Interview With Hal Richman 11-30-00
by Bruce Bundy

You just have to love this time in the Strat-O-Matic calendar year! All the SOMplayers are becoming torturously tired of projections and prognostications, and they are quickly slipping themselves into throes of high anxiety! At the same time, this has to be one of the Strat-O-Matic Game Company's busiest weeks - when meetings and ratings and numbers start flying together in a frenzy, just right before they are ready to be put in the oven for the final bake! It's just the right time to have a real quick chat with the head SOMcard chef himself, Hal Richman!

BB: Hi Hal, Happy Holidays! Sorry for bothering you with questions this time of the year.

Hal : Heh! It is 7 days a week now, Bruce!

BB : Are there any significant changes in the game this year?

Hal : No, not in the board game. In the computer game, tho, they are still going at it.

BB : Do you want E-Mails from SOMusers with their field rating scouting report opinions?

Hal : No, not anymore. We actually haven't gotten them in a long time. We did do that for a couple years, but we've stopped doing it.

BB : Should we be expecting nameless ballplayers in this cardset and do you think it will change?

Hal :No, because of the lockout in 1994, we cannot use those player's names. There will always be nameless cards. We cannot help ourselves. It's because we have an agreement with the Major League Baseball Player's Association. As a member, we can only use the names that they provide.

BB : Does Pedro Martinez have the best SOM pitcher card ever?

Hal : Heh! He's unbelievable! I'll let you people decide, but he's unbelievable!

BB : How is your family?

Hal : Heh - fine! How's yours!

BB : Hahaha - fine! Do you think the new "high strikezone" will effect baseball?

Hal : I hope they do it. It's outrageous. The strikezone has shrunk so much it has artificially increased hitting tremendously. It's a very unfair disadvantage to the pitchers to have to throw into such a small strikezone. I am hopeful that it will happen. It will bring things back to reality.

BB : Are there any project you would like to see the SOM community take on?

Hal : Actually, I haven't thought about that, Bruce, I can't give you an answer on that one! That is a tough question - a good question!

BB : Give it some thought, and I'll hit you again with it in the off-season!

Hal: Great! Thanks Bruce!





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