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Congratulations to Rob Hite the CBA's Reigning 2019 Champion.  His Philly Phantastics team defeats Steven Adler's New Jersey Beatles in 6 hard fought classic games.....

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Wildcard Winners:     Skokie over Brooklyn in 6 games

                                   New Jersey over Temple in 5 games

Conference Playoffs:   New Jersey over Towaco in 4 games

                                   Middlesex over Cooperstown in 5 games

                                   Philly over Skokie 4 g to 2g

                                  Longue Pt over Joliet in 6g.

Conference Finals        Philly defeats Middlesex in 7 games.

                                    New Jersey over Longue Pt in 5 games

World Series                Philly defeats New Jersey in 6 games

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Dawson                             WON LOST  PCT   GB  MAGIC#   ACTWON ACTLOST ACTPCT

2019 Longue Pointe LLD
       84  78  .519 ----  *WON*        86      76   .531
2019 Montreal MCD
              77  85  .475  7.0               75      87   .463
2019 Belfast BBD
                 74  88  .457 10.0               71      91   .438
2019 Neah Bay NWD
            51 111  .315 33.0               56     106   .346
Rogers                          WON LOST  PCT   GB  MAGIC#   ACTWON ACTLOST ACTPCT
2019 Towaco TWR
          100  62  .617 ----  *WON*       104      58   .642
2019 New Jersey NBR
      86  76  .531 14.0              101      61   .623
2019 Essex EER
               85  77  .525 15.0               83      79   .512
2019 Detroit DWR
             78  84  .481 22.0               68      94   .420
Carter                           WON LOST  PCT   GB  MAGIC#   ACTWON ACTLOST ACTPCT
2019 Joliet JJC
                96  66  .593 ----  *WON*    83      79   .512
2019 Temple KBP
            89  73  .549  7.0               89      73   .549
2019 San Diego SSC
       71  91  .438 25.0               97      65   .599
2019 Indiana IRC
             62 100  .383 34.0              63      99   .389
Schmidt                     WON LOST  PCT   GB  MAGIC#   ACTWON ACTLOST ACTPCT
2019 Philly PPS
             112  50  .691 ----  *WON*        92      70   .568
2019 Stirling SRS
            81  81  .500 31.0                   89      73   .549
2019 Ottawa OOS
          71  91  .438 41.0                   69      93   .426
2019 New Hampshire NWS
  67  95  .414 45.0              92      70   .568
Monday                          WON LOST  PCT   GB  MAGIC#   ACTWON ACTLOST ACTPCT
2019 Cooperstown CIM
      96  66  .593 ----  *WON*           77      85   .475
2019 Skokie SWM
              89  73  .549  7.0                      71      91   .438
2019 Ohio OOM
                 79  83  .488 17.0                     69      93   .426
2019 Carolina CCM
            68  94  .420 28.0                     88      74   .543
Parker                           WON LOST  PCT   GB  MAGIC#   ACTWON ACTLOST ACTPCT
2019 Middlesex MGP
       90  72  .556 ----  *WON*    58     104   .358
2019 Brooklyn BSP
          87  75  .537  3.0              106      56   .654
2019 Newton NBP
            83  79  .512  7.0               98      64   .605
2019 Atlanta APP
             68  94  .420 22.0               59     103   .364
SC Wild Card Standings      WON LOST  PCT   GB  MAGIC#
2019 Temple KBP
              89  73  .549 ----  *WON*
2019 New Jersey NBR
       86  76  .531 ----  *WON*
2019 Essex EER
               85  77  .525  1.0       
2019 Detroit DWR
             78  84  .481  8.0       
2019 Montreal MCD
          77  85  .475  9.0       
2019 Belfast BBD
             74  88  .457 12.0       
CC Wild Card Standings      WON LOST  PCT   GB  MAGIC#
2019 Skokie SWM
              89  73  .549 ----  *WON*
2019 Brooklyn BSP
             87  75  .537 ----  *WON*
2019 Newton NBP
              83  79  .512  4.0       
2019 Stirling SRS
               81  81  .500  6.0       
2019 Ohio OOM
                79  83  .488  8.0       
2019 Ottawa OOS
             71  91  .438 16.0       

Click Each Teams Logo For Team Rosters, Info, and History...CBA's honor to the past: Defunct Team Page Click below: CBA Teams of the Past



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Press Releases....


July 6th, 2019

The Ohio Outlawz just announced before their July 4th game celebration that their new Minor League affiliate will be the Chillicothe Mudcats. They have been a member of the Frontier League since the league's  inaugural debut in 1993. The games are played in the old V.A. Memorial Stadium which was built in 1954. The stadium  is scheduled for a major renovation in 2020 which will increase the capacity from 4000 to 6515 in light of their new affiliation with the Ohio Outlawz, and much anticipated attendance increase.

The Cooperstown Iron Horse Minor League affiliate, The Punxsutawney Ponies, has released a list of specials in anticipation of the expanded rosters and new minor league draft.

1) The Punxsutawney Phil Burger - Is it just a burger that we named after our beloved Groundhog... or is it actually made from our beloved Groundhog? 
2) Gobbler's Knob - An all you can eat section where you can fine like a groundhog..  A ticket includes a general admission bleacher seat and all you can eat Alfalfa, June Bugs and Snails.
3) The Burrow Parking Lot - An underground parking lot with a tunnel leading straight to the stadium.  
4) Early Spring Pavilion - A grandstand section full shade and no shadows.
5) 6 Weeks of Winter Terrace - A bleacher section full of sun and scary shadows.  Free passes to the Burrow Parking Lot included.
April 26th, 2019
There was a buzz in Cooperstown entering the 2019 season.  
The rotation of Cole, Bauer, Sanchez, Wheeler and Bumgarner looked formidable.  
The lineup looked intimidating.  4 projected 30+ HR bats with 4 more projected to hit 20 or more.  Even the "worst" hitter, Marcus Semien was penciled in to hit .250 with 15 HR.  
The Draft War Room focused heavily on the bullpen in the middle rounds adding numerous arms... Tepera, Biddle, Roe, Kelley, Brazier, Nuno to go along with the trio of Familia, Watson and Lugo.
They looked ready to reclaim the division after taking a year to retool in 2018... but the Iron Horses have derailed.  Stumbling to an 11-19 start, tied for 2nd worst in CBA, is not what this fan base or front office had in mind. 

"It is surprising," said Stamets after their 4th consecutive loss, "We traded away some good talent last year to set up for a pennant chase this season.  We weren't expecting this." When asked about shopping veteran player

to continue looking towards the future, Stamets wasn't ready to to discuss that topic.  "We're not there yet.  There's still time to right the ship and there's enough talent on this team to do so.  It's a 162 game season and we have to depth to make it to the end with a competitive team."  

While the slow start is concerning, one would figure that Suarez will improve on his .207 average.  Carpenter, Polanco and Encarnacion are all hitting below .173, that surely has to change.  Trevor Bauer's ERA still sits above 5.00 after throwing 6 scoreless innings but that should continue to trend downwards.  
While there's not a plan for a fire sale in the near future, you have to wonder if those plans will change if this team is still in the cellar approaching the trade deadline.  Iron Horse fans sure hope it doesn't come to that.

April 21st, 2019 Press Newton Bombs
  The 2018-2019 CBA Champion Newton Bombs Review
     I can tell you - I never thought I'd e sitting here now DEFENDING the CBA Title.  I didn't think I had the horses. I have no superstars, and my main weapons seem to be of the "smoke and mirrors" variety!  I was gearing more for the 2019 season than the 2018 season last year, where all 3 of my outfielders have much better years.  But, I commited to run, and the team ran well, but was always a distant 2nd next to the Brooklyn juggernaut!  Still, I was contending for a good shot at a wild card at the mid-point, and started to seek some ace relievers to carry me thru the 2nd half.  Cooperstown had an interest draft, picking up Goody and Kahnle's superior cards in the 3rd round of the draft.  The Iron Horse had seemed to be ready to look at future options, so I offered my 3rd and 5th for these blank cards.  Jon Stamets must h ave looked over my roster very well.  He posed the trade of Bauer, Heaney, and Vlad Guererro for Kershaw.  I would not part with Vlad, so it became Bauer and Heaney for Kershaw.  These moves worked well, and I made it into the playoffs as a wild card with good distance. 
     The playoffs, however, were magical!  So, it is why sometimes all you need is to make the playoffs - anything happens in a 7 game series!  And boy, did it ever!  I just had to sit back and be a spectator, and my rotation of Strasburg, Sale, Kershaw, and Carrasco took over the games, going 16-7.  Carrasco and Sale didn't fair as well, but, they went 5-5 in the playoffs, which is great for winning! Kershaw and Strasburg went 7-1 in 66 innings, giving up 39 hits, 9 walks, and 1 HR.  That was dominant.  A real treat to watch!  I stand by the idea that it is "everything" just to make the playoffs in the CBA!

      Moving ahead, I think the Newton Bombs will deliver on a repeat playoff mission in 2019!  The team is actually very improved in many important ways - starting pitching, outfield, catcher, and some infield - the team will continue the win with the same pedigree as last year.  Newton will have it's hands full, however, as the Parker Division has no slackers at this point, and playoff-worthy Brooklyn and Newton will not have an easy road with Atlanta and Middlesex breathing down our backs.  We complete the intradivision play this week - so far we are playing like sisters.  CBA is, like the MLB, a marathon, however.  It will be great to watch how this year unfolds as well!  Good luck to all of you CBAers!  Always go for the stars - you will never know when not to run if you give yourselves a chance to contend!

April 6th, 2019

Ottawa Otters Team Outlook

It was a disappointing 2018 season for the Ottawa Otters when they finished with only 69 wins against 93 losses, and a dismal 23 games behind Philly in the Schmidt Division.  Ottawa usually relies on the long ball to win games but only Mike Trout and Andrew McCutchen had at least 30 homers that year.  The Otters finished in the bottom third of the league in terms of team hitting and pitching. 

Mike Trout won the Clemente MVP award in a close ballot, edging out Nolan Arenado.  The Otters were able to sign Trout to a new contract during the off-season with an eye-watering 12-year, $430 million extension to his existing contract that would have expired next season.  While Trout has been brilliant since joining the league in 2012, he has not had much team success in Ottawa.  The Otters made with play-offs just once during Troutís career thus far when the Otters lost in seven games to Ohio in the second round in 2014.  There were rumours that Trout would be traded in the off-season, but the Otters decided to keep Trout on their roster and build their team around him.

A new season begins and the pre-season showed that the Otters may be able to climb out of the basement in the standings this year.  The team will once again be anchored by a stellar outfield with Trout, McCutchen and Jason Heyward.  Other key returning veterans include Adrian Beltre, Joe Mauer, and Kurt Suzuki.

The Otters chose to use most of their draft picks to upgrade their pitching for the new season.  Returning to the rotation are Joulys Chacin and Kyle Gibson.  Joining them are free agents Francisco Liriano, Ian Kennedy, and Chad Kuhl.  Brad Ziegler will continue as the teamís closer.  Starters Yu Darvish and Doug Fister are both on the disabled list for most of the season and are not expected to return to play until September.   Hopefully, the Otters will be vying for a play-off position when they return.

Looking even further ahead, key prospects for the Otters include outfielder Lewis Brinson and short stop Royce Lewis.  Brinson may be ready for the majors as early as next year while Lewis is still at least two years away.

{AP Newsline Brooklyn, NY March 26th, 2019}

    The mood was festive at Trommers Beer Gardens on Eastern Parkway and Flatbush Avenue.  The melting pot that is Brooklyn NY, has taken to the Superbas this spring with renewed enthusiasm.  Last year was a successful season winning 106, two less than the franchise record and within the top 10 all time.   Yet somehow the fans seemed a bit shook.  Their divisional playoff loss to eventual World Champions Newton was heartbreaking.  They ran into historic pitching, but you couldn't tell that the defeat ever happened the way the loyal Brooklyn Crew spoke of their team.  "Dese guys here may be back in da mix agin.  The lineup hits, and gets on base, and man the pitching staff looks good." said Louis Costello of Bergen st.  His friend and Superbas 'D-Line' female fan booster president Lorinda Dee added "Not for nuthin, they can hit, and yep they can ...a tent in my backyard anytime..." 

   Superbas closer star Craig Kimbrel stopped by at Trommers Beer Garden for a few cold ones.  When a few fans bought him rounds, Kimbrel gave them each an autographed jar of tartar sauce, and an 8x10 picture.  3 lucky beer blasters were given his Superba cap, Kimbrel's neck tie, and a sock for their efforts.  Kimbrel eventually escaped Trommer's without a shoe, and healthy mustard stain compliments of his losing in the sudden death round of the popular Trommer's game "Name That Hot Dog".

   Robinson Cano will be making an appearance Saturday at Trommers after the home game against Newton.   He will be a guest coach for the Sid and Marty Barrett Pink Sox Brigade Charity Curling match.  The contest will be played on roller skates on Trommers famous Ballroom dance floor in lieu of ice. 

Cory Kluber took a no hitter into the 7th inning in the opener against Newton.  Kluber looks forward to a good season as staff ace.  My kid helped me develop my knuckleball, and a fork ball.  I hope they can be alternate out pitches. 

Kevin Plawecki is excited to be Brooklyn's primary back up at catcher behind James The Can.  He hopes he contribute more than  just ocassional ant-acid pills to the men in the clubhouse.


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