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Both parties must have patch and vcred.exe installed. Vcred can be found in your  V17 'Stratomatic baseball' folder > Support> Tech folder as an exe file called vcredist.exe That will allow the primary programmimg language to work within your windows computer somehow.  Make sure you back up all files and were not responsible for your computer, so proceed at your own risk and use these as just a blog commentary opinion, not a reference. 
Both MUST be running latest version of Microsoft  Framework 4 installed or it wont work.  Firewalls must be off.

Any player with a home firewall up should open up TCP/UDP Ports 6501 to the computer they are running SOM on.   
Both teams should also be running the latest SOM patch; there were 2 or 3 released for the current version.  This should solve the problem. 

If it doesn't, then there are 2 alternatives.  One of these almost always works:

  1. Try playing the game with you hosting.    In the new version, either the home or visitor team can act as HOST.  
  2. Connect to launch a new game directly by IP, instead of using the SOM lobby.    Again, this will only work if the host has TCP/UDP Port 6501 open. 
    You must be able to allow access through your router to an open port.

Older version Netplay

Strat-o-matic Baseball Netplay can be difficult at times to get connected.  There are several things you can do before you call customer service.

The following is a courtesy only for friends in the Strat-o-matic community and is only a guide.  Can't ensure that you will have success or mess your computer up.  It's not our responsibility so don't do anything unless you back up your self and maybe write down your settings before you change things.  We ain't responsible for you and your mess.  So with that behind us use this an opinion and guide not fact.

1).  Make sure both persons have the most current Strat patch downloaded from the game company website.

2)  Disconnect your router if you wish because it is usually the cause of most problems.  If you can't then try the described methods.

3) Make sure firewall is open on your own protector and on the windows firewall in your control panel options.

4)  Your router provedes a false IP, so go to and if your home team than use the IP address they provide it usually does the trick.

5) Read on if the aforementioned does not work.

After lots of experimentation and discussion with other gamers, we found that by "opening" the port 508 in your router software or through your provider does the trick. For the host, Routers generally have a setting called 'port forwarding'. If you dont see it, go to your routers website view the help section and be sure to download the latest router software. You can 'open' port 508 and if asked enter in the IP your router IP is using and the connections should work. The logic is that routers change your IP to a different one than your providers IP. Below is a sample. You can set several games each to their own port.

Port Forwarding / Port Triggering

Please select the service type

Port Forwarding
Port Triggering

Service Name Server IP Address
. . .

#      Service Name     Start Port      End Port       Server IP Address
1    create any name           21                    21   
2       strat-o-matic               508                  508 

Use the IP that your router is set for.     It may be different than your provider IP. Example, your provider IP may be say

 but your router is using say          just enter your router IP.

You are basically creating a 'service' name assigning a port to it, and telling the computer what IP is to be used through that portal.


Above,  you see that I created  a service name called 'strat-o-matic', set it on port 508, and put in the IP that a router uses.

To find that IP# your router uses, if you dont know  you can ask your router support phone to find out  what IP your router is using on your unit.

Here's another way of looking at it....

* Your router which is connected to the cable modem has an external IP
that it pulls via DHCP from your provider. I don't have a Belkin but
have a Linksys and a Dlink at home and you can normally find this
"external" IP under the WAN tab in the settings on the one's that I've

* Once you have your external IP your half way there - this IP is what
others will use to connect to you Next you need to know the internal IP
of the machine you play on (which by default will be 192.168.xx.xx).

* To find this in Windows 2000 or XP go to: Start, Run, type CMD =hit
ENTER=. Once at a command prompt type ipconfig. For Windows 98 just go
to Start, run, and type winipcfg (think that's it haven't used 98 in a
long time) Once you know the internal IP you need to go into your router
and find port forwarding in the settings and forward port 508 to the
internal address of the machine you play on.

* This should resolve any issues you are having.

If he doesn't have a router then make sure the built-in firewall in XP
is disabled and if it's still doesn't work, his ISP might block that
port. Some people in the Strat forum have experienced that.

Some people report trying port 6501.  See if that does the trick.

IMPORTANT NOTE ABOUT FIREWALLS - You must disable any firewalls that would block the port that you are listening on. 6501 is the default port, but you can choose any other valid port.
IMPORTANT NOTE ABOUT ROUTERS - If you are using a router you will need to use Port Forwarding. Explaining port forwarding is beyond the scope of our documentation. Please refer to for instructions on Port Forwarding, or seek out help from a friend who is familiar with these issues. Note that you must forward the port for both TCP and UDP. If you can only do one or the other, then add two port forwarding commands for the same port. Example: If you are using Game Port 6501 then Port Forward 6501 for TCP and also Port Forward 6501 for UDP.

Your feedback is much appreciated please let us know your results..  We want you to check out our homepage and see some of our team pages and logos.  Our archives are brimming with Strat statisticsc and career totals back to 1997.  See our records and season by season pages.  Maybe some of your friends were here!


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