River Meadow Monarchs (RMC)
Stadium: Marlins Stadium
Conference: Rusty Staub
Division: Gary Carter

Owner: Claude Lamarre
Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Email1: clamarre@gmail.com
Facebook: Same
Co-Founded the league in: 10-26-1996

I remember my old friend Gerald Benoit and I where playing strat-o-matic on computer in late 80's, early 90's.  Our fun was to draft from scratch numerous teams and play some 4 of 7 to have one champ team at the end.  We never draft with the cards, but with listings prepared and we scratched the players we drafted.   This was the great old days.  I remember one specific game where my 2 catchers went on injury and I decided to play Pete Incaviglia, with no catcher ratings.  Gerald keeps on challenging Pete's arm and tried to jump on every lead, BUT Pete responded by gunning down THREE runners in stealing attempts... THREE!  I remember yelling PETE IN-CA-VI-GLIIIII-AAAAAAAAAAA numerous times in Gerald's appartment... poor Gerald's neibourghs!

We then decided to start CBA, and we posted some adds, I don't even remember where... We recruited a solid base of owners, some are still here in the league (Marc, Jack, Rob) and some other strong baseball fellows...  I was the day-to-day man and Gerald took the web job.  I was commissioner in one league and playing in 4...  then baseball goes away from Montrťal and my interest too.  About a year ago, Marc, Doug and Derek bringed me back in CBA.  Marc as commissioner and Doug and Derek as two friends with whom I played curling (yeah, yeah... CURLING!).  So here I am back in the league I started, but now in the league where Marc is doing a great job.

2014 River Meadow Monarchs Roster


Lake County Leopards 2012 (LLM) Wildcard#2
Lake County Leopards (LLS)2008 Wild card Clemente
Lake County Leopards(LLS) 2006 Schmidt champions* = 1 game playoff
NY Bombers (NBS) 2005 wild card
NY Bombers (NBS) 2004 Schmidt champions
St Foy Frenchies (SFS) 2003 Schmidt champions
St Foy Frenchies (SFS) 2002 Schmidt champions
St Foy Frenchies (SFS) 2001 Schmidt champions
St Foy Frenchies (SFS) 1998 World Chamions
St Foy Frenchies (SFS) 1998 Schmidt champions
St Foy Frenchies (SFS) 1998 Wild card

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River Meadow Monarchs Historical pages

Timeline Owner/Manager Location
From 1997-03-01 to 1997-05-30 Randall Flowers Dallas, Texas, USA
From 1997-06-01 to 2003-02-28 Dino Barnabť Sainte-Foy, Quťbec, Canada
From 2002-02-13 to 2006-1-10 Mike Rescigno Massapequa Park, New York, USA
From 2006-1-10  to  2012 11-23 Dave Jones Lake County, Ohio, USA
From 2012-11-30 to  Present Claude Lamarre Montreal, Quebec, Canada



I was a baseball fan loving Expos.  I watched baseball, mostly National League, and a few Boston Red Sox on cable 22 at home (this was the aerial antenna days).  I was 14 in 1981 when Rick Monday smacked an homerun against Steve Rogers to eliminate the Expos.  Gary Garter and the Hawk were my two favorite players, rest in peace Gary.  Dave Parker and Mike Schmidt were maybe the most impressive players I witnessed.  In 1981, between the two half season, the Boston Red Sox came to Olympic Stadium to play an exhibition game.  I was there, sitting a couple row from the bullpen and on the first game batter, Jerry Remy, I caught the foul ball that was hit directly at me. 

So Iím back in a franchise that was founded by Randall Flowers, a fellow Strat player and commissioner of the FCBL.  After he lefts, Dino Barnabe succeeded in grabbing the highest reward, the CBA championship.  Itís a great pleasure to be back among those baseball fanatics that are the CBA owners.  Marc Wasserman did a tremendous job to continue what I started.  Itís far more difficult to continue as a league than start one.  As I see many original owners still in the league, and many great individuals, itís like I never left home.  I canít believe we are at our 17th season.

And now, as a surprise for the franchise stealer that is Jeffrey Loria, Iím stealing, virtually. the Sun Life Park from them and bring it in River Meadows and naming it : the Wild Life Park.  Isnít that magical to think that he wonít have a ball team, a ballpark or nothing left from baseball.  Good riddance!Ē





Timeline Owner/Manager Location
From 1997-03-01 to 2004-02-12 Claude Lamarre Montreal, Quebec, Canada