Staub and Clemente playoffs


Sept 19 Montreal defeats Limoilou 8-0 Clemens 1 hit shutout.

Sept 19 NY Bombers stop Brooklyn and Al Leiter 4-1.  Glavine 3 hits.

Sept 19 Philly defeats Portland 3-2, Randy Johnson.

Sept 19 Longue Pointe and Zambrano shutsout Neah Bay 4-0


Sept 20 Limoilou shuts out Montreal with Schilling, 5-0.

Sept 20 Neah defeats Brooklyn 11-10.  F Rodriguez the win.  Bklyn rally falls short

Sept 20 Longue Pointe wins 5-3. LP bullpen Calero the win.

Sept 20 Philly destroys Portland 18-0 most lopsided score in CBA history.


Sept 22 New York defeats Brooklyn 4-3 Vasquez wins.  Rivera blows save.

Sept 22 Philly 7-5 over Portland. Clement wins over Paul Wilson. 

Sept 22 Montreal defeats Limoilou 4-0, Millwood shutout.

Sept 22 Neah defeats Longue Pointe 9-5. Milton the win.


Sept 23 Philly wins 11-1. Randy Johnson 4 hitter.

Sept 23 Brooklyn beats New York 2-1.  Cerda the win in relief.

Sept 23 Limoilou wins 4-1 Schmidt the win.

Sept 23 Neah 3-2 over Longue Pointe.


Sept 24 Montreal defeats Limoilou 2-0.  Lilly the win.

Sept 24 Neah defeats Brooklyn 6-0.  Jason Marquis the win.  New York defeats Brooklyn 4-1 to advance.

Sept 24 Longue Pointe defeats Neah Bay 8-6


Sept 26 Limoilou defeats Montreal 4-3. Wakefield the win.

Sept 26 Longue Pointe defeats Neah Bay 7-5 to win series and move to Staub finals.  Maddux the win.


Sept 27 Limoilou defeats Montreal 4-1 to win series and advance to face LP in Staub finals.



Staub and Clemente finals.


Sept 29 Limoilou 11-9 over Longue Pointe. Hawkins over Calero

Sept 29 Philly wins 15-8 Randy Johnson wins another.


Sept 30 Limoilou over Longue Pointe 10-8 in 12inn.  Foulke over Pettitte.

Sept 30 Philly 9-5 over NY. O Perez the win.


Oct 2 Longue Pointe wins 2-1. Pettitte the win over Schmidt in pitchers duel.

Oct 2 NY 11-9 over Philly Beckett over Wolf.


Oct 3 Longie Pointe 4-3 win over Limoilou. Zambrano the win. The Hit and run, and Jason Michaels errors.

Oct 3 Philly 5-4 over NY.  Randy Johnson another win.


Oct 4 NY 7-1 over Philly.  Vasquez the win.

Oct 4 Limoilou a 7-2 win Hawkins over Sabathia.


Oct 6 NY defeats Philly 6-4. Glavine wins over Odalis Perez.

Oct 6 Longue Pointe defeats Limoilou Wendigo 5-4.  Maddux the win.


Oct 7 Philly 8-5 over NY.  Nathan win in relief.  Philly advances to their 2nd CBA World Sries appearance.


Oct 7 Longue Pointe a come from behind win 8-7.  Zambrano wins his 3rd over Schilling. LP wins Staub championship, advances to World Series.


CBA World Series


Oct 9 Philly 6-2 over Longue Pointe. Wolf over Escobar.

Oct 10 Longue Pointe 11-2 win over Philly. Maddux wins 3rd of playoffs.

Oct 12 Longue Pointe 4-1 win. Zambrano wins 4th of playoffs.

Oct 13 Philly 7-5 over LP. Clement the win. Sabathia another loss.

Oct 14 Longue Pointe 5-1 win. Escobar the win.

Oct 16 Philly ties series with 4-2 win.

Oct 17 Longue Pointe wins World Series with 6-4 win.  Doug Miracle Mirabelli and Greg Maddux Co-MVP's.  Maddux the 4th win of playoffs.  The Championship is GM Dennis Concepcion's first ever in CBA.


Oct 9