The finishing touches to the pitcher's card are the ERROR, BALK, & WILD PITCH. 




PSOM Error = (E * 1458) / IP



Pitcher's error = (actual errors * 1458) / League Innings Pitched



 how it works:  The formulas in todays issue are examples of proportion formulating.  The pitcher's error formula, identical to any other fielder's error formula, determines how many errors would be committed if the pitcher pitched every inning of every game.  It would look like this:




    Errors : Innings Pitched :: ? : 1458 (162 games * 9 inn.)



   To determine the amount of errors a pitcher would make if he pitched every inning of a season, you would multiply the errors by 1458, then divide by the innings the pitcher has pitched for the season.


   This formula is highly (+93%) reliable.  Of course, it's best when your pitcher made no errors.




pSOM BALK = (BALK * 290) / IP



Pitcher's Balk rating = (actual balks * 290) / League inning Pitched


 how it works: This formula is an exercize in reverse mathmatics. If you multiply any pitcher's BALK rating by his Innings Pitched, then divide that total by the pitcher's actual balks, you will have a number right about 290.  The nominal sway in this formula may be due to team balk records.  Still, the formula will be within 1 of over 90% of the SOM pitchers.





pSOM WP = (WP * 200) / IP



Pitcher's Wild Pitch rating = (actual wild pitches * 200) / league Innings Pitched


   A copycat to the balk approach.  Reverse the math, and you will find that over 90% of the results fall within 1 of the actual SOM counterpart.


   To conclude with the pitchers, Bob Winberry's contribution on determining Closer Ratings.




0 saves = N    10-14 saves = 3


1-3 saves = 0  15-19 saves = 4


4-6 saves = 1  20-29 saves = 5


7-9 saves = 2  30+ saves =6


   how it works:  When it comes from the sourse, you know it has to be good. 


   In the next issue will be the revised hitter's patterns for '93.  In the meantime, I will work on getting some formulas brewing for clutch and ballpark