2009. 2008, 2006 Indiana Red Birds CBA World Champions..........  Bob Fidler becomes first manager to win championship in first full season.

Bob Fidler Indiana Redbirds (IRC)

Indiana Red Birds IRC
Stadium: Red Bird Stadium Atlanta Stadium
Conference: Rusty Staub
Division: Gary Carter

2009 Clemente champion and World Champion

2008 Parker, Clemente, & World Champions

2007 Wildcard #1

2006 Parker, and Clemente champions and 2006 CBA World Champions

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Indiana Redbirds From 22003-01-12 to present Bob Fidler Washington, Indiana

My CBA experience began in 05 finishing out the season for the Houston Aeros. I changed the name to the Indiana Red Birds and made great drafting and trades to go on to win the Parker, Clemente and World Series. I became the manager to win the a Championship in his 1st season as a full time manager. I made the playoffs in 07 via the wild card but couldn't make it back to World Series to defend my Championship. I then in 08 and 09 I made the playoffs and went on the World Series and was lucky enough to win both times to become the 2nd manager to be a 3 time Champion. In 08 we were in Chicago for a get together for the GUSSOMO league and in Josh Shapiro happen to be in town and we got the meet and had a picture taken together not knowing that we would meet in the 08 World Series. We the version of the 1970's Oakland A's dynasty for those 4 yrs.

About me I live in Washington, Indiana. I will be married to my wife Debbie 30 yrs in January, I have one Son who goes by Ryan but his name is Nolan Ryan. We both are in numerous leagues together along with Board League here in town and we are the Father Son to be in the league and we both have won Championships. The league has been around for almost 45yrs and I am in my 33rd season in it. I have been playing Strat since 1977.

Bob Fidler

  Manager of the Beauport Gamblers Martin Boulet brought on assistant GM in Sebastien Roberge who in 2001 took over and renamed The once Grambling Gamblers (1998 Jay Shapiro), the Westmount Gamblers.  Sebas left as baseball left Quebec, and Maxim Cote changed the name to the Farnham Chiefs. In 2003 Chris Thomas took over and named them the Houston Aeros.  Thomas had a turbulent history in CBA, and the Aeros franchises was awarded to current GM Bob Fidler.  Fidler rebuilt much of the team and developed the Aeros in the Indiana Redbirds, already a Parker division legend.  They won the 2006 WS championship and want it back in the worst way. They are proud Indiana Redbirds.                             
* Bluter Stenkowski co-managed during 2001.  Blute had a 2-12 record and was known that year for batting his pitcher leadoff.  He was relieved of his duties when it was found that the manager did not exist.


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