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Congratulations to Rob Hite the CBA's Reigning 2019 Champion.  His Philly Phantastics team defeats Steven Adler's New Jersey Beatles in 6 hard fought classic games.....

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Dawson                      WON LOST  PCT   GB  MAGIC#   ACTWON ACTLOST ACTPCT
2020 Montreal MCD            66  36  .647 ----    36         75      87   .463
2020 Longue Pointe LLD       41  61  .402 25.0               86      76   .531
2020 Belfast BBD             40  62  .392 26.0               74      88   .457
2020 Neah Bay NWD            29  73  .284 37.0               56     106   .346
Rogers                      WON LOST  PCT   GB  MAGIC#   ACTWON ACTLOST ACTPCT
2020 New Jersey NBR          72  30  .706 ----    46        101      61   .623
2020 Essex EER               60  45  .571 13.5               83      79   .512
2020 Towaco TWR              49  53  .480 23.0              104      58   .642
2020 Detroit DWR             41  61  .402 31.0               68      94   .420
Carter                      WON LOST  PCT   GB  MAGIC#   ACTWON ACTLOST ACTPCT
2020 San Diego SSC           68  34  .667 ----    47         97      65   .599
2020 Temple KBP              54  48  .529 14.0               89      73   .549
2020 Tinley Park TWC         52  53  .495 17.5               83      79   .512
2020 Indiana IRC             47  55  .461 21.0               63      99   .389
Schmidt                     WON LOST  PCT   GB  MAGIC#   ACTWON ACTLOST ACTPCT
2020 Philly PPS              56  46  .549 ----    59         92      70   .568
2020 Stirling SRS            54  48  .529  2.0               89      73   .549
2020 Ottawa OOS              49  53  .480  7.0               69      93   .426
2020 New Hampshire NWS       36  66  .353 20.0               92      70   .568
Monday                      WON LOST  PCT   GB  MAGIC#   ACTWON ACTLOST ACTPCT
2020 Skokie SWM              59  43  .578 ----    60         71      91   .438
2020 Cooperstown CIM         58  44  .569  1.0               77      85   .475
2020 Ohio OOM                54  48  .529  5.0               69      93   .426
2020 Carolina CCM            47  55  .461 12.0               88      74   .543
Parker                      WON LOST  PCT   GB  MAGIC#   ACTWON ACTLOST ACTPCT
2020 Middlesex MGP           56  46  .549 ----    56         58     104   .358
2020 Newton NBP              51  51  .500  5.0               98      64   .605
2020 Rocket City RRP         46  56  .451 10.0               59     103   .364
2020 Brooklyn BSP            42  60  .412 14.0              106      56   .654
SC Wild Card Standings      WON LOST  PCT   GB  MAGIC#
2020 Essex EER               60  45  .571 ----    50 
2020 Temple KBP              54  48  .529 ----    56 
2020 Tinley Park TWC         52  53  .495  3.5       
2020 Towaco TWR              49  53  .480  5.0       
2020 Indiana IRC             47  55  .461  7.0       
2020 Longue Pointe LLD       41  61  .402 13.0       
2020 Detroit DWR             41  61  .402 13.0       
CC Wild Card Standings      WON LOST  PCT   GB  MAGIC#
2020 Cooperstown CIM         58  44  .569 ----    57 
2020 Stirling SRS            54  48  .529 ----    61 
2020 Ohio OOM                54  48  .529 ----    61 
2020 Newton NBP              51  51  .500  3.0       
2020 Ottawa OOS              49  53  .480  5.0       
2020 Carolina CCM            47  55  .461  7.0       














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    CBA Press April 21st, 2020

   CBA is off to a terrific first month.  It seems like a significant amount of games are being played Netplay.  The resulting divisional races have been exciting through the first month.  We are seeing The Dawson division being taken by storm by the high flying Montreal Crows.  The nearest competition in Dawson seems to be miles away while Belfast, LP, and Neah are battling amongst themselves.  The Rogers has been mostly Netplay, with Essex, New Jersey out front, while Towaco and Detroit are fighting to stay above .500.  San Diego has stepped out front and Tinley Park has kept stride.  Temple is starting to play better ball and will need to win more consistently to keep pace. 

The Clemente has seen the Newton Bombs pitching take command in Parker as Middlesex, Rocket City, and Brooklyn exibit tremendous offense but little pitching.  The Stirling RedSox have dominated in Netplay and the standings as Jack Jung's Otters, and Rob Hite's champs are trying to keep up with the new Clemente force Malachi has unleashed.  Monday has been less talked about, but look what's cooking there.  All teams are at .500 or better. Stamets Cooperstown team is off and running, but all four teams are in the chase for the title if not the wildcard.

CBA Press March 27th, 2020


The Heritage Game Classic

It was wonderful to see two of CBA's long term and most respected GM's square off in a classic series such as we 'witnessed' this week.  Historically both rival teams have battled each other for playoff perches.  Perhaps one of CBA's least publicized rivalries is the decades old Schmidt Conference.  Although Philly has copped recent headlines with a stunning championship, the Otters and RedSox have had many moments of their own.  Schmidt division has generally been a division so typical of the AL based Roberto Clemente conference. Both teams are well known for being offensive minded teams.  Jack and Malachi in this Netplay matchup embody whats best about C.B.A.  Two gentlemen who are reliable and consistent. Both have treated other gamers with respect and have handled themselves with integrity. This Heritage series was more than just a great classic series for 2020, it was an honor to two fine Hall of Fame managers Malachi Nellum and Jack Jung.

Looking back to last season with the Ottawa Otters:   The Ottawa Otters had another disappointing 2019 season, finishing with a record of 71 wins and 91 losses, good enough for only third place in the always tough Schmidt Division.  The Otters were also well back of a wild-card spot (16 games) by the end of the season.  The team started the year well and were in second place in their division for April and May.  Fans were already dreaming of a wild-card spot.  But by June, reality set in, and the Otters fell to third place where they generally remained for the balance of the year.  Any dreams of a wild-card play-off spot quickly came to an end by the July All-Star Break.


The team finished tenth in team batting with an average of only .247 but were a dismal nineteenth in pitching, with an ERA of 4.64.  Collectively, the Otters hit just 148 home runs, which is normally a strength for the team but not this past year.  Only Mike Trout was able to make it to the list of the top 10 home run hitters this year, tying for tenth position with 33 dingers.  Nick Ahmed and Andrew McCutchen were well back on the home run list and they contributed 18 and 17 home runs respectively last season.  

On the pitching side, Francisco Liriano had a team-best ERA of 3.76 amongst the starters, with a record of 9-9 in 25 starts.  Jhoulys Chacin also had a great personal year, with an ERA of 3.91, winning 14 games and losing 13 others with 31 starts.  Jose Leclerc was called on as the closer for most games, with a record of 2-4 with 24 saves.  Yu Darvish spent most of the year on the disabled list and was not really a factor in pitching last year.

  The Otters have some definite pitching holes to fill for 2020 as evidenced by their team performance last year.  They will have to remake their pitching staff if they want to contend for a wild-card spot this season.  The Otters will be looking at the draft to shore up their pitching staff.  Help from some of the new prospects playing for the Otters new Triple-A farm club, the Edmonton Trappers, is still a couple of seasons away.



Its now March 1st and the day is still young but Skip scratches his face and says he's not sure he has the right mix for contention this year. “But wait your a Seasoned veteran the Legacy of Swank is at stake”. Good luck is a leprechaun away.  Essex will boast new green uniforms, shooting from the hip on this grassy knoll. Ian Kennedy is not available but we will close this before we blow it royally .swank is that crazy dreamer who fought kevin and Steve for a shot year in and out .2 different league championship saritsay not resting on his laurels. A HEARTY BREAKFAST WILL GET US PUMPED UP AND WE WILL HAVE A GREAT SEASON. THE DUDE IS NUTS SAYS JT NO PLAYER FEELS SAFE WE ALL COULD BE DEALT SAYS HE.,PITCHER INNINGS ARE LOW BUT NOT SHORT OF TALENT WITH MAX ON THE BUMP .BULLPEN HADER IS A GREAT PLAYER.  SECOND THIRD AND SHORT ARE OUR STRENGTH WITH A TEAM OF UTILITY GUYS MUCH MORE NEEDS TO BE DONE WITH THE TEAM AND THEY WILL NOT STOP TRYING UNTIL THEY'RE LOOKING LIKE THE PRODUCT SWANK IS PAID FOR 

Associated Press / Philadelphia, PA

The Philly Phantastics are reportedly looking to move their 2019 CBA Championship MVP Nelson Cruz to another contender.

ruz and his .311/.392/.639 slashline will turn any formidable CBA team into an instant championship contender when plugged into the middle of a lineup.  
Cruz is apparently disgruntled by the prospect of reduced playing time this season with the emergence of young Japanese up-and-comer Shohei Ohtani, who is expected to get the bulk of the Philly DH at bats vs. right handed pitching in 2020.  Cruz has had a long and storied CBA career, and is a likely CBA Hall of Famer when he finally hangs up the spikes.  But for now, Cruz has several more years of dominant offensive output left in the tank.  And he is looking to be moved to a contender with an opportunity to win a second consecutive championship.  





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