD 15

Ichiro Suzuki LLD 15

Ray Durham MOC 14

Scott Podsednik JJD 14

Julio Lugo BBD 14

Vernon Wells BSP 14

Best with Bases loaded (hits)
Jay Payton BSP 7

Michael Young KBP 7

Javy Lopez BBD 7

Frank CatalanottoAFS 6

Angel Berroa KAC 6

Clutch Int Walk (Who HAL gives respect in tight spots)
Shannon Stewart LWD 12

Albert Pujols HAP 12

Scott Podsednik JJD 11

Javy Lopez BBD 11

Jim Edmonds LWD 9

Jeff Kent LWD 9

Clutch RBI's
Manny Ramirez NBS 34

Javy Lopez BBD 28

Shawn Green SRS 24

Carlos D'lgado NBS 23

Vernon Wells BSP 22

Rich Hidalgo ASC 20

Jason Giambi KAC 20

Kevin Millar AFS 20

Jeff Bagwell BSP 20

Nomar G'parra LLD 19

Sammy Sosa BSP 19

Pinch hitters G AB PHAB PH PH Avg.
M.Ryan BBD 50 60 36 13 .361

J.VanderWal MOC 46 59 23 9 .391

F.Thoma ASC 64 124 34 9 .265

J.Snow BBD 29 24 21 8 .381

S.Spiezio KAC 48 78 29 8 .276


Grounball pitchers DP GndBalls
J.Santana PSC 17 148

N.Cornejo SSD 16 236

R.Halladay BSP 15 25
B.Colon KAC 15 227

K.Wells NBS 15 191

Most Flyballs
R.Ortiz MOC 205

B.Sheets NWC 200

K.Millwood MOC 200

J.Vazquez NBS 189

C.Vargas LWD 183

M.Maroth PPS 179

J.Pineiro PSC 178

J.Seo BBD 178


Block 16 17 news
by (21/08/2004 at 15h32)


The games of block 16 and 17 are in the books. I expect to write up a review shortly. Instead of Individual E mails of boxes, they will be posted to the website soon as we can. We'll let you know when they are up.
Some great races for the wild card, and the Dawson has really been neck and neck. A friendly reminder that Usage is rapidly becoming a problem for some teams. There are some penalties which are going to be meted out for overusage already, no exceptions. I will announce these in the next newsletter. The files are attached to this e mail. Please get your CM's in as soon as possible, as I'd like to play two blocks again this week to help catch up on the schedule. I also want to play these earlier than usual this week. Perhaps by Tuesday this week only. You may send multiple CM's for different teams or strategies. I will use them if sent with instructions.
Another reminder. Some teams did not set their rotations and lineups properly after sending down their players causing some pitchers to be used with improper rest and lineups to have holes in them vs Reverse pitchers. CBA will not tolerate improper rotational rest due to this. Consider this a warning. Penalties will certainly follow in the next blocks. It is your responsibilty to ensure adjustments on your preprogrammed starter schedule to maintain rest and rotational integrity. You may as always adjust your rotation schedule as needed within guidelines. Please announce your recalls and demotions on your E mail. The CM/Demotions should be sent to the main CBA list. Happy gaming...


As the race progresses...
by (17/09/2004 at 05h37)

CBA Notes: Albert Pujols in block 21 had a 10 RBI game. Check out his boxes on the web. Races are shifting quickly. Stirling once atop CBA Schmidt firmly, has slowed a touch, while Alamo had risin. As had NY however, both teams have usage concerns. It may come down in this division to best bench each is 3 1/2. Must win series ahead for both. Sneaking into the race is surprise! Portland red-hot after shellacking Brooklyn and now Alamo the SeaDoogs are playing CBA's best ball. They can make lots of noise if they finish this block with a series win. They Brooklyn again at home away from the Coors "House of Pain". Portland is only 6 back of Stirling and 2 1/2 behind NY & Alamo...Houston has moved up on Brooklyn and is 8.5 out. They are looking like a solid wildcard candidate more and more. Quietly one of CBA's better teams. Ottawa and Kilgore are both scrapping to stay out of the dreaded last place...Wantagh has come back down to Earth, losing some close games and fallen to the edge of the Wildcard scramble...Longue Pointe and Belfast are starting to fall as Limoilou has taken a strong lead, but hark! There is light. The Wendigo' big boppers and key players are very overused meaning the bench could be in the games for long stretches of the final month...

Newsletter 23
by CBA (20/09/2004 at 22h47)

As per sec 5 and 9 of CBA constitution:

After August 31 (according to the CBA schedule), no further trade will be recorded until the end of the season. The Scrub pick up (free agents) wire will be effective directly after that point in the schedule as per our constitution. As soon as files are released from that block (26). On our Strat schedule block 26 ends with games played Sept 1st on the CBA schedule. When the files are released, Free agent requests may be submitted to CBA_Office in order of preference. In cases of players being selected by two or more teams, preferences will be given to team with lowest winning pct the previous season (2003).

A Free Agent is quite different than a waiver acquisition. Waiver wire players become permanent team members eligible for all post season, yet FA's are not.
A waiver player is one who is cut by a team when a trade puts that team over the alloted maximum of players on roster. A free Agent is acquired only after trade deadline.

So gentlemen get your trades going if you can not meet usage as Ive warned all season. Penalties are very harsh for overusage as some have found already.


Newsletter 27
by (09/10/2004 at 03h08)

Had nearly full participation last week, with most guys tweaking their teams and eligibles for the pennant drive to CBA World Series #8. The front runners seem to be Neah Bay, Brooklyn, Stirling, NY followed by strong division rivals Limoilou and Longue Pointe...
Terrific meaningful series thuis week with the recent trades and moves making some impact. Durango's newly acquired Craig Wilson helped put The "DDP Express" to some wins. His huge 4-5 7 RBI day helped Durango's slim wildcard hopes stay alive....
Stirling got some great help from Kent Mercker staying barely above the on rushing NY Bombers in the Schmidt...Joe Recigno has quietly managed the NY Bombers back to the top. CBA's best record last year, the Bombers off to a slow start, have pitched and won series after series. Now a seemingly insurmountable lead by Wayne McGee's Stirling team is down to 1 game...
Brooklyn cruising right along with their deadly lineup, ran into Ottawa who played great ball dfeating them in their series. Jack Jung's team lit up the suspect Brooklyn pitching, nailing Nomo for 10 runs in G2. Brooklyn's Vernon Wells knocked in his 141st run on Aug 26th on the schedule. He has been hovering around the triple crown range for most the season. He Helton, Bagwell, and Sosa have provided tremendous run production at the House of Pain (Coors)....
Houston though behind Brooklyn right now previously pulled within 6 games. With the magic # for the Superbas at 10, it's likely they have the division wrapped up. Houston is in position for a wildcard in Clemente. This could possibly be the big story of the year folks. Chris thomas' team was in deadlst at this time last year seemingly rebuilding for the future. Lucky Stars above as Alex Rodriguez was drafted, Loaiza turned to gold, and Pujols put the team on his back. Thomas could be the rags to riches story in CBA this year.
Neah despite tough losses is firmly entrenched in the Carter as Wantagh, now KC fight for wildcard spots.
KC what a story being written here. High hopes at the beggining of the season faded quickly. An early trade for Kevin Brown along with Bartolo, and Woody had their former manager tearing his hair out. Manager Rick Schneider has managed to pull that team into position for a playoff wild card spot. Amazing what what a few CM changes can do for a struggling team...
But the story of the week has to be the battle for Dawson. The surprising Loggers of Longue Pointe have tied the mighty Wendingos of Quebec (Limoilou). The Kansas City A's had a direct impact sweeping the Wendingo with awesome pitching. So good were the A's that the terrific Wendigo offense was vbasically nullified. This allowed the well playing Loggers to take a few bites out of the Wendigos annual divisional lead. Not used to being out of first place, the Wendigo and LP will be interesting to watch as the Limoilou bench has to play a key roll. Thome has hit his 50th of the year leading CBA. LP will see a more favorable schedule next block vs last place Montreal and San Diego so Jeff Boutin's work will be cut out for him... The runner up in the Dawson race should be in good position to nail a wildcard spot...Belfast only 7 back could make things interesting in their race for the wild card...Losing a series to rival Longue Pointe has hurt a bit, but dont ever count out Mr Adams...Javy Lopez leads CBA with a 358 avg and is 2nd in HR with 49. His 122 RBI's are well behind leader Vernon Wells of Brooklyn but he is a strong MVP candidate...Neah Bay has 3 pitchers in the top 5 in ERA. Martinez, Hudson, and David Wells having great years...Philly's Carl Crawford and Alamo's Juan Pierre are fighting for the SB crown. Crawford's amazing 75 lead Pierre by 4...Bonds 1.728 total average could set a CBA record...SD has become a pain in the ass. The Surfers have been playing spoiler role and giving really rough rides to teams of late. Just ask AJ Cusumano, whose Wantagh Woosmen have fallen out of a wildcard spot. Relinquishing it to KC for the time being. The Woodsies have had Luis Gonzalez go absolutely nuts this month. He now is hitting .354...

"A Dark Day In Baseball History"
by Dennis Concepcion (30/09/2004 at 17h32)

A truly dark day in baseball history, and for quite a few present & former members of the CBA as well.

Today's announcement of the Montreal Expos final demise and evolution into the THIRD attempt at a Washington, D.C. franchise is the climax to a surreal, inexorable, and completely confounding ten-year tailspin on, as befitting the irony of the Expos' history, their absolutely final home game featuring a tribute to their 1994 almost-pennant winners, the very last team of contending caliber.

It began with so much promise back in 1969, otherwise known around these NYC parts as the Year of the Mets, when the Expos played their very first game at Shea Stadium and beat the Miracle Mets, becoming the first (and for the next seven seasons, the only) Canadian baseball team in the major leagues.

The Expos had so much going for them, even when they held up the rest of the National League East: Colorful uniforms that were not as garish as the Oakland A's, those tri-colored hats with that M-shaped squiggle logo (to which people even today try to figure out what it means..), players like Rusty Staub, Maury Wills, & the late Mack Jones. They had arms like Carl Morton, Steve Renko, and Bill Stoneman who threw a no-hitter when their inaugural season had not even been a month old! They played in a postage-stamp sized ballpark with shiny, single-deck seating, a bi-lingual scoreboard with some of the funniest animations, an equally bi-lingual PA announcer who made player intros poetry in 2 languages, and even a swimming pool beyond right field (take THAT, McCovey Cove and Bank One Ballpark! Parc Jarry had a Splash Zone before the architects who built you were even born!).

And they had FANS! They were an enthusiastic lot of all ages who spun the Parc Jarry turnstiles by the millions. Encouraged by that support, they had an ownership structure that would establish a scouting network that would provide the next generation of Expos in short order: Carter, Cromartie, Rogers, Dawson, Gullickson, D. Martinez. Back then, these rookies came, stayed and prospered.

I'll leave it to the baseball historians to sift the evidence of where it all went wrong. Its just that I find it infuriating that MLB in their infinite wisdom-vacuum would want to relocate a financialy troubled franchise and place them within spitting distance (35 miles) of another major league franchise and expect it to do well. Let's see how long this incarnation of Washington baseball will survive. The first one was from 1900-1960, the second from 1961 until 1971.

Of course, a new nickname must be found. It has to be something that would provide instant recognition, reflect the identity of the city, and be both unique and obvious. My personal choice would be the Marion Barry Crackheads, named after their most colorful once (and possibly future) leader, and also in tribute to the airheads at MLB who made this decision.

Seriously, it is with a sad heart that I write this commemorative of the Expos passing. The rivalry between the Mets and the Expos, while not exactly of the Yankees/Red Sox intensity, was very heated. In addition, there were scores of notable players that were both Mets& Expos: Staub, Swododa, Reardon, Milner, Singleton, Jorgensen, Foli, Marshall, Torrez, Brooks, Valentine, Carter.

The list of historical Mets/Expos confrontations, from their major league debut, their 1981 Divisional title clincher (ask Marc about his memories of that one) will have its climax this weekend, when the Montreal Expos play their final 3 games ever at the place where it all began in 1969... Shea Stadium.

I'll be there as an Expos fan, and a CBA member paying my last respects (like Gerald & Claude) to say, "Thanks, Expos.. avec le grand regret, au revoir Nos Amours."


Newsletter 21: Hard to find CBA stats
by Marc Wass (08/09/2004 at 15h34)

Steals of 3rd base
Soriano JJD 8
Podsednik JJD 6
Berroa KAC 5
Lee JJD 4
Finley KAC 4

Most pitches seen
Thome LWD 2164
Suzuki LLD 2156
Lee JJD 2152
Stewart LWD 2139
Huff BBD . 2139
Hidalgo ASC . 2114
Furcal NWC 2099
Loretta KAC 2087

Pinch HR's
Vander Wal MOC 3
Michaels LWD . 3
Ryan BBD 3
Snow BBD 2
Cuddyer SSD 2
Mackowiak LLD 2
Freel JJD 2
Kearns WWC 2
Munson WWC 2
Thomas ASC 2
Sexson LLD 2
Giambi KAC 2

Pinch Hits
Snow BBD 13
Vander Wal MOC 13
Ryan BBD 13
Mench BBD 9
Sexson LLD 9
Michaels LWD 9
Spiezio KAC 9
Thomas ASC 9
Kearns WWC 8
Klesko ASC 7
Stynes KAC 7
Eckstein JJD 7
Carroll LWD 7
Mackowiak LLD 7

Clutch PH
Y Torrealba 3

Grand Slams in 2004
Hernandez LWD 2
Edmonds LWD 2

Clutch RBI's
Lee MOC 1
Mondesi MOC 1
Kent LWD 1
Kotsay BBD 1
Berroa KAC 1
Loretta KAC 1
Cameron NWC 1
Thome LWD 1
Lee JJD 1
Boone WWC 1
Boone NWC 1
Johnson NWC 1

Clutch RBI
Lopez BBD 34
Giambi KAC 31
Garciaparra LLD 27
Huff BBD 26
Thome LWD 25
Edmonds LWD 25
Hidalgo ASC 24
Sheffield KAC 23
Mondesi MOC 23
Wilson WWC 22
Nixon BBD 22
Boone NWC 22

Clutch HR
Lopez BBD 9
Giambi KAC 8
Sheffield KAC 6
Nixon BBD 5
Mondesi MOC 5
Johnson NWC 5
Edmonds LWD 4
Boone NWC 4
Klesko ASC 4
Ordonez WWC 4
Palmeiro MOC 4
Hidalgo ASC 4
Huff BBD 4
Garciaparra LLD 4
Lowell NWC 4
Jordan LLD 4
Berroa KAC 4
Sexson LLD 3
Conine MOC 3
Thome LWD 3
Soriano JJD 3
Wilson WWC 3

Highest Lead off spot in order On base % with 300 or more AB...
A.Soriano Joliet Jackhammers (JJD) .348 311 Ab
M.Young Durango Dirtbags (DDP).261 399
B.Wilkerson Kilgore Bashers (KBP) .077 353

Ranking of top Cleanup hitters {#4} HR Clutch HR RBI OBA+SLG
J.Lopez BBD Belfast Brawlers (BBD) 43 9 111 1.183
J.Giambi KAC Kansas City A's (KAC) 31 8 69 1.033
J.Edmonds LWD Limoilou Wendigo (LWD) 28 4 82 1.060
A.Rodriguez HAP Houston Aeros (HAP) 26 7 72 .983
R.Klesko ASC Acadie Stars (ASC) 20 4 46 .846
C.Jones JJD Joliet Jackhammers (JJD) 17 0 67 .887
F.Thomas ASC Acadie Stars (ASC) 16 1 32 .931
R.Palmeiro MOC Montreal Royals (MOC) 16 4 41 .919
M.Ramirez NBS New York Bombers (NBS) 15 10 62 .942
D.Ortiz OOP Ottawa Otters (OOP) 15 6 39 1.050
G.Jenkins PSC Portland Sea Dogs (PSC) 15 3 42 1.022
L.Gonzalez WWC Wantagh Woodsmen 14 3 57 .985
R.Sexson LLD Longue Pointe Loggers (LLD) 14 3 45 .918

Right Field Assists
R.Hidalgo ASC Acadie Stars (ASC) 14
V.Guerrero OOP Ottawa Otters (OOP) 13
S.Green SRS Stirling Redsox (SRS) 11
M.Ordonez WWC Wantagh Woodsman (WWC) 11
T.Nixon BBD Belfast Brawlers (BBD) 10
B.Abreu SSD San Diego Surf (SSD) 10
S.Sosa BSP Brooklyn Superbas (BSP) 9
G.Sheffield KAC Kansas City A's (KAC) 8
A.Guiel HAP Houston Aeros (HAP) 8

Centerfield Assists
J.Encarnacion SSD San Diego Surf (SSD) 15
M.Bradley NBS New York Bombers (NBS) 14
A.Jones SRS Stirling Redsox (SRS) 13
C.Beltran MOC Montreal Royals (MOC) 13
S.Podsednik JJD Joliet Jackhammers (JJD)12
S.Finley KAC Kansas City A's (KAC) 12
J.Cruz Jr KBP Kilgore Bashers (KBP) 12
R.Baldelli HAP Houston Aeros (HAP) 12
R.Johnson OOP Ottawa Otters (OOP) 10
K.Lofton DDP Durango Dirtbags (DDP) 10

Leftfield Assists
R.Sanders BBD Belfast Brawlers (BBD) 12
J.Payton BSP Brooklyn Superbas (BSP) 11
P.Burrell SSD San Diego Surf (SSD) 10
M.Ramirez NBS New York Bombers (NBS) 10
F.Catalanotto AFS Alamo City Flames (AFS) 8
J.Burnitz KBP Kilgore Bashers (KBP) 8
R.Winn KAC Kansas City A's (KAC) 6
L.Berkman PPS Philly Phantastics (PPS) 5
S.Stewart LWD Limoilou Wendigo (LWD) 5
G.Jenkins PSC Portland Sea Dogs (PSC) 5
T.Hunter SRS Stirling Redsox (SRS) 5
C.Floyd OOP Ottawa Otters (OOP) 5

Quality Starts
P.Martinez NWC 17
T.Hudson NWC 16
B.Colon KAC 16
K.Millwood MOC 15
J.Seo BBD 14
B.Sheets NWC 14
M.Prior PSC 14
R.Franklin JJD 13
J.Vazquez NBS 13
T.Ohka ASC 13
S.Shields ASC 13
M.Clement MOC 13
E.Loaiza HAP 13
J.Schmidt LWD 13
M.Batista BBD 13
C.Pavano HAP 13

Pitchers with most balks
J.Lopez HAP 7
J.Halama KAC 6
T.Lilly MOC 4
J.Vazquez NBS 4
B.Colon KAC 4

Pitchers who have thrown most ballpark HR's
E.Loaiza HAP 16
L.Hernandez BSP 14
T.Ohka ASC 12
F.Garcia KBP 12
K.Escobar LLD 11
R.Ortiz MOC 11
B.Webb OOP 10
K.Wood SRS 10
E.Dessens WWC 10

Pitchers Errors
K.Wells NBS 5
T.Glavine NBS 4
J.Cressend BBD 4
C.Bradford KAC 4
O.Villarreal BSP 4
A.Pettitte LLD 4
K.Brown KAC 4

Blown Saves
E.Gagne JJD 8
M.Rivera KAC 8
P.Quantrill OOP 7
B.Kim PPS 7
M.Macdougal PSC 7
D.Riske HAP 7
K.Foulke LWD 7
J.Rincon ASC 6
B.Wagner DDP 6
A.Benitez MOC 6
F.Rodriguez SSD 6

T.Lilly MOC 4
J.Peavy SSD 4
M.Mussina AFS 4
B.Webb OOP 4

Pitches Thrown
B.Webb OOP 3177
J.Vazquez NBS 2899
B.Colon KAC 2874
T.Hudson NWC 2866
E.Loaiza HAP 2851
M.Clement MOC 2842
R.Ortiz MOC 2833


CBA News
by (30/08/2004 at 03h12)

Here we are in the thick of the CBA pennant race for 2004. What a race it is. Anything can happen. Stirling who was it seemed securely in the drivers seat with the CBA's best record a short time ago, has fallen on tough times and havve seen their rivals catch up quickly. In the Dawson, when it seemed as though Belfast and Longue Pointe would run away from Limoilou and Joliet, now theres a 3 way dance again with the mighty Wendigo taking back their spot on top.

Though Brooklyn has opened a huge lead in Parker, the Aeros and Durango are fighting hard for a wildcard spot along with 4 other teams in the Schmidt division. Brooklyn is an interesting story. Last years Clemente champ, Brooklyn offense as in years past is deadly but with a solid defense, and some low HR pitchers in Coors, they have managed to sahve a full run off last years ERA. The bats of IRod, Vidro, and Payton have done some real damage. At the top and bottom of the order. But the addition of Old Jeff Bagwell to MVP candidate Vernon Wells, Todd Helton, and Sammy Sosa has solidified this high OBP % and run producing team. The question is whether their shaky pitching can hold em up.

Durango and Houston have been fighting neck and neck in the Parker. Early this season Durango was fighting Bklyn and in 2nd Place. Now Houston has come along and is sitting ahead of them. As ARod and Pujols go so do the Aeros. Last years worst team has made quite an impact. Chris Thomas clever drafting has made Houston a contender and a team to look out for should they make the playoffs. Durango has used a platooning lineup to get the most out of their squad. With a high avg, and good power the DDP's lineup is well balanced vs L and R. Garrett Anderson has put together a terrific year, and the recent addition of Cory Lidle has paid dividends as the DDP plays towards a possible playoff berth.

Looking East we find the 3 way dance in Dawson as intense as ever. Longue Pointe held the top spot, now its early leader Limoilou back in the saddle. Belfast has spent a good amount of time atop as well. The Brawlers boast a tremendous hitting lineup with 4 20+ HR hitters. Triple crown MVP candidate Javy Lopez is having one of CBA's greatest seasons of all time with a .371 avg 41 HR and 108 RBI. The Belfast pitching staff has been less stellar. A few key moves and this could change. The Loggers have showed that their solid bench depth has been their biggest ally. Resting players has been no setback to Dennis Concepcion's team. LP's bullpen pitching has been great and the new additions solid contributors. Nomar Garciaparra has been putting up great numbers form the 6th spot in the lineup. One can imagine what may happen if Richie Sexson gets untracked. Joliet has been making a push of late playing good ball. Led by Alfonso Soriano, Joliet could make some playoff noise if they go on a hot streak.

If the Dawson has been exciting enough, now the Schmidt is quickly becoming even more intriguing. 4 teams are solidly in the division title hunt. Stirling has a fading 5 game lead, but rising quickly are the Flames, Seas Dogs, and resurging NY Bombers. The Bombers faded away awhile as Barry bionds was inexplicably bench for more than a month. With his return to the lineup, the Bombers had a superb 2 week stretch. Malachi Nellum Alamo City Flames have been playing terrific ball the past month. They have struck the winning formula and are serious contenders for the Wild Card, and now the Schmidt top spot. Just 5 games out, Alamo has been simply outslugging their competition. Juan Pierre is big reason why. He is always on base and is hitting a CBA leading .383. He now has 64 SB and leads CBA far and away his 97 runs are invaluable to the Flames. The Sea Dogs Just may be the toughest team not leading a division. Vastly improved, the SeaDoogs have great power and a stingy pitching staff.. Tejada, Jenkins, and Preston Wilson are socking the ball, and Wilson's 90 RBI's are pacing the team to many wins over the elite teams in CBA. If they make the playoffs, they could be real trouble.

In the Carter Neah Bay still maintains its near double digit lead over Wantagh. Wantagh who had been slipping, had a decent block to maintain pace for a wildcard spot. The Woodsmen lost a few close ones, and seem to be a piece away from serious contention. Bring up the rest of the Carter are the 54-54 A's, Stars, and Royals. The Royals have finally started to hit stride. Before the season a favorite of some to win their division, the Royals started very poorly and seemed out of it. As of late a few adjustments have made Montreal one of CBA's hottest teams. Mondesi and Carlos Lee have shined of late. The A's have gotten great pitching form Bartolo Colon, and of late Kevin Brown to make a rise in their standing. This race could develop quickly....

Newsletter 22:
by CBA (09/09/2004 at 23h43)

The playoffs

Each division winner plus two wild card from each conference make the playoffs. The best division winner will play against the worst wild-card team and the worst division winner against the best wild card team. The winners of the above will play then to determine a conference champion who will face the other conference champion in the World Series.

All series are best of seven and follow a 2-3-2 format with a day off between each change of home team. Divisional winner will always have home advantage in games 1, 2, 6, and 7 against wild card teams. If a tie breaker game is necessary then the teams will be seeded according to Head to Head first, then Run differential second. If there is still a tie between a team then a random draw as set forth by the Commissioner. The highest seeded team will have home field advantage. If there are 3 teams then the highest seeded team will get the Bye.

There is a minimum of 1 off day at the conclusion of a series and may be more depending on how long the series actually runs. There will be an off day between games 2 and 3 and games 5 and 6 in each series. The playoff rotation will be run continuously and will be turned in to the league before each series is to begin.

There will be no injuries during the playoffs. Every staff should enter the playoffs with a rested staff (tiebreaker counting as a regular season game for pitching/batting, but starters usage count as fatigue in playoffs). At the end of the year and prior to the playoff all participating team must submitted his 25 players roster for the playoff.

The Staub League is the home team in 2004, and the Clemente League will host the home team in 2005.

Playoff games will now be primary played by Netplay. If an owner canít play via Netplay he can nominate someone to play his team or ask the league office to find someone to cover for him. If both owner canít play via netplay the commissioner will either autoplay the series or ask two other members of the CBA to play the series via autoplay at his discretion.


CBA Newsletter 29
by Marc Wass (25/10/2004 at 22h23)

Well lookie here. The end is upon us and what could be the best CBA races in many years have taken a final form.

NeahBay as expected has wrapped uop the Carter division, and is tied with Parker chapion Brooklyn for best overall record in CBA. Congrats to both Marc Wasserman and John Skillings for great seasons.
The Schmidt is tied! Both the reigning Schmidt champion NY Bombers and the Stirling RedSox will be battling head to head for the top spot. Both teams play 3 games against each other to start the block. The loser may take 1 wildcard spot. The wildcard contenders are Houston and Alamo.
Wantagh and KC will play each other in a crucial Wildcard contender battle in first part of block 28. It may come down to the best usage management and strategy. Perhaps Netplay can be arranged!

The Dawson divison is still open with the hard charging Brawlers 4 g's behind Longue Pointe who wrested the top spot from the mighty Wendingo who sit 2 games behind for the top spot. Any team in Dawson could take the top spot and a wildcard is not guaranteed for any team there. KC and Wantagh have shots at a wildcard still.

As of now....
Staub Div
Kansas City KAC 84 72 .538 WC #1
Limoilou LWD 83 73 .532 WC #2
Belfast BBD 81 75 .519 2 g out
Wantagh WWC 80 76 .513 4 g out

Clemente Div
Stirling & New York 90 66 .577 Wild card or Title
Houston HAP 86 70 .551 WC #2
Alamo City AFS 83 73 .532 3 g's out
Out for season/playoffs * denotes League err

Acadie -Hammonds, Grudz, Ensberg, Myers, Hidalgo, Davanon
LP- Tucker, Plesac
Alamo- Uribe, Guillen *
Belfast- Ryan, Embree *
Joliet- Torrealba, Melhuse, Sasaki, Witasick, Rincon, Gagne, Mateo
KC- Mirabelli
Kilgore- Cintron, Henderson, Sparks, Linebrink *
Limoilou- Matos, Michaels, White, Hawkins, Vargas
Longue Pointe- Tucker, Plesac
Montreal- Feliz, Lee, Lilly
Ottawa- Patterson, Vizquel, Lee, Santiago, Branyan, Baerga, Castro, Floyd, Quantrill, Spooneybarger, Webb, Williams, *
Philly- Maroth *
Portland- Tejada, Roberts, Hammock, Day
SD- Cruz, Cust, Cuddyer
Wantagh- Rivera, Stanford, Anderson

Congrats to managers who have maintained excellent usage despite the 40/25 minors usage dilemma.

Neah Bay

Due to the league error we will review the infractions on a case by case basis. Infractions will not be charged for the error.


Commisioners report
by Marc Wasserman (06/11/2004 at 17h32)

CBA Status report
CBA is alive and very well. We saw perhaps the greatest pennant chase in CBA history including a deciding 1 game playoff between Limoilou and Belfast. Some record breaking performances including some no-hitters, a 28 inning game, Breakout seasons for some CBA stars. A player reach the 400 HR milestone (Sammy Sosa), A 47 hit performance by Longue Pointe and Neah, A 6 hit game by O Cabrera of Stirling, the arrival of a couple of terrific new GM's, and great overall GM participation with their CM's.

Historical CBA: A great year for CBA includes now the CBA HIstory Website. The final compilation of the CBA Encyclopedia, and maintenance of league files from 1997-2004 is terrific news. Thanks to Gerald, and claude LaMarre we, I was able to compile an extensive database. Its terrific. you should download the file and see for your selves. Now CBA has it's own unique history website a stats center to access all past season information. More will be added as time allows. The CBA Hall Of Fame, Past champions, Fisrt draft picks, Team individual history codes, CBA team game and individual records, and links to a whole bunch of StratAlliance league websites are uploaded at

I thank each and every one of you for participating in another outstanding season in 2004. I expect there will be further refinement as we move towards the draft in 2005. We have decided that all teams will retain there first 3 choices. The severity of the penalty on 2nd infraction will be reduce in the case of player overusage to not include those choices. Instead we will enforce the infractions on a case by case basis due to the overusage based upon league conditions causing overuse in certain cases.
The penalties may range from warning, to a loss of #4 pick to a loss of #8 pick. Good news for those who really did work hard to maintain levels.

We were able to achieve a consistant and productive year despite great odds. The year CBA had to release a league president and have the commisioner take over duties for both league presidents. CBA had to contend with the games 9.00, 9.01, 9.02 difficulties. The uncertain health stautus of our recently retired webdesigner, and lack of reporting from our designated CBA reporter. CBA came through in flying colors. There are some areas of concern as we move forward however.

There was an absence of the usual chatter on list or trade negotiations and deals. We had nixed the allstar game for the first time due to a lack of participation in polling, and saw no one step up to do any further work in that regard. That shows we have quite a ways to go in 2005. CBA needs even more than we we got from its participants than in 2004.

Commisioner on the CBA Committee
. I will be appointing new committee members after the season to ensure that this fine league provides even more fun and competition in 2005. We also will install a new league president. If you wish to work or become a committee member please contact me at and let me know if you'd be interested in a committee membership. We will discuss all applications personally and directly. A League president will be nominated by myself from a the committee. The league president will responsibile for compiling periodic usage and league reports and consulting with me, and other GM's to maintain the functioning of CBA. It is not a time consuming job by any stretch of the imagination. The new committee will be together preparing a revised constitution, and holding discussion with GM's for certain rules modifications.
As it stands I expect some discussion in the penalty structure, stadium allotments, team names and the trade of ALL draft picks.

Commisioner on the playoffs:
I am disappointed and concerned about our playoffs this season. I must say that I am not pleased that these games which are traditionally played via Net play will not be this round. It is expected that playoff participants play the games in this manner, or make a strong attempt to provide a substitute to do so. It is frustrating for the GM who worked all season to get to this level just to find out that the games will need be simmed with no chance to pit head to head strategy gainst a worthy opponent.
I am further disappointed that no one in the entire league has even offered to proxy any part of the series as a Net play manager substitute. I would have expected someone to step up and help their fellow GM's get this exciting series done. Can we have a volunteer or two?

Lets step it up guys for 2005. Lets have a great playoff, and representative team go on to the ESSOM friendship cup as CBA champion.

Marc Wasserman

Hard to find CBA Stats
by CBA Office (06/11/2004 at 23h12)

Around CBA & Hard to find stats
by Marc Wass (17/10/2004 at 12h56)

Carl Crawford of Phillyleads CBA with 76 SB's. He has pilfered third base an amazing 21 times...Speaking of SB, no one has stolen home this season...
What doesn't Juan Pierre of Alamo do? He has not only been near the top of the batting and SB leaders all season, he is among the top in runs, onbase, sacrifices, bunt hits, and triples. He has walked more than he struck out (49-43) The stats mechanism may not show it, but Pierre is a solid MVP candidate...
Acadie has had a difficult season. Just missing the playoffs, they did however get years from Hidalgo 40-100 16sb and Klesko (24Hr in 225 AB)...
Javy Lopez is having an MVP year for Belfast. The numbers are terrifying. 49-122 .357 with 43 of the HR coming from the cleanup spot. Thats domination...
Vernon Wells is a solid MVP choice as well. with 37 HR 151 RBI 126 runs 10 SB, and near flawless defense in CF, Wells has kept Brooklyn near the top of CBA all season. The Supers Roy Halliday chalked up his 19th win. If he breaks 20 it will be his 2nd career CBA season of 20 wins. Sammy Sosa appears headed for his 7th CBA season of 40+ HR. He is the all time CBA HR champ...
As Durango had slipped in the season's second half, Garett Anderson's bat grew hotter. Anderson's 31-95 .325 numbers put him in elte company...Houston's hot second half has virtually assured them of a playoff berth. The franchise first under manager Chris Thomas. A remarkable turnaround from last season, Chris' team will be strong for many years, look out Parker division...
Only Soriano provided any highlights for the dormant Joliet franchise. What started as a promising year has to be a dissappointment for Jack Frost's team...As Jason Giambi and Gary Scheffield began to explode so did the KC team. The pitching staff so solid has had an easier time in the second half with plenty of run support. This is a team to watch in the playoffs should they edge Wantagh. There 3 men at the top of the rotation Colon, WWilliams, and Kevin Brown are among if not the best top 3 in CBA. Of course with Mariano closing teams better not take them too lightly...
Kilgore has made some moves with an eye towards the future. Acquiring prized young talent such as Lyle Overbay, Ron Belliard, Ty Wigginton they are looking for a brighter 2005. Good years for players like Wilkerson, Burnitz, Cairo, Belliard, Erstad, and Wigginton should power a potent offense...
How bout that Dawson pennant race? Just when you thought Belfast would check out, wham theyre back in it making a rush for the wildcard and top spot. With the Mighty Wendingo leading LP by only a game, it will be interesting to see what happens in the next block. This race could go down to a single game playoff. The schedule seems to favor the Loggers of Longue Pointe. Concepcion's team faces Ottawa and Acadie next week, below .500 teams. Limoilou who is facing limited usage problems, will square off vs Contenders Neah Bay (Leader of CBA) and Wantagh. Both strong teams with good pitching. Belfast will see the red hot KC A's and San Diego Surfers who have been great all season at beating tougher opponents and losing to others. SD is coming off a great series vs LP which saw them win 2 of 3, hurting the Loggers chances at the division crown... Cant take SD lightly...
Stirling has been fighting off strong challenges from last seasons Schmidt champion NY Bombers. Rescigno's bombers have been making a very strong bid at the top spot. Stirlings Kerry Wood the leading Clemente CY Young candidiate, Andruux Jones, and Jason Varitek have all been clutch... If Stirling can hang on, it will be their very first division crown in the CBA existance. One of CBA's most prolific traders, Manager Wayne Mac has done a great job trading them into contention. I believe he has completed more trades than any manager in CBA's 8year history...Philly's Rob Hite may dispute that fact. Rob has also dealt his way from an aging team to a posiible dominant team of CBA's future. Rob Hite owns CBA's mark for best overall season...Coversely Ottawa's Jack Jung an original CBA member, has NEVER completed a trade relying on drafts to acquire talent. Ottawa became CBA's champs back in the year 2000 making it in as a wild card entrywa had a disappointing season but had a great performance from David Ortiz. 36-87 .289 and his promise of next year make Ottawa the target for many trade wishes. Vlad Guerrero despite an off season with 19 HR, will return giving the Otters a devasting middle of the order...

As is the custom, CBA once again presents hardcore fan stats...Enjoy

Clutch system hits
Wilson WWC 6
Cabrera SRS 5
Wilson PSC 4
Rodriguez BSP 4
Podsednik JJD 3

Hits with infield in
Pierre AFS 7
Furcal NWC 5
Castillo NBS 4
Uribe AFS 3
Suzuki LLD 3
Lugo BBD 3

Hits with runners held
Giles NWC 4
Giles AFS 3
Young DDP 3
Mientkiewicz WWC 3

Sac Flies
Hunter SRS 8
Jones SRS 8
Sexson LLD 8
Bagwell BSP 7
Jones JJD 7
Payton BSP 7
Boone NWC 7
Delgado NBS 7
Thome LWD 7

Sac Hits
Loretta KAC 24
Lugo BBD 17
Berroa KAC 17
Podsednik JJD 16
Figgins BBD 12
Grudzielanek ASC 12
Wilson WWC 11
Renteria NBS 11
Pierre AFS 10

Successful Squeeze bunts
Guillen ASC 4
Lugo BBD 3
Wilson WWC 2
Loretta KAC 2
Vizquel OOP 2
Crisp KAC 2
Torrealba JJD 2

Steals of third base

Crawford PPS 21
Pierre AFS 17
Soriano JJD 9
Podsednik JJD 7
Baldelli HAP 6
Berroa KAC 6
Renteria NBS 6
Crisp KAC 5
Lee JJD 5

HR on the road
Lopez BBD 28
Edmonds LWD 25
Thome LWD 25
Glaus LWD 22
Huff BBD 21
Bagwell BSP 21
Wilson PSC 21
Hidalgo ASC 20
Sanders BBD 20
Rodriguez HAP 20
Ortiz OOP 20

Players with most pitches seen

Cabrera SRS 2773
Tejada PSC 2735
Thome LWD 2735
Huff BBD 2716
Furcal NWC 2697
Rodriguez HAP 2676
Suzuki LLD 2673
Boone NWC 2657
Pierre AFS 2641
Garciaparra LLD 2627
Wells BSP 2619
Lee JJD 2573
Lee OOP 2563

Most Plate Appearances
Cabrera SRS 718
Furcal NWC 699
Suzuki LLD 695
Pierre AFS 688
Tejada PSC 684
Huff BBD 680
Wells BSP 680

Most Hits from the 9 hole

Lo Duca AFS 75
Varitek SRS 73
Ausmus NBS 69
Santiago OOP 55
Wilson KBP 46
Hall HAP 45
Blake PSC 42
Anderson PPS 40
Bako HAP 38

Pinch HR's
VanderWal MOC 4
Klesko ASC 4
Stairs HAP 4
Kearns WWC 3
Ryan BBD 3
Michaels LWD 3

Pinch Hits

Snow BBD 15
VanderWalMOC 14
Ryan BBD 13
Klesko ASC 12
Kearns WWC 10
Mench BBD 10
Spiezio KAC 9
Michaels LWD 9
Kent LWD 9
Sexson LLD 9
Thomas ASC 9

Best Cleanup hitters (HR)
Lopez BBD 43
Giambi KAC 36
Rodriguez HAP 34
Edmonds LWD 31
Burnitz KBP 21
Palmeiro MOC 21
Wilson PSC 20
Klesko ASC 20


Shortstop Assists
Rodriguez HAP 533
Furcal NWC 509
Tejada PSC 492
Cabrera SRS 477
Garciaparra LLD 460
Berroa KAC 438
Wilson WWC 435
Cruz SSD 431
Cintron KBP 386
Guzman LWD 377

SS Double Plays turned
Berroa KAC 116
Tejada PSC 111
Furcal NWC 109
Rodriguez HAP 104
Cabrera SRS 103
Cruz SSD 100
Wilson WWC 97
Garciaparra LLD 97
Cintron KBP 93
Lugo BBD 364
Valentin MOC 364
Renteria NBS 353
Aurilia DDP 345
Guillen ASC 308
Jeter PPS 305
Uribe AFS 298
Everett BSP 288
Woodward OOP 251

SS Errors

Uribe AFS 24
Furcal NWC 20
Cabrera SRS 19
Tejada PSC 19
Lugo BBD 18
Garciaparra LLD 18

Most assists in RF (Remember, OF arms ratings include hold adjustments which adjusts running odds)
Green SRS 16
Hidalgo ASC 15
Ordonez WWC 14
Guerrero OOP 13
Nixon BBD 12
Abreu PPS 11
Sosa BSP 11
Guiel HAP 10

RF Double Plays
Green SRS 5
Long PSC 4
Hidalgo ASC 4
Nixon BBD 3
Abreu PPS3
Ordonez WWC 3


Season Recap Part 1
by (05/01/2005 at 19h33)

In a highly anticipated World Series the KC A's managed by Rich Schneider squared off in game 1 against Marc Wass' Brooklyn Superbas. KC originally entered the CBA as the Hooterville Canonballs. They finished 77-85 in their first season which was actually good enough for a second place finish back in 1997.
The following season Mike Johnson took over the team changing the name to current name KC A's. It is Mike Johnson who crafted the team to what it is now. In '98 they finished a lowly 54-108 last in CBA. T
The next few years saw KC rise bit by bit. The following season in '99 they improved slighly to a 61-101 record still residing in CBA's basement. In 2000 they further improved to 75-87, and in 2001 recorded a team best 88-74 making the playoffs as a wildcard their first ever appearance in CBA's post season.

In 2003 they again finished 88-74 making the post season as a wild card, and this year at 87-75 made the playoffs for the third time as a wild card entry. Only Neifi Perez remains as an original KC A from the 1999 team.

The Brooklyn Superbas are an original CBA team. Originally in the tough Staub division, the Superbas switched to the Clemente after two unsucessful seasons fighting against the likes of Quebec, Longue Pointe, and others. It is with the DH they found some success in the "House of Pain" (Coors).

In their inaugural year a weak pitching staff led by guys named Lira, Magnante, Schourek the Brooklyn GM Marc Wass began to import pitchers like Hideo Nomo, Rick Reed, Rod Beck,Scott Williamson, Roy Halliday, and others. Traded were players like the irritable Albert Belle and others and guys like Sammy Sosa, Robin Ventura,and Todd Helton to bring Brooklyn to a 101-61 record and years of competitive ball in 1998.
In '99 Brooklyn finished 85-77 and in 2000 despite huge offensive numbers, they finished 84-78. By October of 2001, Brooklyn became a perrenial playoff contender increasing their win total to '97 and going into the Clemente Finals.
Another appearance in the Clemente playoffsin 2002 ensued as Brooklyn continued their roll. In 2003 a Clemente finals win and series appearance was thwarted by Jeff Boutet's Limoilou Wendigo. This year in their second CBA World Series, the Brooklyn Superbas are trying to put the also ran legacy behind them and move ahead to CBA's promised land appearance in the 2005 Friendship Cup tournament.






CBA Crowns their 8th World Champion!
by CBA League office (13/01/2005 at 17h23)

Hail the champs!

Congratulations to Marc Wasserman and his Brooklyn Superbas on their first CBA championship. After several playoff opportunities and a visit to the WS last season, Brooklyn finally got it together shellacking the Cinderella KC A's (Mike Schneider)4 games to 1. The story of the series the fabled Brooklyn offense. Though they pitched really well during the entire playoffs, the Superbas used veteran slugging from Todd Helton 4 HR's, Sammy Sosa,2nd yr Superba Ivan Rodriguez, and Jose Vidro to outscore and outmuscle the A's.
Brooklyn hit a team avg of .298 hitting 11 Hr and tossing a 3.27 Era. Halliday won 2 big complete games allowing only 3 earned runs. He shared the World Series MVP award with Todd Helton the former #1 draft pick(98)who led brooklyn with 4Hr,2 doubles, 11 hits, 11 RBI and a whopping .524 BA to lead the Superbas to ecstasy.
The World Series capped a terrific drive by Brooklyn to the title. Brooklyn opened the playoffs with with a 4-1 series win over Chris Thomas Houston Aeros, then destroyed Mike Rescigno's NY Bombers 4-1.
The KC A's were quite a tale as well. A 4-1 series win over Dennis Concepcion's favored Longue Pointe Loggers. They then shocked the CBA world with a stunning upset over John Skillings #1 seeded NeahBay Whalers of Washington state. The story for KC the pitching. Great pitching got them to the point where they were able to challenge the mighty Superbas. The games were closer than scores might indicate.
Thus wraps up CBA's 8th season. A terrific one wire to wire. The WoldSeries proved how the long term approach of Brooklyn, the crafty management of Rich Schneider's CM strategies made a difference right to the end. CBA now begins to prepare for their 9th season and the upcoming draft. It is expected that the draft will take place during mid February. The draft list will be sent soon as will the draft order. Major announcements are forthcoming regarding draft pick trade policy,stadium designations, ownership and team nickname changes.


End of season Newsletter vol 8 #34
by Marc Wass (13/01/2005 at 22h12)


With the draft approaching within 1 month preparations are being made for
the 2005 season. We would like to get a tally of GM's who will be return
for CBA's 9th draft and season. Your response is expected to be announced
via league mail list no later than January 19th, 2005. Late responses
will be automatically assumed to be a no answer and a replacement
nominated. CBA currently has a waiting list with several potential GM's
awaiting an opportunity.
We already have confirmed that the Montreal Royals franchise GM gerald
Benoit will not be returning for 2005. This team will be offered to 1 of
several applicants.
If any GM's have a person who demonstrates the enthusiasm and quality
we expect from our participants, send it in for evaluation. Preference
will be given to persons who come referenced from current CBA GM's who are
members in good standing. As stands now we may not offer return invites
to current GM's who did not meet CBA's criteria for timely, responsible,
and participant GM's. Your responses are requested as soon as possible.

CBA is currently imposing a trade restriction. All trades must
be held until after final decision has been made on stadium switch issue,
and draft pick trade issue.
CBA is considering the option of teams being able to choose new
stadium allocations for the upcoming season. How the process may possibly
be enacted will be decided by commitee vote shortly. In regard to
trading of draft picks 1,2,3 feedback is appreciated and discussion is now
open. Send your feedback to a committee representative if you wish
anonymously or post to the list. Your committee members are Dennis
Concepcion, and Cory Light as we speak. They may be contacted via E mail
address or via CBA_office address. I would like both issues resolved as
soon as possible so we can open trading. We hope these will be decided
January 19th 2005. There are no other changes planned additionally.
Discussion will be limited to those two issues publically. Usage minimums
and maximums will not going to be modified for 2005.
As commisioner, I am posting a vacancy to finalize the consultation
committee staff for CBA. If you are interested in becoming a member
please E mail Marc Wasserman ( off list. There is a
vacancy for Staub Division president currently. Members must have
demonstrated reliabilty and be a memebr in good standing for
Congratulations to all CBA GM's for an Outstanding season. All of you
have contributed to an enjoyable 2004 season. It seems to have gone
smoothly for the most part, though the season has run on a bit longer than
hoped. I would like to encourage greater participation and chatter as
these were a disappointment in 2004. It seemed the once verbose CBA mail
list has taken falloff. It was fun in past seasons. Special thanks to
those who did contribute over the year it was appreciated. Trades were
also down a bit this season. We've had greater activity in prior years.
Hopefully we will see the CBA trade market heat up again as GM's jockey to
win the 9th CBA championship.


 CBA Cyber Baseball Association...Strat-o-matic Baseball