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Stadium: Minute Maid Field
Conference: Rusty Staub
Division: Andre Dawson


Established in: 2009 with Kennesaw Mt Woodsmen. Took over Limoilou Wendigo August 2013

Atlanta and Limoilou Wendigo CBA Encyclopedia Team Statistics

Limoilou Wendigo Historical Page.  Includes all teams players and season stats ever!

Limoilou Playoff page 2007

Limoilou was an original team owned by Jeff Boutet.  Limoilou is perhaps CBA's most successful franchise  reaching the 100 win plateau a record 5 times.  The Wendigo have finished below .500 only in 2000 and 2006.  Noted for shrewd roster management and a knack for talent Boutet's team has usually been the the team to beat in the tough Dawson division since the beginning.  Use of a platoon system, strong defense, pitching and two way skilled players have meant success.  Ironically it was a late inning error by Jason Michaels in the 2005 Dawson championship that cost them a shot at their 4th CBA World title.  Limoilou won CBA's first in vs Lou Bloss' Parma Flamingoes, 1997, again in '99 vs Martin Boulet's Beauport Gamblers, and 4-1 over Brooklyn in 2003.  They lost to Philly in 2002.  Limoilou made the playoffs each of those years and 2001, 2004, 2005.

Timeline Owner/Manager Location
From 1997-03-01 to present* Jean-François Boutet Quebec City, Quebec, Canada

*Original CBA charter franchise

Played 163 games in 2004 and 2005 due to 1 game playoffs

Name and Location
Year1997-0307 Location Quebec City, CA


Limoilou Wendigo

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1999 to 2003


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