Welcome to Keith, Scott, John, and Doug.  You are eligible to trade draft picks rd 4 and on this season as of now.  Expansion picks may not but players are once drafted. Feel free to talk to others either before or during the 10 round expansion draft.  Keep in mind draft requirements which state you must have 650 AB's at each position by the regular FA draft end of 35 players.  You will draft 10 players in expansion.

You have been selected by no accident. Each have been brought here for a reason. Doug Brunet brings another Canadian GM to our league. He was a referral from a respected source. He has played Strat since age 11.  Loves to Netplay.  Doug's favorite was Clemente, however he will be assigned to the Quebec rich Dawson division with his Montreal Murder.

     Keith B. Jones was with us at conception.  He was well liked by his fellow GM's and knew how to win.  Thats the goal in CBA, to win baby.  He looks to resume the intriguing Sunville Sunjewels legacy.  Sunville '97 is one of the all time great CBA teams.  They won 109 games!  Just slightly ahead of the 1998 Southwest Lizard kings team run by Eric Lindner.   Look at that first draft in 97 for Keith....
Keith B Jones GM:


#1 7. 1403 Gary Sheffield RF - Fla
#2 1. 1210 Todd Hundley C - NYM
#3 2. 150 Juan Guzman SP - Tor
#5 SSP 2. 1484 Rondell White CF - Mtl
#6 SSP 1. 287 Donovan Osborne SP - StL
#6 SSP 1. 362 John Smiley SP - Atl
#7 SSP 1. 1510 Tony Batista IF - Oak
#7 SSP 1. 1072 Jose Canseco DH - Bos
#8 SSP 1. 56 Jeff Brantley CL - Cin
#8 SSP 2. 1467 Fernando Vina 2B - Mil
#9 SSP 2. 1385 Henry Rodriguez LF - Mtl
#10 SSP 1. 393 Ugueth Urbina SP - Mtl
#11 SSP 1. 1558 Julio Franco 1B - Cle
#12 SSP 2. 492 Dwight Doc Gooden SP - NYY
#13 SSP 1. 1053 Darren Bragg OF - Bos
#14 SSP 1. 1336 John Olerud 1B - Tor
#15 SSP 1. 383 Billy Taylor CL - Oak
#16 SSP 2. 1204 Dave Howard KC
#17 SSP 1. 1581 Tyler Houston C - ChC
#18 SSP 1. 62 Jim Billinger SP - ChC
#19 SSP 1. 1623 Kevin Mitchell OF - Cin
#20 SSP 1. 456 Kent Bottenfeild RP - Chi
#21 SSP 1. 1502 Bob Abreu OF - Hou *
#22 SSP 1. 384 Dave Telegheder P - Oak
#23 SSP 1. 1536 Fausto Cruz SS - Det *
#24 SSP 2. 311 Jay Powell RP - FLA (Dustin Hermanson out)
#25 SSP 1. 1272 Mark Loretta IF
#26 SSP 1. 1083 Archi Cianfrocco IF - SD (Rafael Bournigal gone)
#27 SSP 2. 1074 Chuck Carr OF - Mil
#28 SSP 1. 1598 Brooks Kieschniek OF - ChC *
#29 SSP 1. 1130 Carl Everett OF - NYM
#30 SSP 1. 374 Dave Stevens
#31 SSP 1. 1528 Jay Canizaro 2B - SFG
#32 SSP 1. 547 Brian Moehler *
#33 SSP 1. 9984 Baltimore Stadium

They were relocated after that season as Keith stepped aside for personal reasons.  But he's back and in Parker to compete against the big boys as he was back in 97.  Parker has won 3 of last 5 CBA World series. Brooklyn in '04, Indiana in '06,'08.   Ottawa also won in 2001.  Sunville appeared in the first round of the CBA playoffs in 1997 losing 4 games to 2 against Parma Flamingoes managed by another well known old timer.  Lou Bloss,  a writer for the old Strat Review which Glen Guzzo, and the Newell Brothers ran.


You can search the Archives and Encyclopedia for more details about those early years.  Explore the pages it's a treat to see how things evolved, and records broken.


The Cap West Rubes from Northeastern Ohio belong to Scott Dunham.  He takes over and hopes to build a winning franchise.  The Rubes will join the Schmidt Division.  Scott has been following CBA awhile now.

 John Miller paid his dues in 2008.  He was brought into CBA's structure by Wolfman Shapiro.  He did a commendable job in maintaining Skokie with correctly formatted on time CM's each week with clear rotations.  He often sent two a week, 1 for each team.  A routine first started by Skokie on a regular basis.  It had made a difference with Skokie making the playoffs 3 straight years and two Staub titles.  The Staub title is prestige.  It was the home of the Canadian teams and rivalries and was seen as stronger in early play.  That has been dispelled by Clemente. 

Miller then managed against the ever tough Jack Frost, who mounted a tough challenge with his first year playoff team Joliet. Miller and the Wolf eventually won a difficult series faced with difficult connection issues.  Miller will take the High Bridge team into the Carter division where he will often face his former mentor and now foe, Wolfman Shapiro. 

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