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April 21st, 2019 Press Newton Bombs
  The 2018-2019 CBA Champion Newton Bombs Review
     I can tell you - I never thought I'd e sitting here now DEFENDING the CBA Title.  I didn't think I had the horses. I have no superstars, and my main weapons seem to be of the "smoke and mirrors" variety!  I was gearing more for the 2019 season than the 2018 season last year, where all 3 of my outfielders have much better years.  But, I commited to run, and the team ran well, but was always a distant 2nd next to the Brooklyn juggernaut!  Still, I was contending for a good shot at a wild card at the mid-point, and started to seek some ace relievers to carry me thru the 2nd half.  Cooperstown had an interest draft, picking up Goody and Kahnle's superior cards in the 3rd round of the draft.  The Iron Horse had seemed to be ready to look at future options, so I offered my 3rd and 5th for these blank cards.  Jon Stamets must h ave looked over my roster very well.  He posed the trade of Bauer, Heaney, and Vlad Guererro for Kershaw.  I would not part with Vlad, so it became Bauer and Heaney for Kershaw.  These moves worked well, and I made it into the playoffs as a wild card with good distance. 
     The playoffs, however, were magical!  So, it is why sometimes all you need is to make the playoffs - anything happens in a 7 game series!  And boy, did it ever!  I just had to sit back and be a spectator, and my rotation of Strasburg, Sale, Kershaw, and Carrasco took over the games, going 16-7.  Carrasco and Sale didn't fair as well, but, they went 5-5 in the playoffs, which is great for winning! Kershaw and Strasburg went 7-1 in 66 innings, giving up 39 hits, 9 walks, and 1 HR.  That was dominant.  A real treat to watch!  I stand by the idea that it is "everything" just to make the playoffs in the CBA!

      Moving ahead, I think the Newton Bombs will deliver on a repeat playoff mission in 2019!  The team is actually very improved in many important ways - starting pitching, outfield, catcher, and some infield - the team will continue the win with the same pedigree as last year.  Newton will have it's hands full, however, as the Parker Division has no slackers at this point, and playoff-worthy Brooklyn and Newton will not have an easy road with Atlanta and Middlesex breathing down our backs.  We complete the intradivision play this week - so far we are playing like sisters.  CBA is, like the MLB, a marathon, however.  It will be great to watch how this year unfolds as well!  Good luck to all of you CBAers!  Always go for the stars - you will never know when not to run if you give yourselves a chance to contend!

14100 Newton Rd.,  Tuesday, February 17, 2015  


The Newton Bombs find the way into the franchise's fourth season, trying to shake off 3 "WIN but not enough" attempts for the brass ring.  A 2014 CBA record of 83-79, last year was a disappointment.  It showed in the clubhouse.  Jose Bautista hit .232 and was a cancer.  He was fired.  Although the team hit .262(12th in CBA), it took it's good old time getting there, and wound up losing when they shouldn't, a very bad practice indeed.  Belt, Moss,  and Cargo lead the team offensively with 24, 25, and 26 HRs.


Fortunately, the strat gods smile on this organization - The pitching, with the major addition of Cueto, is the best in the league on paper.  It's up to the brass to put a fielding team worthy enough to bring it all home.




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