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New Hampshire Wildcats
Chris Brazeau 
Stadium: Wrigley Field
Conference: Rusty Staub
Division: Mike Schmidt

Chris Brazeau took ownership of the NH Wildcats in 2010.  The previous ownership left the team quite devoid of talent.  The team was moved the quiet seacoast town of Portsmouth, NH.  A patient philosophy of dfafting and trading for and developing young talent has proven to be somewhat successful.  As with much prospect searches there have been some success and some questionable choices.  Injuries have delayed the winning timeline. 

New Hampshire Prospectus

The last few years have been rather dismal in New Hampshire.  The front office has tried to be aggressive, and  few things have not worked out as planned.  Matt Cain, Jared Cosart, Jurickson Profar, Charlie Morton to name a few, have not lived up to expectations.  Even an inexpensive gamble like Hanley Ramirez has not panned out.  We stayed aggressive in 2015 trading for Kolten Wong, Miguel Montero. Two years ago, there were a few snickers when the Cats drafted Jose Abreu 2nd overall. That is one thing that has worked out well.   Coming into this draft, the Wildcats have added Shelby Miller and young and upcoming SS Addison Russell.
The 2016 version of NWS should score its share of runs with the likes of Wong, Montero, Kendys Morales, Jose Abreu, Brett Lawrie, Danny Valencia and Kevin Kiermaier.   Our defense should be significantly better with an up the middle troika of Russell, Wong and Kiermaier.  Which can only help a very average pitching staff.
Pitching, well that will be our issue.  Miller will look good at the top but after that we have a bunch of 3 and 4 guys.  The future of this team rests on our staff pitching to its capabilities.  This season, who knows.  We will score a lot of runs, but we likely will give up a bunch to.  The future has something that Wildcats fans have craved for a few years, Hope. 
So heading into the draft, Pitching will be a priority.


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